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  1. Playing on a - Modem/ 3g/4g Sim (cellular/antenna) network . Yes some modern games can play on these connections, APB to my knowledge will not, Welp....guess no hope for me
  2. Why not? you can send mods/equipment, hell even cars So why not Allow the money as well ? its better for those who have two characters on same account or different, helps against getting scammed for newer players, assuming there are *new* anyways
  3. Update, i fixed it, for anyone having similar issue in the future, go to geforce experience and turn off experimental features and the ingame overlay, that solved my problem Thanks for all the help. Edit : nope its back rofl Edit number 2 : I fixed it, look up at the very first page i will write it there
  4. mine is gtx 1070, but the thing i used to alt tab lots of times before but this never happened, now without me ever alt tabbing it happens,
  5. i allready use it i think its the GPU, cause it did it to me yesterday alot but after i reinstalled my driver i did not see it till later, so i posted this No, 75
  6. i tried reinstalling my drivers and ran repair, still did not work. Also the only fix so far i found for this is to just re start the game, but the issue remains, anyone got simular issue? if so how did you manage to solve it, Thanks edit : this is for nividia but if you can do it on another gpu then it will work for you too, bascily what i did is i went into nividia profile inspector and i went to apb Bage in there, and i set FPS limit to 100, so now i no longer have that issue, it seems my gpu was tripping, but thats only in APB , so if any one has some issue in the game, just set fps limit to 100 or whatever your refresh screen is, good luck
  7. Why not make An account based Bank ? That way it will make sharing between Same Account alts Much better than waiting for a friend who may disconnect cause of blackout that will stay for 10 days or simply from getting scammed, Also wont be needing to deal with that irritating 3 items every 1 min Lock through mails, An account based Bank will help you trade whats allowed to be traded, between your Alts on the same Account, i know lots of people Who got lots of characters will benefit from this greatly and i think it will be a welcomed small QoL change, What do you guys think ?
  8. First - yes my own problem which NEVER HAPPEND before, i always ran the game maxed out No issues and on good frames, Second- it stopped doing that later, Which means it is an apb fault since it stopped doing this shit later ON ITS OWN, Third- i did not mess with anything that could fk up my memory in the config file, APB CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad or equivalent AMD X4 RAM: 4 GB OS: Windows Vista 64-Bit / Windows 7 64-Bit VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB or AMD equivalent PC CPU Intel CORE 7 quad 4770 Ram : 32GB OS : win10 Video card : GTX 1070 8gb Vram Even if my pc is bad i allways ran this game at 80-100 fps even in heavy fights, and still am, this memory issue started out of nowhere, and now it gone without a trace, i searched for malware and shit, even checked my drivers just incase, and no issues what so ever Edit : im not trying to be offenseive or anything btw, im just pissed lol , but its gone now so i guess thats all that it matters Merged. This thread can be closed now if any mod feels like it, since the issue solved it self...
  9. Why this fucking shit game keeps running out of memory, i literly put a fucking 10gb page file, i have 32gb ram, my settings are normal, I never had this fkin issue before why is it poping up now ? IT keept running out of memory every few min, then it disappear and it comes back, wasted like 10 missions cause of it
  10. So what was the issue with whisper ? if any one could elaborate would be nice
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