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  1. KEPP96

    Battleeye Blocked FIX

    PLEASE check the console of battleye or take an anticheat more efficient, because on Autumn event there are a lot of cheater not banned! Or gift the skin to all.... Kind regards
  2. Hey guys, Someone know how to unlock the Wizard Hat on this event? With daily missions or pumpkins? Thanks a lot.
  3. KEPP96

    Mailbox problem

    Ok, but i exclude an WIN 10 update bcs i have again Win 7 as O.S. but i can try to use attach after lock time, i don't have evaluate that. Thanks
  4. KEPP96

    Mailbox problem

    Good evening staff, I've open a ticket in this site of gamersfirst support: See ticket "Hi Staff of LittleOrbit, I can't attach elements from my mailbox to send at another my character (Ruffatooo to KiwyRuff). Could you unlock me this function? At one my friend in APB this feature work, but from some time for me not work. Could you help me? Attach option are Grayed out" Image.jpg Thanks for support
  5. Staff, There is DDOSSING attack again or Server Maintenance? I think battleeye support anti-DDOS.... Kind Ragards
  6. Hi Lixil,


    Sorry for disturb you.

    I and an my friend have problem to connect to APB server with LOGIN AUTH and Steam Auth.

    How to resolve this issue?


    We're in Citadel Server. Thanks.

    Kind Regards

    1. KEPP96


      Error code 9. Thanks.

  7. Hey Lixil, server maintenance/wipe or also changes on APB map etc..?

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