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Found 21 results

  1. Kempington Incorporated Presents... The Theme Scene Kempington Incorporated would like to proudly announce a new, exciting initiative for all those budding music creators out there. Everybody loves a good jingle, so why not get rewarded for producing the best theme of the week? Might sound a bit too good to be true, well the pioneer run of this event already happened last week, with plenty of entrants and fantastic tunes created. Potentially and ambitiously set as a MONTHLY event, entrants must create an in-game theme. In-case you were wondering, yes, it has to be created in the same month as submission. No previous creations allowed here, we want to see what new and creative entries you can come up with in the span of a week. Given that you do submit a theme, there are a couple of rules you must abide by (those will be covered in just a moment in a clear and concise manner). To make things a little fairer, you can only submit one theme. Of course, make sure it's your best one (if you've made more than one in a week, though that'd be surprising!). Now, I hear you ask "Well, what's the prize for this? What's the point in participating?". Intrigued by the sound of £50 to your paypal account / a game on steam equivalent to $60? Somehow, I think you might be. Also, if this contest gathers some momentum, we might just change the prizes to be even sweeter! Give it your best shot. Make some magic in the theme studio. Now then, onto the details of this competition: Submission rules: One theme per entrant. This is done on BOTH CITADEL AND JERICHO. However, you cannot submit a theme on both servers! Pick one and stick with it. No stolen themes, please. I know there's a way to rip an equipped theme from another character you inspect. When asked, if you could put the theme on the marketplace for clarification (if needed), that would be great. No previous themes. The theme has to be created in the week. As much as I love some of the themes that are already in-game, I want to see what you ladies and gentlemen can come up with, under a time span. No Collaborations. This has to be ALL your own work. I will no longer accept collaborations between two or more individuals. How the voting is conducted: The "Scouting" round is where a shortlist of all players who have submitted a theme are picked by myself to qualify for the next round. This will be judged in various ways (I'll get to those in a second). There is a shortlist for both Citadel and Jericho and I will go to both servers to inspect each entrant. The "Relegation" round is where we start trimming the fat. Both shortlists will be reduced to 4 semi-finalists per server. In some cases, it'll just be too difficult to choose which are the best four, which is where it now comes down to you. I will host a temporary strawpoll with the potential entrants who could progress through if a decision can't be made and it'll be down to you to decide who progresses. The "Semi-Final" is where the two lists of 4 players (one from each server), is reduced to 2 finalists, per server. Whilst I'll have my favourites, all the entrants will be voted through by you. I no longer have a say on who I think should go through. It's down to you to decide. The "Final" is where we pick one person from both servers to go into a head-to-head. Again, the choice on who goes through is down to you. The "Grand Final" is where we find out who has the "Theme of the Week" . We'll also make sure to get your opinion on who takes 3rd and 4th place, all the way down to 8th, just so we have a nice list. A judge for Citadel and Jericho. I will try to have less impact on who gets through, since this is a community contest. I will try to get a judge from both citadel and jericho to help pick people to go through into the next rounds. I will still be having an input during the scouting and relegation rounds, however. Kempington's favourite. I will try to have a "Kempington Favourite" that will be announced at the end of the competition, even if said person doesn't win. They will receive a smaller prize, but I'll update here when I find out what that is.  The following criteria are considered: Production Value (how much effort) Creativity (doesn't have to be a tune. I've heard themes where gunshots are imitated and so on. I've also heard leboyce say "Ice ice baby") | Quality Accuracy (If you decide to do a rendition of a pre-existing song) How to Submit: Since this is not an official event or contest, this will be hosted on my stream, as part of my Friday APB Stream. Starting time: 10pm BST (GMT+1) [Could also be GMT when the UK is no longer in daylight savings time] End time: 1-2am. It depends how long the voting takes. Join a social district on the server of your choice Equip the theme you wish to submit Instructions on where to line up will be given on stream. IF YOU GO THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND(S), STAY ONLINE. WE WILL BE REPLAYING YOUR THEMES EACH ROUND SO THE VIEWERS CAN VOTE ON WHICH ONE THEY LIKE THE MOST Have fun! Current Prize(s): £50 to your paypal account OR A game on Steam equivalent to a maximum of $60 We have our finalists. The Last Musician Standing (Theme Scene Finale) coming... October PREVIOUS THEME SCENE COMPETITIONS: 06/07/2018: 1ST PLACE: Esgobar (Citadel) 2nd Place: Swindle + Prayers (Jericho) 3rd Place: VintMint (Jericho) 4th Place: Carolean (Citadel) 5th: lowpass (Citadel) 6th: Vacancy (Citadel) 7th: ImJayy (Jericho) 8th: Furfect (Jericho) 13/07/2018: 1ST PLACE: Schleptstein (Jericho) 2nd Place: Esgobar (Citadel) 3rd Place: Arwoss (Jericho) 4th Place: lowpass (Citadel) 5th: vintMint (Jericho) 6th: Swindle (Jericho) 7th: Duhund (Citadel) 8th: Boofu (Citadel) 20/07/2018: 1ST PLACE: Swindle (Jericho) 2nd Place: VintMint (Jericho) 3rd Place: lowpass (Citadel) 4th Place: Vacancy (Citadel) 5th: orinahari (Citadel) 6th: Evangelism (Jericho) 7th: Esgobar (Citadel) 8th: moneytrade (Jericho) 27/7/2018: 1ST PLACE: VintMint (Jericho) 2nd Place: Vacancy (Citadel) 3rd Place: majuler (Citadel) 4th Place: Achromasia (Jericho) 5th: lowpass (Citadel) 6th: Duhund (Citadel) 7th: Ekooz (Jericho) 8th: Negritude (Jericho) 3/08/2018: (JOINT) 1ST PLACE: VintMint (Jericho) (JOINT) 1ST PLACE: Vacancy (Citadel) 3rd Place: LIF (Citadel) 4th Place: Boofu (Jericho) 5th: Ekooz (Jericho) 6th: Arxontas62 (Citadel) 7th: Lumsheden (Citadel) 8th: Vitorax (Jericho) 10/08/2018: 1ST PLACE: Boofu (Jericho) 2nd Place: Treeuntz (Citadel) 3rd Place: lowpass (Citadel) 4th Place: VintMint (Jericho) 5th: schlepstein (Jericho) 6th: swindle (Jericho) 7th: Esgobar (Citadel) 8th: Duhund (Citadel) 17/08/2018: 1ST PLACE: Snakeyio (Citadel) 2nd Place: VintMint (Jericho) 3rd Place: Katilya (Citadel) 4th Place: Achromasia (Jericho) 5th: Ekooz (Jericho) 6th: AAMSS (Citadel) 7th: Martinz (Citadel) 8th: Prayers (Jericho) 24/08/2018 1ST PLACE: LIF (Citadel) 2nd Place: Arwoss (Jericho) 3rd Place: Qooooooo (Citadel) 4th Place: hba (Jericho) 5th: Lumsheden (Citadel) 6th: simplastic (Jericho) 7th: Boofu (Jericho) 8th: Martinz (Citadel) 31/08/2018 1ST PLACE: Arwoss (Jericho) 2nd Place: lowpass (Citadel) 3rd Place: Zinnedine (Citadel) 4th Place: simplastic (Jericho) 5th: Vacancy (Citadel) 6th: bombin (Citadel) 7th: Achromasia (Jericho) 8th: Nightriser (Jericho) 7/09/2018 1ST PLACE: Vacancy (Citadel) 2nd Place: Arwoss (Jericho) 3rd Place: LIF (Jericho) 4th Place: hba (Citadel) 5th: Egocentrism (Jericho) 6th: Arxontas62 (Citadel) 7th: Achromasia (Jericho) 8th: FRANKTENPENNY187 (Citadel) 14/09/2018 1ST PLACE: Qooooooo (Citadel) 2nd Place: LIF (Citadel) 3rd Place: Arwoss (Jericho) 4th Place: bombin (Citadel) 5th: lounge (Citadel) 6th: Boofu (Jericho) 7th: Snakeyio (Citadel) 8th: Arxontas62 (Citadel)
  2. WitchQueen

    Pay2Grief - Win $500k EVERY Friday!!

    What: Bash my car till it blows. Whoever makes me blow up wins money. Current format: Currently we're running up to 5 rounds each with a $100k prize. When: Friday 10:45pm uk time. Click this to find the time in your time zone: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj/events/201414320-rid-1532727900 Where: Citadel EU. GOLD Waterfront. If you want to take part hang around at 'Griefer Station' -The kind of central repair station. Late comers are welcome. Join my Discord server if you want: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb What exactly: I will be driving around Waterfront. I will also be streaming on http://twitch.tv/witchqueen so if I go missing you will be able to find me. Remember I only get damaged when I get knocked into a wall, npc car or one of my defenders. Going N5 won't count. If I get killed by an N5 I'll just respawn and continue. Watch this vid to see how it works:
  3. What: Hide n' Seek Where: Baylan, Waterfront 1 (or whichever is gold), CITADEL When: This Saturday (17th) night 11pm uk time. How to enter: Just turn up but it helps if you reply here. Prizes: 1st place - N-tec Ursus 2nd place - Nano 3rd place - Bullshark 4th place - $250k APB money The video above shows you the basic format: People hide in baylan (and must stay in one spot) and I have to look for you with my HUD off. The last person I find wins the Ursus. It shouldn't take as long this time as I'm learning the good hiding places. I'll stream it so you can see my view of things as you hide. I want to register you before I start looking so I know exactly who I'm looking for so reply here if you're gonna be there and I'll take a register before it starts then add anyone else who turns up. See you there! Witch (In)FAQ: 1. How long do I have to find a spot? About 5 minutes. 2 How about if I get kicked fot inactivity? Just tell me and I'll stop until you get back. 3. How about if you find 2 people at the same time in prize positions? This happened in the video above. We'll sort it out nicely 4. What if I move positions? if you get caught you get disqualified. 5. What are the boundaries? basically whereever you'd be able to go in the fight club but of course it's in the mission district. 6. Can I see what you see? Yeah I'll stream it. 7. Can I join your voice chat? Yeah I'll link the discord on the stream on the night.
  4. When: November 2nd (Friday after Halloween) 10pm UK time For the exact time in your time zone check here: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj WHERE: BREAKWATER GALLERIA, CITADEL SOCIAL. What: Halloween party! As simple as that. Grab your scary outfit and come and hang around in Breakwater Galleria instead of your usual spot. Interact with people as you would during a party. COMPETITIONS and PRIZES: Lots of prizes... PROVIDING PEOPLE TURN UP... There will be a raffle at the end of the night, the more competitions you enter, the more raffle tickets you get: 1. REAL LIFE Halloween costume competition (£30 STEAM VOUCHER + Raffle Ticket for entering (EXTRA 2 FOR FIRST 5 ENTRANTS!!!!!) You need to print off this picture then take a pic of yourself in your halloween outfit holding it up. The reason for holding it is so we know it's a recent picture. Then on the night of the party we will vote for the best one in my stream. 10 CONTESTANTS MINIMUM. If there are more than 10, I will choose 10 to go into a final vote in the stream. You have until 11pm of the party night to submit. Each pic will be anonymous until the results are in. 2. IN GAME Halloween costume competition (AAEPD VOLCANO JC ROCKET LAUNCHER + Raffle Ticket for entering) Just turn up in your outfit. Then during the night we shall choose our favourite outfit. 10 CONTESTANTS MINIMUM. If there are more than 10, I will choose 10 to go into a final vote in the stream. 3. SCARE2GRIEF!!!! ($250k x 2 + Raffle Ticket for entering) By now we should know what Pay2Grief is. Come and enter in a Halloween a themed Car. Join in in any car but only Halloween Themed Cars can win. 2 rounds. 4. HIDE AND SCARE!!!! (BLOODY MARY + Raffle Ticket for entering) For this event EVERYONE needs to hide and I will look for you. The person who lasts longest wins. I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS in ASYLUM if we can totally fill an empty one. If not, we can use Baylan from gold Waterfront. Those people who I find can try to scare me whilst I look for the others. I am going to look into playing this section by streaming to my Gear VR to make it scarier! Join our discord voice chat in order to make your scares more... scary. 5. CLIP OF THE NIGHT (£10 STEAM VOUCHER + Raffle Ticket for entering) All you have to do is submit a funny Twitch clip from the party. This does NOT have to be a clip from my stream. One clip per person so make sure it's a good one. You'll obviously need to sign up for a Twitch account to do this. I'll choose a few I like then we'll vote for the winner of a £10 Steam voucher. EIGHT CLIPS NEEDED FOR THIS TO GO AHEAD The raffle prizes will increase in value depending on how many people come: 6. THE RAFFLE (FREE ENTRY - PRIZES DEPEND ON NUMBER OF 'GUESTS') IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED IN ALL EVENTS AND YOU WILL HAVE A MAX OF SIX TICKETS. 20 people at the party: 1. Colin McCrae Balkan Varzuga 2. Han Veo Coywolf kit NYC Taxi 3. Doltan Montagne 'PU$%Y Wagon' (from Kill Bill) 4. $100k x 2 5. LEGENDARY: COLBY HAZARDOUS 30 people at the party: 6. $100k 7. LEGENDARY: CAP40 'SEARGEANT' 40 at the party: 8. The 'Glitched Vegas' 9. LEGENDARY: OCA NANO 'CONNOISSEUR' 50 at the party: 10. LEGENDARY: N-TEC 7 'URSUS' So get designing and tell all your friends. If you can think of any mini games to play then do share. If anyone wants to donate prizes for future events that would be awesome! Lowish Player base makes selling clothes a lot harder these days. See you there! Witch PS prizes may change before the event but not on the night.
  5. ClassyFied

    Last Pumpkin Financial

    Hello, Ive found 149 of the 150 pumpkins in financial, my last one is at The needles - Arts center. Ive been looking for about 50minutes and in every spot possible But still cant find it. Any one got tips or a way to help id appriciate that. Thank you
  6. KEPP96

    Unlock Wizard Hat

    Hey guys, Someone know how to unlock the Wizard Hat on this event? With daily missions or pumpkins? Thanks a lot.
  7. virginiavirgin

    The halloween event is atrocious on xbox

    It’s unplayable because my frames skip and on top of that people hide in glitches do something about this because gamersfirst handled it better than this
  8. So I thought I'd share my YouTube vids here when they get released. You can watch my events live at http://twitch.tv/witchqueen or the videos at http://www.youtube.com/witchqcustoms Here is a selection for now: Formula W Race (from back in the day): Thumper Truck (random dynamic event): Chipp's Car Club (every wednesday): Pay2Grief (every Friday): USC - The Ultimate Shooting Championship (Some Saturdays):
  9. Survivor's Refuge - Halloween Open Social Event Hey everyone! Ella here. I'm very happy to announce that Survivor's Refuge will be hosting an Open Social Event in conjunction with the annual Fallen Earth Halloween event. Details, man! Who Everyone is welcome! The event will be run by the staff members of Survivor's Refuge. Location The event will be hosted between Watchtower and Barrow's Exchange in Sector 1 (Plateau), by the 'From Beneath You' event area. To locate the event function area, type /waypoint 4715757 4054095, then press ALT + P and double-click on the waypoint title. Follow the yellow x. Time The event will run from 8pm to 10pm GMT / UTC (London Time) on Thursday the 1st of November. You can find a countdown to the event here. Event Schedule All times shown are relative to the standard GMT / UTC timezone. Use the countdown above for a reference. All timestamps shown are set in stone- the convoy at Embry and all other locations will be leaving at the EXACT time shown. If you need to be in the convoy, don't be late! 7:30pm- Convoy leaves the LifeNet bunker of Embry and escorts players to the event area. 7:50pm- Convoy arrives at Watchtower to receive the event missions from Dr Medford (/waypoint 4508085 3937390) and Wentworth Trout (Bankers) (/waypoint 4507824 3935792). 8:00pm- Convoy arrives at the event function area (/waypoint 4715757 4054095). 8:05pm- Ella Clinton conducts the official opening ceremony of the event. 8:15pm- Event Devoured / From Beneath You commences (/waypoint 4722455 4040136). 8:45pm- Social time at the event area- have a 30 minute break. 9:15pm- Convoy departs from event function area to zombies event area south of Watchtower (/waypoint 4491687 3905250). 9:25pm- Convoy arrives at zombies. Event Days of the Dead commences. 9:50pm- Convoy returns to event function area for social night event. (/waypoint 4715757 4054095). 10:00pm- Lottery giveaway winner announced. 10:10pm- Social Night event commences. Lottery Giveaway / Other Giveaways To enter the lottery giveaway of the night, simply compose a mail to Ella Clinton ingame, and give a four-digit number between 0000 and 4999. The person who gets the closest to the actual number will win their very own Interceptor Speedster Key. The winner will be announced at the end of the event. Other giveaways will be occuring throughout the event, so be sure to stick around to have a chance to win! Other Information Auctioneers, mailboxes etc will be accessible at the event function area. Instacrafts will also be set up during the break and after the event. Please park your vehicle / mount alongside the road where the event area is. This is to avoid clutter and to make it stand out to other people approaching the area. Donations for the event are welcome! Contact Ella Clinton on forums or ingame. Special Thanks! To Little Orbit, for giving us such a wonderful mix of events to play with! To the Survivor's Refuge staff officer team. To the Support Team Clan for all their help. To you, for taking part and being awesome! I hope to see you there on the night! Please drop any questions or concerns below, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! /Ella Clinton and Logan Montana Director and Co-Director of Survivor's Refuge.
  10. I saw a couple of videos and I don’t see any zombies just regular npcs
  11. Should APB instant ban Russians when they type russian in the chat?
  12. PARTY TIME! WHEN: FRIDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 10PM UK TIME For the exact time in your time zone check here: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj WHERE: BREAKWATER GALLERIA, CITADEL SOCIAL. PRIZES: Lots of prizes... PROVIDING PEOPLE TURN UP... FOUR MAIN EVENTS: 1. DESIGN COMPETITION(£20 STEAM VOUCHER) 2. HIDE AND SEEK($1000000 APB Cash) 3. CLIP OF THE NIGHT (£10 STEAM VOUCHER) 4. RAFFLE (PRIZES BELOW) 1. DESIGN COMPETITION: THE THEME IS... APOCALYPTIC Best outfit as voted for people in my stream (twitch.tv/witchqueen) gets a £20 Steam Voucher ***But 10 entries needed for this to run*** HOW TO WIN: Turn up in an APOCALYPTIC themed outfit. The judges will pick 10 outfits to go into the final vote on my stream. ANYONE WITH A VALID ENTRY TO THE OUTFIT COMPETITION GETS AN EXTRA RAFFLE TICKET 2. HIDE AND SEEK For this event EVERYONE needs to hide and I will look for you. The person who lasts longest wins. I thought this would be great to do in Asylum if we can totally fill an empty one. If not maybe we could use Baylan from gold Waterfront. The raffle prizes will increase in value depending on how many people we can get into the Galleria: ANYONE FROM THE HIDE AND SEEK GETS AN EXTRA RAFFLE TICKET. INCLUDING PEOPLE HELPING. 3. CLIP OF THE NIGHT All you have to do is submit a funny Twitch clip from the party. This does NOT have to be a clip from my stream. One clip per person so make sure it's a good one. You'll obviously need to sign up for a Twitch account to do this. I'll choose a few I like then we'll vote for the winner of a £10 Steam voucher. ANYONE WHO SUBMITS A CLIP GETS AN EXTRA RAFFLE TICKET. 4. THE RAFFLE - PRIZES DEPEND ON NUMBER OF PARTY GUESTS: TWITCH FOLLOWERS GET AN EXTRA TICKET. SO... IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED IN ALL EVENTS AND ARE A FOLLOWER, YOU WILL HAVE A MAX OF FIVE TICKETS. 20 people at the party: 1. Colin McCrae Balkan Varzuga 2. Han Veo Coywolf kit NYC Taxi 3. Doltan Montagne 'PU$%Y Wagon' (from Kill Bill) 4. $100k x 3 5. $200k 30 people at the party: 6. Legendary: ANUBIS 50 at the party: 7. Legendary: MEDUSA So get designing and tell all your friends. If anyone wants to donate prizes that would be awesome! See you there! Witch ps We're having a Halloween party too on Friday 2nd November so get ready for that too. Theme is obvious
  13. iTzBlackout

    [GAME] Revive Event Tracker

    In the past we had a lot of small events using the event tracker. That system was really cool even if some people abused a few events. So I think there should be care about what to choose as rewards. I list a few of my ideas down below. Bad rewards (Don't give it as reward because people would abuse it) Joker Box G1C Good rewards (Nobody take a big advantages and cannot abuse that event using other accounts) Gear Selector Weapon Skin Selector (10 Days) Weapon Selector Clothing Item 100-200 Joker Tickets Title Event examples 3 Blow Torch Kills - 200 Joker Tickets 20 Sniper Kills, 10 Pistol Kills, 2 Grenade Kills - Gear Selector 10 Pistol Kill in a row (Killing with other weapons interrupt the progress) - Title
  14. WitchQueen

    Thumper Truck! Win a Thumper!

    Thumper Truck - Win a Thumper! (Citadel). Prize? A Thumper How to win: Be the first to destroy the Thumper Truck three times. When a Thumper is won, the win counter is reset. When? It could happen at any time. I will announce on my social medias roughly when one will happen, but then it will be up to you to follow my tracks. The easiest way would probably to watch out for my Twitch Channel saying a Thumper Truck is starting but you don't have to, you could just add me in game and follow me around lol. That might be a bit boring though. Where? Anywhere on the Citadel server. Any Rules? Nope, just kill the truck. I'll be N5 so as soon as I die I will know exactly who got the kill. Other Info: When you kill the truck you get a t-shirt! There are three to collect. (Bottom left and bottom middle are the same but under different light. Colours are Pink, Lime and Cyan). If you are on two kills when someone else wins, you will be reset back to zero. I'll keep a chart below. If you wanna join the discord and keep up to date with events ir help out, use this: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb
  15. It was nice to see and spend time with the Devs and GM's in-game, so thank you for taking the time to do so! I noticed there was no thread at least in social for feedback yet so here's one. --------------------------------- Open PVP didn't work out too well, it was somewhat enjoyable but definitely nerve wracking trying to figure out if the out of mission guy next to you is going to kill you or not. Luckily this is being addressed. Gm presence was great to see, though I do agree it would be cool to see them as split between ENF and Crim so that more people get to play against the GM team during events/testing. Testing: For testing I only used a few guns during the testing time (shredder pr3 preset with ir3) and strife. So I'll mention my experience with them and opinion. 1. Shredder got a much needed decrease in effectiveness, at least that would be for the base variants, the IR3 (pr3) version which has now only a partial gain in range in comparison to before sadly got hit with the extended rof decrease giving it a roughly 1s ttk for a weapon with ~25m range. The weapon no longer effectively 3 hits as easily, which can be seen as a positive however, that often leaves it severely lacking in most situations in the closer range ranges even against ARs with its now very high ttk. The base variants without ir3, should however be much more balanced than before the changes and won't have the same issue as the pr3. But I cannot give a full review of them as I didn't use them. Next 2. Strife, I'm unsure what to make of the change I didn't notice too much of a difference, however, it wasn't exactly too strong before imo, especially since it's high ttk kept it in check. So while I'm not against the rework it's not something I feel was needed. The strife itself isn't used very often in general because most other shotguns are better choices in most, if not all situations due to its ttk, so having a high Overkill for it isn't something I'm against. Didn't get to play around too much with the ar changes, but a test beforehand showed ntec could 7/8 hit at 52m which seems to have the desired effect for AR's. So that's a plus. Further observations: IR3 Ir3 as a as a mod or even as a preset on shotguns seem to hurt them with very little to no benefit now. Before it was used as a way to improve the weapon with no downside, now that the mod has a downside, any shotguns with it often become worse for little gain due to the rof changes and at most ~4 to 6m average to gain. If you account for spread on shotguns it may not be a very good trade. This difference forces them to lose out against their peers due to ttk differences. The mod at one point being preset made sense. With the new changes I am unsure whether it can holds true for so little to gain with the current downside. On smgs IR3 has a little better effect, however, most times they aren't effective in reaching and taking out enemies at their max ranges in the first place so it isn't likely going to see much if any use on many smgs if any. Due to losing out in cqc and unable to make use of the extra range.
  16. I will write here when I have a date for the next event. BRING YOUR SNUBNOSE TO THE CONSTRUCTOGON. IF WE HAVE AT LEAST 10 PARTICIPANTS THIS WILL GO AHEAD. Meet me in the centre of social at 1115PM uk time. Here is our event calendar. The USC time for your time zone is here: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj If you want to fight, you need to sign up here. If you want to challenge a higher ranked fighter, you will need to put your money where your mouth is and make it worth their while. How to Sign up (IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED BEFORE YOU DON'T NEED TO GIVE THIS INFO AGAIN): In THIS THREAD, give us: 1. Your in game name 2. Your Faction 3. Your Clan 4. Your country (give your character's country if you like) 5. Character Gender (Male or Female) The current rankings are in the latest USC video below. Have what it takes to beat our champ? Sign up! Here is the latest USC video: Here is the last USC Tournament. Knock out tournaments will be held occasionally and I will supply a prize: I would like all fighters to join me in discord voice chat during their bouts so I can ask them a few questions at the start and end of each fight. You don't have to but would be greatly appreciated: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb More info: What? 1v1 shooting duels. For now we will just use snub noses but in future I would like different categories for different weapons. For that though we will need different arenas. Rules? Free Snubnose only for now. Fighters can use any mod but not a mod that the other fighter doesn't have access to UNLESS THE OTHER FIGHTER AGREES TO LET THEM. I will inspect each fighter before each fight to make sure nothing untoward is taking place and then once again at the end if that player has died during the fight. Fighters for next event:
  17. WitchQueen

    'The Gauntlet!' Finally over!

    THE RACE WILL BE HELD THIS SUNDAY. I WILL CONFIRM A TIME SOON... TWO race spots left so if you want them, design a race car and outfit and post it here. We will vote for our favourites after Pat2Grief THIS Friday Night (7th Sept). FAQ: What is The Gauntlet? It is a race for 10 participants. 5 go one way around the track and 5 go another way. What can I win? 1st place: £25 Steam Voucher (roughly 3000g1c). 2nd place: $300k 3rd place: $150k How do I apply? If you want to apply you need to post a picture of you with your car and clothing that you will wear for the race. Is there qualifying for grid position? No. They have been decided based on the 'Car Catwalk' finishing positions. Here are the results of that: What is the track? Watch the video for track info. Ignore the Rules in the video though, they're out of date: And the race? Sunday 9th Time tbc How many laps? FIVE Repairing allowed? You are only allowed to repair your car at the nearby repair station. If your car blows, you're out. Car contact? There are no contact rules, you may be as dirty as you wish. Use bugging Jerichos and Rapiers at your own risk. Which cars are allowed? All. Mods allowed? No more than ONE. How Can I help support WitchQ Customs Events? If you wish to become part of my 'event team' join my discord and get involved. It's growing quickly and is full of like minded APB players who generally have a laugh and also do missions: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb If you wish to help with the prize fund, then all you need to do is buy my stuff on the market place. All of the money I give away in any of my events is funded by the stuff I sell so just search WitchQueen and buy away. Can I be a sponsor? We can definitely go the sponsorship route where your logo will be on any final event video, incorporated into all of the posters and the commentators will plug your stuff. Just like in real life! e.g. Instant replay sponsored by Budweiser... Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing your submissions! WQ Here's the original trailer - a few details have now changed... If you want to join my events discord use this link: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb All like minded people welcome!
  18. ATTENTION! THE EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED FOR NUMEROUS REASONS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. EXPECTED TIME PERIOD FOR GO-AHEAD IS THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. ----------------------------------------------- Hi everyone! Ella here from Survivor's Refuge. Ever since I founded my clan, I've wanted to do something big with it for the good of other people, and I feel like now I've been more ready than ever- with a steady clanbase and plenty of active members, I feel like we're ready to start giving back to the wasteland. I am extremely excited to announce that as of today, planning is underway for the biggest player-run event that Fallen Earth has seen in years. Enter the Survivor's Refuge Wasteland Rally. What's this, you ask? The Survivor's Refuge Wasteland Rally (SRWR) is our biggest project yet. It's an event set to happen in a rally format, that spans throughout the various sectors of the game. The event will consist of: -'Stations' with stationary events planned within the different sectors for players of all levels. -'Pop-up' events set to happen and co-ordinated on the day. -Give-away events and challenges with prizes to be won. -An RP session somewhere amidst the event / after the event to introduce people to RP who have never tried it. -A chance to make new friends, and give yourself a fresh outlook on the game itself. How's this going to work? That's a fantastic question, and that's where a different force comes in. Support Team Clan have kindly accepted to assist us in making this event possible - guiding players, protecting players and acting as checkpoints throughout, to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible. They will be the ones guiding you from A to Z, and we are extremely grateful that Skrzyp has accepted this challenge. Amazing! How do I participate? As we've only just begun the planning phase of this event, we cannot state anything for definite just yet. However, as time goes on and we meet with our core team to discuss how this event will be executed, more and more information will be released. The event is set to take place at the end of July / early August. I'd love to contribute to this event! How do I do this? What's needed? First of all, thank you! There's going to be a lot going on throughout the day, and amongst the various activities and happenings prizes will be won, giveaways will be done and that consists of many, many, many chips being spent. If you'd like to chip in (no pun intended), you can do so by notifying Ella Clinton ingame or on Discord (Hella Ella#8763), and you will be shouted out when your contribution is distributed on the day. Nothing particular is needed, although any item prize-worthy and any amount of chips are appreciated. Every white chip and scrap will go towards the event, and you'll be thanked for it too! (Disclaimer: don't send 1 piece of scrap steel thinking that'll get you a shoutout; be reasonable.) Can I physically help out with this event? Ya sure can! Get in contact with Ella Clinton ingame and she'll let you know what she needs, help-wise. All helpers will be paid! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For now, this is all of the information that I can give out, but when solid ground rules are put in place and some things are put in stone, you'll see an update on this thread. For now, thank you for reading, express your thoughts in the discussion below, and happy wastelanding! Ella Clinton, Founder and Director of Survivor's Refuge, Fallen Earth Clan.
  19. pzx

    event suggestion

    Can GM do a fireworks show again
  20. Regarding the face-off event, it's mentioned that it will be availble to Citadel & Jericho in the near future. Will HAN be getting this event as well? I know there is not really a lot of people on it but just thought it will be really good and fair to us in a way so we can at least try to attempt the event, maybe it will bring the population back a little bit as well :).
  21. WitchQueen

    THE GAUNTLET! Teaser Trailer (Citadel)

    If you want to join my events discord use this link: https://discord.gg/hF7GdQk All like minded people welcome! Original mini teaser (what people originally replied to):