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  1. Pichu

    Happy Birthday SKay! :D

    Moved to off-topic section.
  2. Pichu

    I need help with a player

    Removed player name from original post. As Thelnformer said, please use the proper support system when reporting. The forums are not the right place for it.
  3. Pichu

    @LittleOrbit Wide Screen advantage

    Moving to off-topic section. Please keep all meme threads out of the normal forum area.
  4. Pichu

    Detect THIS, battleye.

    Moved thread to off-topic area.
  5. Pichu


    This thread is getting too aggressive with too many personal attacks. Please keep forum discussions civil. I've locked this thread. If you have an opinion about a specific balance suggestion please talk about the details in that specific thread.
  6. Pichu


    Please stay on-topic. These forums are about communication and discussion. I've deleted a few posts and will be issuing infractions. The next time this thread goes off-topic it will be closed and offenders will have heavier punishments. You all know the rules by now and should not need verbal warnings.