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  1. So we don't even deserve to play the event? That sounds really unfair to HAN players just because we can't win, I believe there are still players who want to play it even though we may not bring the player down.
  2. Regarding the face-off event, it's mentioned that it will be availble to Citadel & Jericho in the near future. Will HAN be getting this event as well? I know there is not really a lot of people on it but just thought it will be really good and fair to us in a way so we can at least try to attempt the event, maybe it will bring the population back a little bit as well :).
  3. @MattScottJust a quick question if you don't mind, when will the addition of other languages fit in (Chinese, Spanish, etcetera.). As discussed by many other members of the community, I think it would be adequately justified for LO to add new languages to the game. But just wondering at probably what stage will that happen ?
  4. +1 for this as well. APB should definitely be available for a wider player base. Adding more language is definitely a viable approach. With additional regards to HAN server, merging with NA seems really redundant if localisations & perhaps some form of advertisements are in place. The Asia market is really huge & has potentials in my opinion. Will really be appreciated too if @MattScott can provide some insights for us to see where LO stands on this localization issue, which I humbly believe is an ideal win-win situation for both parties.
  5. Hi Mr. Scott, I’m elated over the news of you guys acquiring APB after almost 6 months of no ‘new news’, really excited over your acquisition of this game. I’m sincerely hoping that you guys can make this game become as successful as what it is meant to become. However, as stated in the title, I would like to ask (on behalf of the entire APB:Reloaded Chinese player base) if LO has any plans or interest in adding a Chinese language option for us Chinese players. We started as a small group of dedicated APB:Reloaded Chinese players playing since the RTW era. Ever since then, we have been attempting to actively recommend this game to our friends and people who are interested in this genre. We even tried to communicate with the previous owner of the game, GamersFirst, where we did not really get any official responses. Eventually, the language barrier takes effect and severely hinders our effort. As a matter of fact, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, indicating the colossal player base APB:Reloaded can access to, making it a huge market. Examples of such games would be PUBG & GTA:OL, the former’s popularity is especially applicable in the context of APB:Reloaded. With some research, it was observed that PUBG’s spiraling popularity in China is due to the ‘advertising’ & spread from many streamers, and we believe that it is strongly correlated with the fact that PUBG offers a Chinese language option. In our humble opinion, APB:Reloaded providing such an option will definitely provide a strong competition to other games in the market such as PUBG & GTA:OL. Not to mention many edges that APB:Reloaded has such as its unique customization & strategic gameplay. With regards to the “$0.10 a word (or higher)” concern (Quoted from the Spanish community thread), we believe that at an early stage it is OK to just partially translate the UI (E.g. Combat/Marketplace/Etcetera.) where it is understandable for players to know what is going on. If possible, some of us players do not mind assisting with the translation process, for free. Again, with regards to a larger community concern: HAN server. In our humble opinion, if we can start to get Chinese players into the game, the population may not be much of an issue anymore. You don’t even have to merge the servers if that is the case. Finally, please do not under-estimate the capacity & potential of Chinese gaming market . Statistics have proved that our large player base really generates a lot of revenue for the gaming industry (For example, https://newzoo.com/insights/rankings/top-100-countries-by-game-revenues/). Of course, we understand that LO has just taken over the company, and there is a ton of work for you guys to manage as well such as the engine upgrade. However, in our humble opinion, adding a language option is much simpler & practical compared to the engine upgrade, so why not do the former first . Regards, Vanthia TL:DR - Please consider adding Chinese language into the game! Thank you! 很高兴在AFK了大半年之后,终于听到了关于APB的新消息,祝贺你们的成功收购,期待LO有更大的成功! 作为APB新的拥有者,你们有没有增加中文游戏语言的计划? 因为APB的魅力,在从RTW时代开始接触APB起,我们这些中国最早的一批玩家一直想把APB介绍给身边的朋友 ,一直在为增加APB中文语言选项而与官方沟通,无奈一直得不到官方的支持。很多朋友也无法跟我们一起走 得更远。 中文无疑是世界上使用人数最多的语言,也不用质疑中文游戏玩家的数量。你们可以了解一下PUBG在中国的 火爆程度(之前是GTAV),因为PUBG有中文,各大游戏主播很容易就能把大量的游戏玩家带进PUBG。如果APB 有中文,相信APB可以取代PUBG,毕竟APB的可玩性比PUGB强太多了。 关于 “$0.10 a word ”,其实只用需要针对UI部分翻译就足够了,如果可以,我们这些忠实玩家可以免费 进行文字翻译。 关于“HAN是否与其他服务器合并”,如果大量中国玩家进入HAN,这个就不是问题了。 最后,也不要质疑中国玩家的消费能力 当然,我也能理解你们有更重要的工作要做,比如引擎升级等等,但如果增加语言选项比引擎升级更容易实 现,花的时间更少的话,为何不先完成它呢?
  6. IMO, either just remove the whole level restriction system. Or maybe add a district that restricts mods/cars that can only be accessed at a higher level (Maybe some weapons as well but thats out of topic.)? Or maybe we can just do smth like allowing players to purchase a R255/195 directly, which IMO does not really have that much of a negative impact on the game. There are several approaches that are available tbh but I think it essentially depends on how the entire system works (People under R195 can access weapon mods by buying pre-modded gun, which is also a thing).
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