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Found 9 results

  1. I read up disabling fullscreen optimization in windows 8/10 may help with fps/lag. Seems to have helped me with waterfront lag/stutter. Right-click the APB.ex e (located in binaries folder) Click on Properties Click on the Compatibility tab Check “Disable Full Screen Optimizations” Click OK May have to do the same with the game "launcher" and steam as well. Feel free to test, sometimes it works, sometimes it won't help. But if you havn't tried and would like to know if it may help, that's how. If you want to shut it off for all games on your system
  2. Skerza


    Okay so i just want to put this here cause its a really bad problem, the servers are so bad and im surprised no ones complainging on the forums or on the xbox- Bugs and Tech issues. Most likely cause people dont even have a way to get on here but besidhe that the servers are really bad i dont know if a hotfix can be put or something but the lag really kills the mood.
  3. Will "Mitigation" be off today? or will us Jericho players will have to warp for another 7days and hope it stops the next maintenance on August 22th 2018?
  4. Playing for an hour now and i havn't teleported once... Some minor ms dip but smooth. <3
  5. Dear Little Orbit, On behalf of the entire APB community, thank you for all the hype. Now fix the lagging issues. Sincerely, The Entire APB Player (unless you're a filthy hipster) Community Post scriptum, Especially the VoIP lag. Seriously. It's a lot like trying to have a normal conversation while inside of a fast moving vehicle that veered off course and began tumbling down the side of a very steep and bumpy hill *jazz hands*.
  6. Hi there, I'm pretty new to this game, i played about 2 weeks now. I do like the atmospere and the gameplay. I played a lot of MMORPG's ( realy A LOT... ) and i was pleasantly suprised by what the game has to offer. So i just thought it was fair to pay for a sub, just to keep the server going, to support the maintenance, etc, etc... . I played some games wich have a small group of dev's and some volunteers, so i understand that it's sometimes hard to keep a game running smoothly, i seen it happen before... But can you please fix it, and if there is no quick fix, please give some feedback about it. I haven't played very long so i'm not committed to this game yet, this could change, but not how things are going atm. This isn't to point any fingers, but just a humble plea from a newbie. Zaand
  7. The stability of the servers and the game it's self is becoming noticeably worse as each day goes by, LO say's it'll be months to begin the process of updating and fixing this. I say, do you actually think you have months left? the server will not survive at the rate of decay I'm seeing, and every ddos and collapse accelerates that process, you might not even have two months left at this point. Hoping I'm wrong, but I know one thing for certain, I wasted my money buying premium this month.
  8. Came home, decided to give APB a try(NA) and i played on my stable 88ms and did not teleport, jesus did not took my wheel and grenades did not stick to my hands and teleport me back to a wall and cause me to suicide. I enjoyed APB with the 2hours i had today and hope it can remain like this for as long as it can. Thank you LO
  9. Post the worst thing that happend to you with lag/teleport https://plays.tv/video/5b4ae3cb51115dcfc4/apb-lag-in-a-nutshel
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