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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, i found a texture bug with new Soldier Boots from christmas event. I sent ticket to support, but decided to make this things little bit faster (hopefully). This is was a good idea from LO to add new event clothes to kiosk, becase it helped me to find this bug. I'm suppose this is texture collision problems. Issue appears when i choose Soldier Boots in kiosk, while wearing a Gas mask (Side filter). Not really sure if problem appears only with this combination, maybe tomorrow i'll check other combinations and if found something - will add to this post.
  2. Hey, So this is me stating everything that's wrong with the game on ps4 at the moment. First off, the game still has major performance issues. Apart from the frame drops the game's texture stream is messed up. These two things are addressed in the "upcoming update" which will probably not come out for some time.... Second, The 12 Deaths of Christmas event won't start on both NA and EU servers even though the district is filled with players (A.K.A. 20 vs 20 players). We can't buy the Snowball nades and the Snowball launcher from the contacts and trying to extend the lease for these two weapons also won't work because extending leases from your inventory/locker never worked on ps4 no matter where u stand whether you're standing in range of mailboxes, joker ammo vending machines, contacts and car spawners.,.. Thirdly, financial district servers have been down for multiple weeks on NA and EU servers. Waterfront District servers have been down on EU as well for multiple weeks now. So BASICALLY EU players can't play missions to level their contacts at all. NA players will reach a point where they can play missions but can't unlock new content because they can't unlock new contacts that are unlocked through playing on the Financial district. Now for every player this levelling ceiling is different depending on what contacts they had levelled before the district(s) died. Last and probably most important is that NEW players (Players that have never played APB on the specific account before) can't log into the game. I can confirm this because I have tried to play on multiple accounts, New and old accounts that have never been used to play APB on December 24th. Also I have seen multiple NEW players that have found the unofficial APB Reloaded Discord asking why they can't log in to the game. The game really can be written off as dead on console side when left in this Near-Death state any longer..... I have seen the population go down by 50% in these past few weeks all because of these reasons. I believe the main factor for the sudden decline in active players is the mission districts being down for way too long. after the service had been offline on all platforms for an extended period of time because the server's were being moved to a different hosting location.\ I am legit going to beg you guys, please fix hurry up with the fix. Because the state its left in now is also going to kill the active playerbase that still has faith the game will be updated. I myself am really getting demotivated to launch the game on console every single time I play the game because of these reasons, I am also one of the day 1 players or "soft-launch" players that has been putting up with these intense mentally tiring problems the game has been suffering from for 2 years now on ps4. EDIT --- Oh and we also can't forget the game has been lacking features from the PC and XBOX version. Like themes and a bunch of sound effects
  3. Will console get autumn Assault districts? And will console get free trials and loyalty rewards in the future? Sorry to keep asking. Also I wonder how is everyone. I can't wait for beacon to come out. All beacon was last year a bit crashy due to lag from gun fights. But yeah. I really gotta stop asking. THE SDK VERIFICATION (Whatever it's called) Might still be in progress of being verified.
  4. I wanna see snow paro and realism to where our cars slip for driving on snow and we can have real snowball fights where we pick em up off the ground. Just asking. I want snow on apb since it's christmas time. Just asking that's all.
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