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Found 9 results

  1. I think its time to stop. Whats that mess you can find into Vehicles Section on the ARMAS Marketplace? Everytime im going into that specific section i feel lost, really, i can't find thigns too if i am here since the release of it. I still need to go and find it by myself on google and click on the link that will redirect me finally to the right item im searching for. Why don't make something like Weapons Section? Re-organize sub-sections so you can find Much Easier everything you need. This is a little example made by me, let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading. Alisha
  2. Leksic559


    Hi This is just something that's been bugging me for a while...If you bought a pack and you get the weapon for character lifetime. Why not make it upgradeable to account with lower price. Say you bought a gun for character lifetime and you like the gun and want it on other characters. but then realize you have to pay full price for account lifetime. Please make it so that you can just upgrade with lower price. P.S. bring back daily chaliges for boxes or some other things P.P.S. make the prices more agreeable ((paysafeprices)change character name = 20$, weapon pack=100$) isn't that too much? In my opinion the name should be like 8-12 max and pack shouldn't reach more then 75$....but that's just my opinion. Greetings, Player
  3. I dont know where to put this topic, so if this is the wrong sub just move to the correct one. My question is: "Performance Kit MEGA Pack" (Bishada and Jericho - Kit 1 and 2) are Character-lifetime or Account-lifetime? The store is so confusing sometimes. Thanks for helping.
  4. Hello there, I'm an old school player (play APB since 2011) with my friend our name in the game : Zokin (my account level 209 silver) Lidorven (my friend account level 255 silver) my friend internet provider starts to block many games (block ports and stuff) we try everything in the Router console and the tech team but nothing helps him to log in and play so he decides to use VPN to keep play with me and then the problems come with that, APB system block his ability to buy and sell stuff on the marketplace (trade block) he talks with APB support team and they check his identity and check that it is indeed his account and not an account that was hacked now the system block his ability to buy and sell stuff on the marketplace (trade block again) he talks with the support team again and they told him "we can clean this trade block once to each account" we play 10 years, this is the respect and support we got from the tech team ?? we didn't have many choices in Israel to better internet providers, so he cants play without a VPN he didn't choose to play with VPN he has to because without VPN his connection lost after choosing an account and log in to a server I need your help to bring back his ability to keep play evenly Merged.
  5. a week ago I returned to the game, today is the 8th day of my return, so, after returning to the game, I wanted to buy things on the market, but for some reason I couldn't, I decided that the trade ban, although there was no notification about it in the chat, today I decided to go check if the trade ban was removed, but it turned out that no, I still can't buy or sell things on the market, what kind of problem could it be that the developers created?
  6. I’ve had this idea floating around my head recently. Many of us have created and sold items we have made within the game. I thought it would be interesting idea to have player owned shops within the marketplace for those players who make and sell unique items. Here’s the basic idea on how the shop would work: When you are putting an item in your shop, you get more option for how long the item can stay active then just the standard 2 hours, 8 hours or 24 hours. For the shop, you can set the sell timer for a week, month, or permanent stock. There will also be a new option for duplication when an item is sold. Basically, when the item is sold, it will duplicate the item that was sold and give the player whatever cash is left from the transaction. Items you buy from other players will not have the duplication option as well as all joker box weapons. Only items you have unlocked will be eligible for the duplication option. For example: Let’s say you are selling a modified Vegas for 75K and someone buys it, the game will duplicate the item from the base price, which is 40k in this case, give said item to the buyer, takes away 20% of the 75k of the cash from the in game tax prior to the duplication and give you whatever is left from the sale, which would be 20k in this case. So in short: $75,000 from the sale -$15,000 due to 20% sales tax -$40,000 from duplicating item $20,000 profit from resulting sale
  7. When i wanted to put in some mods to sell in mp it says creating auctions from my pc are blocked for 2 days to secure my account. Oh and i cant buy anything aswell -.- WTH is that bullshoot?
  8. Yo, so I wanted to buy some G1C with Steam wallet. As I checked the Steam paying option was gone, every other payment method was aviable tho. I'm playing APB on Steam and I have cash on my account. any idea what to do? also idk if this belongs here, if not I'm sorry. Thanks in advance
  9. Idea is old and inactual as there been price readjustments and other changes which made it obsolete. ~ Mitne, 2020 Hey. Mitne with another "revolutionary" idea (as with my all ideas, probably second human already benefit from it). What if we add "weapon subscription" option to ARMAs? TL:DR at the bottom What is weapon subscription? - Weapon subscription is my name for option in which you subscribe for weapon for some time and at the moment of paying off price of gun with subscription you receive permanent version of it. What is purpose of it? - There several purposes of such feature: Players might consider getting subscription to try out weapon since it will be something like temporary 3-days or 30-days lease but you gain chance to get it permantely if you pay rest of price. It sure adds to attraciveness to current non-subscribing timed leases (my whole new suggestion is to replace 30 day leases with that option). What would it cover? - Can cover both character or account-wide options. My suggestion would be character-wide options as there is option to expand to account. Economically it sounds right for developer (additional pay along way). How would it work? - It's pretty simple. Let's take Joker CR-5 as example of how it would work. Current price of character-bound Joker CR-5 on ARMAs is 2,999 G1C (2399 G1C with premium) Depends on what type of time stretch you want to give it, usual options in my opinion would be 6 months, one year and two years. Fee would be monthly in my case. I think one year option is the most sound one so I will give example on it. For normal account without premium it would be 2,999 G1C / 12 ~ 250 G1C, for premium account it would be 2,399 G1C / 12 ~ 200 G1C. In both cases you might notice player would lose basically 1 G1C with that option, last subscription fee can be lowered by 1 G1C to correct that of course. Subscription can be cancelled or renewed at any time. Lease tied with subscription runs out the moment G1C balance on account is not meeting subscription monthly fee in moment of it running out. Subscription CAN be renewed either indefintely or with some sane time limit (1-2 months for example) after failing to pay monthly fee. In my opinion 30 days lease should be removed to make option for that as it would make subscription "better option". If you though decide to keep 30 day lease (I don't know why), I would decide to make price of it be the same with monthly fee or lesser. I discourage also against making subscription overall price bigger than character-bound weapon on it's own as people would either save up money or resign from trying. So what can I gain from it? - As customer - different option to pay for permanent weapons which bases on "leasing" type of loan. You own something as long as you pay your loan. As developer - possible bigger income from ARMAs TL:DR: Replace or add option similiar to timed leases (in that case monthly lease) which would at the time of paying up price of character-bound weapon give permanent version of that weapon. So... what are you opinions? Would you fix something or that? Would you approve or disapprove of it? Please, comment in the section.
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