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  1. I'm sorry to hear that man. Maybe Matt Scott will notice us the more people post about having problems with the trade lock system and the lack of help from support.
  2. Fuck their system. I asked if they could remove my trade lock or give me a second chance for my account. They said their second chance policy only applies to acammers so I didn't qualify LOL. Srsly LO and their systems can fuck off.
  3. They decided to keep my account perma trade locked. Don't ask my why I have no fucking idea. But yeah after 1 month they got back to me
  4. It's been 25 days and my issue isnt resolved yet. Support gets around to readying my ticket about every 8 days. But this most recent time he told me my account information I gave him to prove my ownership of the account, was incorrect. This is just ridiculous. I don't know If I'll ever be able to trade again. They might as well fucking ban me. I cant buy shit from the market, I can't send mail to anyone, even my own fucking characters. It's just awful. Hopefully it works out better for you bro. 8 days is the average response time (not counting weekends)
  5. 8 days with no response from support
  6. I just got back into apb recently, when I logged in I couldn't use the mail, marketplace, or trading system. I cant even send mail to my own characters. I have no trade lock timer when I join social. I submitted a ticket to support 7 days ago and no one has responded yet. I really enjoy making symbols and selling them so basically half the game is unavailable for me and no one is getting back to me.
  7. lRush

    Trade Block

    I did 4 days ago but no one's looked at it yet.
  8. lRush

    Trade Block

    Did they ever help you out? I have the same problem. Cant send mail, cant buy or sell on the market, cant trade, nothing. I don't have a countdown for my trade block in the chat when i join social either.
  9. xD yeah I already use high mag on my duck I just wanted a extra scout on the armas market that I could buy for all of my characters. I didn't want to change any guns that other people love.
  10. Can we please get a scout with the same ads zoom level as the hvr 762? The zoom level is literally the only reason I don't use the scout, cuz im blind af.
  11. While quick switching in cqc with the hvr was a big problem, it's not the only thing that made the hvr op. Even with Clotting Agent 3, if you take any damage at all within 10 sec of an hvr shooting you, the hvr will just one shot you. This accuracy = damage doesn't change anything if you sit behind cover and crouch spam. You almost lose no accuracy when spamming crouch. With all of that said, I don't feel like accuracy = damage is the best solution. In my opinion, the overall damage of the hvr should be reduced so that it gets around +70ish on assists. Edit: btw im not saying you should reduce the speed at which people crouch like csgo did. Just make us lose accuracy when standing up from a crouch.
  12. Have you guys thought about adding an item that lets you change the sex of your character?
  13. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
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