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  1. hell no im serious
  2. ZArcticFoxZ

    New achievement

    I suggest a new achievement in general and especially as seeming perfect for all teamkillers: C*nt: Earned by killing a team member on purpose I guess i dont need to say more bout.
  3. In the fact that i couldnt read in the forum if the server shall be back online again or the log in issue is solved i wanted to ask you guys if u are experiencing the log in issues (still since yesterday) aswell. i cant log in via Steam or the game itself.
  4. my dearest kev. im port of the community and game over 4 years now. i didnt change my pc or system. it just worked everything fine yesterday
  5. When i wanted to put in some mods to sell in mp it says creating auctions from my pc are blocked for 2 days to secure my account. Oh and i cant buy anything aswell -.- WTH is that bullshoot?
  6. wait a sec........hm..........how have u been able to post it then? ôo Oo
  7. NO, RLY??????? thats something totally new, omg. this topic is also totally NOT bout ur problem. thats a completely new thing to deal with
  8. well then lets try. hopefully the server doesnt go down bc of too many ppl trying to log in now xD btw APB watcher still counts nearly empty
  9. apb community is so toxic we cant become stronger.....not even together, more toxic only xDDDDDDD
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