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"Buffer shooting system" for single shot weapons

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I want to apologize in advance for my knowledge of the English language, there will be many errors in text... Sorry. 


I rly not know why devs don't added it's system yet for single shot weapons.
But in the end - most players feel pain.
I told about normal user and macro user (or fetishist with mouse wheel).
It's a realy big trouble:
1) No one can tap five times in a row with the same interval!
2) The declared rate of fire of the weapon does not always work!
3) Macro-players and fetishist have the advantage!


Each number (with examples on Colby 45 200ms ROF):

1) Every your tap be with statistic errors +-N ms on each tap. 

If u tap earlier than ROF is end (like 198ms after shot) - u not shot and next tap be after  long time (~100-200ms) - in the end your TTK suck greatly. If u tap later than ROF is end (like 220 ms) - your TTK sucks, but not strong as first example. But it's does not matter. Your TTK suck without macro.


2) Declared fire rate - it's problem for players with 50+ ping. Even macros can't shot with 200ms without empty shot, because it's be place for signal latency (200 +0 to +15 latency statistic error). For me with ping 90 it's be 212ms.

My TTK suck on ~48ms with macro, how about ordinary people? 

FULL AUTO WEAPONS shot in another firing system(react to holding tap, when fast taping each tap u hold lkm ~10ms), it's problem only for single shot weapons.


3) After all that has been said, it is clear why they have an advantage. They won  in TTK. 


To at least somehow equalize all the players (macro players and ordinary people and people with high ping) i suggest add "Buffer shooting system"!


Buffer shooting system:

It's system save your click if u tap earlier than ROF is end and shot interval be in declared time and it's countermeasure versus macroplayers.


How it works(for example Colby 45):

ROF 200ms;

Buffer time 50ms;


0ms -first tap => shot => start fire interval time!

150ms -start Buffer time!

177ms -second tap, buffer save its tap!





Second Buffer system.

How it works(for example Colby 45):

ROF 200ms;


0ms -first lkm click => shot => start fire interval time!

~170ms -second click, but with hold lkm! 

200ms -shot!

~230ms -unhold lkm! 

~340ms - third click with hold lkm! 

400ms - shot! 

~410 - unhold



Without Buffer time, but with the need to press(and hold) lkm every time after firing (something like Trigger in fullauto fire mode). 

200ms -shot!


(Value of buffer time only for example, its value should be calibrate)


P.S. I know some player have a pro-macros with anti vertical recoil, but i say only about fire interval macros. 

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i didnt read this whole thing so imma just go off the title.


i think single shot weapons would be bad for apb


- it would make people mad at the game and just make the guns more unbalanced then some already are.

- it would be annoying to fight someone that can just 1 shot you at any time easy.

- if you are to pay for it with real money that would just be pay 2 win which is most likely gonna be the case if they add 1 shot weapons unless they add another contact in the engine update.

- if they arnt gonna be pay to win and you would get them from a new contact if would be annoying for new players sense they are not on that level so they would have to go threw lots of annoying match's and maybe quit apb because of how unfair it would be.


i just think there really is no way to get around these things unless someone else has something they can think of but i think all around 1 shot weapons would ruin apb and make it not fun anymore.


like i said i didnt read the whole thing and im just going off the title.

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