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Found 3 results

  1. I want to apologize in advance for my knowledge of the English language, there will be many errors in text... Sorry. I rly not know why devs don't added it's system yet for single shot weapons. But in the end - most players feel pain. I told about normal user and macro user (or fetishist with mouse wheel). It's a realy big trouble: 1) No one can tap five times in a row with the same interval! 2) The declared rate of fire of the weapon does not always work! 3) Macro-players and fetishist have the advantage! ____________________ Each number (with examples on Colby 45 200ms ROF): 1) Every your tap be with statistic errors +-N ms on each tap. If u tap earlier than ROF is end (like 198ms after shot) - u not shot and next tap be after long time (~100-200ms) - in the end your TTK suck greatly. If u tap later than ROF is end (like 220 ms) - your TTK sucks, but not strong as first example. But it's does not matter. Your TTK suck without macro. 2) Declared fire rate - it's problem for players with 50+ ping. Even macros can't shot with 200ms without empty shot, because it's be place for signal latency (200 +0 to +15 latency statistic error). For me with ping 90 it's be 212ms. My TTK suck on ~48ms with macro, how about ordinary people? FULL AUTO WEAPONS shot in another firing system(react to holding tap, when fast taping each tap u hold lkm ~10ms), it's problem only for single shot weapons. 3) After all that has been said, it is clear why they have an advantage. They won in TTK. ______________ To at least somehow equalize all the players (macro players and ordinary people and people with high ping) i suggest add "Buffer shooting system"! Buffer shooting system: It's system save your click if u tap earlier than ROF is end and shot interval be in declared time and it's countermeasure versus macroplayers. How it works(for example Colby 45): ROF 200ms; Buffer time 50ms; 0ms -first tap => shot => start fire interval time! 150ms -start Buffer time! 177ms -second tap, buffer save its tap! Merged. OR Second Buffer system. How it works(for example Colby 45): ROF 200ms; 0ms -first lkm click => shot => start fire interval time! ~170ms -second click, but with hold lkm! 200ms -shot! ~230ms -unhold lkm! ~340ms - third click with hold lkm! 400ms - shot! ~410 - unhold etc. Without Buffer time, but with the need to press(and hold) lkm every time after firing (something like Trigger in fullauto fire mode). 200ms -shot! (Value of buffer time only for example, its value should be calibrate) P.S. I know some player have a pro-macros with anti vertical recoil, but i say only about fire interval macros.
  2. I have put a support ticket in, I know there's a backlog. That's okay, this is more of an update on the issue after some rudimentary testing. Basically, since the recent server move my base latency here in Australia on Jericho server was 300-330ms. That's a 1/3 second handicap right there. After RIOT went live, my base latency is up to 450-480ms, which is barely playable. At the high end of that scale it's impossible to be even remotely competitive in a Bronze v Bronze mission. Throw a silver or gold player on the opposing side and I don't stand a chance; too far behind the action. At worst levels I get latency spikes of over 500ms. At 525ms I can't enter / control a vehicle and randomly teleport to prior positions when on foot ... which makes even Open World impossible. Nothing has changed at my end for 3 years; same IP, same pc, same router, same ether-net cable. When Han server merged with Jericho I had 250ms at base. While not ideal, it was close enough to the 175ms I had been used to on (final iteration) Han server that it was not all that different. I just did a fresh G1 install in case it was Steam overlay causing the issue. But running without Steam in the background gave the same result. 480-515ms. I'm out of ideas... Can anyone help?
  3. had no problems with my latency and packet loss before the useless event update:( Removed Naming and Shaming. - Azukii ping went from 20-50 to 90 and higher. Packet loss is like 1-8%, just in case if it'll help o/ Merged. UPD: connection from UA , some russian friends have the same problems
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