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  1. I bought the 4slot. Whatevs. I find the "high fuel something" purple mod very useful, situational yes but you're gonna often use your pioneer as cover, so even if it blows up you gucci. I got a question tho: if i use muffler and a blue mod, will the vehicle still show up on the enemies radar, while I'm not accelerating? Yknow, cause of the icon that indicates if a vehicle is a mobile spawn/radio tower.
  2. Nah, it's this guy https://goo.gl/images/6JYVbd
  3. I'll take the pepperoni one. "You smart." *insert gif here*
  4. But then how would I show my gaming skills without remote det kills?
  5. Double oof. That's a pretty good answer. I'm a but of a hoarder so I would've taken the 4slot anyway. Was just looking for someone to change my mind
  6. Just look at the pioneer: 400k for the 3slot and 1mil for the 4slot. Why would I want to take the most expensive? I only have 2mil. Is it worth it?
  7. Nice post. Too bad you filled it with everything you said before, just using different words, and still didn't succeed to answer to ANY of my points. I understand your point very well, too bad that doesn't make it true. Again, look up the definition of competition. You claim to be different from anyone else who spits on consoles, but here you are, saying the same old shit. "Fuck those bikers, amirite? Racing cars are the real shit. I bet I can win them cause they're slower than me, and what the hell, why do they even race? ROFL" Also, you keep claiming I said shit I never said. You trying too hard, and you even try to make yourself appear like the reasoning guy. Get outta here
  8. offtopic. uhm. did I miss something? uhm, can you explain the reasoning behind your statement, please? cause until now you are just showing yourself as another pc master race edgelord. you can be competitive if you play on console (I think that's what you meant, cause "good at games" is just a meme at this point). control methods are literally the only difference between console and PC. Yes, we have lower framerate, so what? Framerate is just an excuse for bad players to pretend theyre good and they're just out of luck. A good player will always prevail on a bad one, even if he has half of his fps. Returning to the controls subject: m/KB will play against m/KB, dualshocks will play against dualshocks, whatever the Xbox controller is called will play against whatever its called. Now that you have the premise, go look up the definition of competition. its like a formula1 racer that says you can't be good at riding bikes. doesnt make much sense, does it? to make another point, and you can have your opinion on this: a good controller player will probably win over a bad mkb player, and that's literally all I fuckin said. please screenshot and tell me where and if I ever said controllers are better than mkb for aiming. even if they arguably aren't worse, they're just harder to use.
  9. Not saying a controller is better than a mouse for shooter games, just saying that I learned how to master a controller thru the years, and can hold my own against xim4 users I meet in game. And judging by his obviously ignorant approach to the ps4 gaming scene, I wouldn't have problem rekking his edgy patootie. That's all. Yes, a mouse is more precise. Yes, a mouse is faster. But look at it from this point of view: if some dude who can't play for shit pulled an NTEC on you, would you be able to kill him with an FBW? Sure, I could make a better example, but right now I can't think about a gun that sucks patootie, so let's just go with prim vs sec. And yes, you would kill him.
  10. I'm not using a PC, haHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I doubt I could ever take seriously someone with that profile pic, but I'd like to watch you go against me with a xim4 while I use a controller. I eat m/kb edgelords like you everyday and I don't even care about the calories.
  11. screenshot?..... you must be slow. Nah man, I still use it for movies and shit, yknow.
  12. https://ibb.co/eXOVUd ya can't stop me
  13. Thats actually sick! Name: Defeat From: Italy Preferred faction: whatever gets opposition faster Likes: fuckin around with teammates, crazy successful shots, edgy outfits Hates: pussies Phrase: i dont think im allowed to say it here Image: lol, like im gonna screenshot on my ps4 and use its browser. Yeah right.
  14. Just paint a dot on the center of your screen gg
  15. first of all, you are loyal to a partner, a king, an idea. not a game. second of all, is there still people that judge the amount of dedication someone has towards a game just by the platform he plays on? we pay the same amount of money as you do. Not more, not less. Same items, same prices. So what's your point? We should obtain less shit cause we are not part of the almighty pc master race? G1 thought they could fuck us over, thinking we all were 12 years old looking for a f2p game to rage on. I hope LO adresses the situation, along with all the other missing features PS4 presents.
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