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  1. I want to apologize in advance for my knowledge of the English language, there will be many errors in text... Sorry. I rly not know why devs don't added it's system yet for single shot weapons. But in the end - most players feel pain. I told about normal user and macro user (or fetishist with mouse wheel). It's a realy big trouble: 1) No one can tap five times in a row with the same interval! 2) The declared rate of fire of the weapon does not always work! 3) Macro-players and fetishist have the advantage! ____________________ Each number (with examples on Colby 45 200ms ROF): 1) Every your tap be with statistic errors +-N ms on each tap. If u tap earlier than ROF is end (like 198ms after shot) - u not shot and next tap be after long time (~100-200ms) - in the end your TTK suck greatly. If u tap later than ROF is end (like 220 ms) - your TTK sucks, but not strong as first example. But it's does not matter. Your TTK suck without macro. 2) Declared fire rate - it's problem for players with 50+ ping. Even macros can't shot with 200ms without empty shot, because it's be place for signal latency (200 +0 to +15 latency statistic error). For me with ping 90 it's be 212ms. My TTK suck on ~48ms with macro, how about ordinary people? FULL AUTO WEAPONS shot in another firing system(react to holding tap, when fast taping each tap u hold lkm ~10ms), it's problem only for single shot weapons. 3) After all that has been said, it is clear why they have an advantage. They won in TTK. ______________ To at least somehow equalize all the players (macro players and ordinary people and people with high ping) i suggest add "Buffer shooting system"! Buffer shooting system: It's system save your click if u tap earlier than ROF is end and shot interval be in declared time and it's countermeasure versus macroplayers. How it works(for example Colby 45): ROF 200ms; Buffer time 50ms; 0ms -first tap => shot => start fire interval time! 150ms -start Buffer time! 177ms -second tap, buffer save its tap! Merged. OR Second Buffer system. How it works(for example Colby 45): ROF 200ms; 0ms -first lkm click => shot => start fire interval time! ~170ms -second click, but with hold lkm! 200ms -shot! ~230ms -unhold lkm! ~340ms - third click with hold lkm! 400ms - shot! ~410 - unhold etc. Without Buffer time, but with the need to press(and hold) lkm every time after firing (something like Trigger in fullauto fire mode). 200ms -shot! (Value of buffer time only for example, its value should be calibrate) P.S. I know some player have a pro-macros with anti vertical recoil, but i say only about fire interval macros.
  2. yep. VAS-R2 with silencer (purple mod). https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=63&subcatID=196&productId=3227 Raptor 45 https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=63&subcatID=152&productId=5817
  3. For example: AMG MEDUSA has mod "Intelligent recoil stabilizer" and simple mod "muzzle brake". How it's bonus stack? ------------------------------------ "Intelligent recoil stabilizer" stats: +50% vertical recoil Up to -75% vertical recoil when firing +25% horizontal recoil Up to -75% horizontal recoil when firing "Muzzle brake" stats: +30% vertical recoil -15% horizontal recoil Total: +80% vertical recoil Up to -45% vertical recoil when firing +10% horizontal recoil Up to -90% horizontal recoil when firing ------------------------------------ Or same characteristic stack like: 1-(1-X1)*(1-X2)=X [total] ------------------------------------ Another situation: 1) NTEC - 7 "New glory" in scope mode -50% ROF and simple mod "Cooling Jacket"; 2) Weapons with silencer [-10% hard damage] and simple mod "Heavy Barrel". ------------------------------------ Who can throw formulas in my face?!
  4. kERHUS

    Macros countermeasure!

    I think there’s a difference between aiming and dps. Conditionally, of course. Colby 45 never forgives a misses, etc. Otherwise, all people can smear macros and use obeya and colby 45\obeya fbw *handles sideways*
  5. If you can’t fight with macros-clicking system, just change all "a single-shot weapons" in "semi-auto". Like: No need taping left key mouse with Cloby 45ap, just hold lkm and u shot in their rate of fire!!! You don’t lose the TTK, because u not miss in rate of fire taping.
  6. I’ll start with the fact that I resent your rebalance since whoever be create "sniper shit-sights dmg system". You kill weapons in their weapon categories. Okey! Vanila distance: 1) Shotgun (falloff damage [fod]): 10-20m [normal distance for CQC shotgun type] Exception: "SG-21" 7,5-15m falloff damage, but 1,25 TTK!!!! All shoguns have above 1 sec (~0,75)... Jesus! 2) SMG: 30-50m [slightly bad max fod dmg] Exception: so more [like VAS-2, PMG 35-55m or OCA in shotgun distance 17,5m jesus..] 3) Carabine (like joker, vbr): 40-60m 4) AR: 50-70m Exception like Scope NTEC-5, NTEC-7, etc... 5) Rifle (like obeya, obir): 60-85m 6) Light Machine-gun 70-80m Exception like NECROVA 65-75m, S1TIC 50-70m 7) Sniper rifle 80+m -------------------- It’s very difficult to navigate weapon distance in view menu in combat. Weapons in the same category have different distances. We have seven categories of average [10-20; 30-50, 40-60; 50-70; 60-85; 70-80; 80 ]! Don't need added 5m to scoped ntec, why u do it?! Because it have sight?! Jesus... -------------------- I propose that all categories of weapons lead to one kind falloff distance: 1) Shotgun 10-25m [without exception] 2) SMG 25-40m [without exception] 3) Carabine 40-55m [without exception] 4) AR: 50-65m [exception: NTEC-7\AR-7\COBR-A 55-70m | STAR LCR 60-75m ] [exception are based on TTK, or unique (like NTEC-7)] 5) Rifle: 60-85m [without exception] 7) LMG: 70-80m [Exeption S1TIC 55-70m | NEKROVA\AMG: 65-75m] [exception are based on sprint mode] 8] Sniper rifles: 80+ [without exception]
  7. Or this variant: During the cooldown after you shoot you can buffer the next bullet by Clicking and holding. As long you hold, your next bullet will come out the next actionable frame. If you release before you shoot, your bullet will then be un-buffered. basically, buffer your shots. Don't spam click. But i think first variant be a better for apb.
  8. The macro built into the mouse cannot be tracked, programm possible, but it tracking can have some issue. Macro shooting does not occur with a 100% accurate ROF and not with a constant ROF, because ping shifts these values. That is why need to introduce this system. It equalizes everyone.
  9. The developer thought it would be cool to add weapons with single and semi-automatic shooting modes to the game, but in the future (now) it caused a lot of problems with macros-player and not-macros-player who can't pushing so faster with rate of fire (ROF\ fire interval), more trouble with time to kill (TTK). [!!! For example: - Obeya FBW: 0.200 sec fire interval (ROF) \ 1.000 sec TTK \ 6 Shots to Kill. - If you clicking left key mouse (LKM) not with macro, you can't clicking equal 0.200 sec ROF, it's up time to TTK. First lkm click start ROF cooldown and if you push lkm in this cooldown (0.199 sec) FBW not to shot. For example: -You click lkm 6 times. (specified time - intervals between clicks) ||| Timer (sec): --First click - 0.000 sec ||| First shot and start timer ||| 0 sec --Second click - 0.160 sec, ||| Not shot, need 0.040 sec to shot. ||| 0.160 --Third click - 0.170 sec, ||| Shot, but intervals between shot be 0.330 sec (+0.130 sec to TTK) ||| 0.330 --Fourth click - 0.165 sec, ||| Not shot, need 0.035 sec to shot. ||| 0.495 --Fifth click - 0.175 sec, ||| Shot, but intervals between shot be 0.340 sec (+0.140 sec to TTK) ||| 0.670 --Sixth click - 0.200 sec. ||| Shot, intervals equal ROF. ||| 0.870 -0.870 sec for this shots, but 4 bullet be shoting. Need 2 to kill, but this is not 1 second TTK. -I hope you understand the example. !!!] What does a "buffered shooting system" do? It's system save your first click in cooldown (when you push lkm faster than ROF) and second shot be start equal ROF. For obeya FBW "Buffer zone" be 0.001-0.199 sec fire interval. For example: --You click lkm 9 times. (specified time - intervals between clicks) ||| Timer (sec): --first - 0.000 sec ||| First shot and start timer ||| 0 --second - 0.050 sec ||| Not shot, but click be in buffer zone (0.001-0.199 sec) save it click ||| 0.050 --third - 0.050 sec ||| Not shot, click be saved it previous time, not save it click ||| 0.100 --fourth - 0.050 sec ||| Not shot, click be saved it previous time, not save it click ||| 0.150 --fifth - 0.050 sec ||| Buffer system be shot (high priority), but fifth click be equal ROF, not save click (it's not scary, I just show the various possible options for events) ||| 0.200 --sixth - 0.170 sec ||| Not shot, but click be in buffer zone (0.001-0.199 sec) save it click ||| 0.370 ---------0.030 sec [after sixth step] \\\ BUFFER SHOT \\\ ||| 0.400 --seventh - 0.180 sec [after sixth step] ||| Not shot, but click be in buffer zone (0.001-0.199 sec) save it click ||| 0.580 ---------0.020 sec [after seventh step] \\\ BUFFER SHOT \\\ ||| 0.600 --eighth - 0.160 sec [after seventh step] ||| Not shot, but click be in buffer zone (0.001-0.199 sec) save it click ||| 0.740 ---------0.060 sec [after eighth step] \\\ BUFFER SHOT \\\ ||| 0.800 --ninth - 0.260 sec [after eighth step] /// Shot, your click equal ROF, well done! ||| 1.000 -1.000 sec for this shots, 6 bullet be shoting. Standart TTK save (we assume that we hit the target all time) Buffer zone it's "Fire interval time" - 0.001 sec. Only first click be saved in buffer zone. Buffer shot system have high priority and if your click be equal ROF then the shot will be fired by the buffer system. The buffer shooting system will allow you to play on par with the macro-player. Thanks for your attention
  10. Matt, some players didn't receive compensation. What should they do? P. S. RU-Community Question.
  11. While contact with the INNOVA is established I want to ask one (offtop): Necrova Nickname Database has already been moved to CITADEL? Because i can't create my nickname "kERHUS" on Citadel, game says "This character already exists". I don't want face to face the problem of creating a new nickname. "kERHUS" my megaoriginal nick :c You just said that if the nickname is identical, then a free ticket will be issued to change the nickname. it's badly if players start creating identical nicknames then change a nickname of the transferred character.
  12. Чуйка у меня хорошая
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