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  1. Well it's going better larelt , but i stick to my point, it isn't to other players to expain why. No statement from the company, i gave THEM my money... But i'll let it rest, i understand when someone invested time in something, he or she is more forgiving to the treatement they get...
  2. Point is why should i come back later if i payed for now? And i said that it's possible that some problems don't have a quick fix, i even said i understand that.... Still there is no feedback about that issue, wich is easy to do, just a few words on the forum or even ingame at start up in the chat. I've seen very small companies do it. So you could blame others, yes, but just imagine the impression of a first time customer if they don't even bother to explain the situation.
  3. Hi there, I'm pretty new to this game, i played about 2 weeks now. I do like the atmospere and the gameplay. I played a lot of MMORPG's ( realy A LOT... ) and i was pleasantly suprised by what the game has to offer. So i just thought it was fair to pay for a sub, just to keep the server going, to support the maintenance, etc, etc... . I played some games wich have a small group of dev's and some volunteers, so i understand that it's sometimes hard to keep a game running smoothly, i seen it happen before... But can you please fix it, and if there is no quick fix, please give some feedback about it. I haven't played very long so i'm not committed to this game yet, this could change, but not how things are going atm. This isn't to point any fingers, but just a humble plea from a newbie. Zaand
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