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  1. if you dont want alt forum abusers ban the "alts" but whats the point its a free game and browser vpns are also free
  2. lol unpinned? is that really wise? the game is still unplayable
  3. lean is automatic on the console apb hes talking about on ps4 where the mouse users still have limited turnrates and the xim "profiles" are kind of shit
  4. happens all the time on xbox/ps4, xim still has limitations so the controller beasts just farm the shitty ximmers lmao
  5. Not unbanned by Fairfight, not unbanned by Punkbuster yet still banned for "hacking", what could it mean? A GM personally banned a players account for superficial evidence? And somehow these, likely to be the MOST falsely banned accounts of them all, as they were not banned by either anticheat but by a GMs own discretion, are the last bans to be lifted. It really doesn't make sense if you think about it does it?
  6. You registered on these forums 6 years ago and you still can't win like 35% of the time?
  7. lol.. have u tried letting go of sprint before u fire? thats why perma sprint is "bad" from a competitive sense, if u use that
  8. the reason they removed tl15 and then g10 was because it was viewed as "rewarding" to hackers, if the game is going to be for the majority hack free, the game needs a tiny bit of that competitiveness put back in
  9. Thats not what he said at all tho? He said banning is a failure because they lost a player. AKA HWID banning = permanently losing a player(not really) so it seems unlikely he would be interested in permanently banning people and stopping them from rerolling
  10. read the op of this thread and tell me it doesn't come off as manic
  11. something has to be done about the cringey forum spammers aswell that derail every thread go shitpost in discord man ur a disgrace
  12. lol go play on jericho and tell me the game is going uphill, its fucking unplayable bro They acquired the game May 10th. BattlEye was announced to be 3/4 done on May 25th. 3/4th done in 15 days, now 10 days later and it still isn't finished and he still can't tell his poor playerbase when it might come out? Come on
  13. very very close* did i mention a date i expected it btw?
  14. I mean your blatant fanboyism of the company in spite of everything presented before you was evident in that thread about the GM fucking with players lol nothing you say is really going to be of interest for anyone that wants to see the game progress past 1500 concurrent players lmao
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