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    Hi This is just something that's been bugging me for a while...If you bought a pack and you get the weapon for character lifetime. Why not make it upgradeable to account with lower price. Say you bought a gun for character lifetime and you like the gun and want it on other characters. but then realize you have to pay full price for account lifetime. Please make it so that you can just upgrade with lower price. P.S. bring back daily chaliges for boxes or some other things P.P.S. make the prices more agreeable ((paysafeprices)change character name = 20$, weapon pack=100$) isn't that too much? In my opinion the name should be like 8-12 max and pack shouldn't reach more then 75$....but that's just my opinion. Greetings, Player
  2. Leksic559


    What do you mean why....it's cuz max and golds play in silver servers with bronzes and silvers
  3. Leksic559


    Hi The idea is that gold players can only go to gold servers especialy max ranks with maxed ranks can only go to gold servers. Higher silvers like rank 180 and up can only go to silver servers. That would make the gold servers more full and insure that matchmaking goes more fair. Or make it so it tracks how many times the account is gold or something. Greetings, Player
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