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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, how do you fare. I'm quite new here, so "hell'o all": I'll try not to space myself, if I can help it, and be clear with what I'm sugesting. Not that I don't hope this will ever exist in the game, but I know can be tricky and enough should have already in the table of LO for just caring about my rumblins... I just sometimes feel the need of sharing my thoughts... that's that, and would be nice as a hardcore RPG player, hardening a bit sometthing related to FOOD. (also the need of resting and be fed or thristy... well, other history) Let's go: Food expiration. Now: We have reserves of all kind of food: meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. that lays still in our vaults, stockpiling, waiting to be used in recipes or sold. Problem: too easy, isn't it, if we have done just enough realism for having to feed our horse or refueling our vehicles or making ammo to our guns I just don't see how magically those Bankers are sood good keeping our stuff. Unless wastenland's vaults have refrigeration, all that food pile should have gone to rot in a matter of days if we do a RL perspective. Solution: give food, or food materials, an expiration time. An edible meat, should degrade to it's next lower questionable meat when it expires. Same a questionable item degrades to tainted grade next time and maybe a rotten grade should be added to the end of it. (this rotten grade should be nice for fishing bait, soil fertilizat..., th's other thing) Maybe we found the issue if giving each item or the full stack the expiration time, also wich rate.... The point is not having those stacks that should be gone to waste if stored too long inside a storage with no preserve conditioning (we could create a new type, for food storaging, that uses batteries or gasoline for it's generator to work and have all those items fresh and healthy...) Well, besides it's ableability, wouldn't be fun opening one day your vault and find all is rotten away?... now you have more free slots availale, yeah
  2. Client version: Summary: Consumables don't work properly Description: Character Consumables don't work properly, can only be destroyed by chatacter/vehicle collision Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the game 2. Login to character 3. Join Any Dynamic Event 4. Deploy any consumable on the ground and shoot it/throw granades or rockets, whatever you want, will see nothing happen 5. Video Demostration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK1AcUEoIQc How many times have you recreated this bug: 5/5 Results: Can't do any damage to consumables Expected results: Can damage and destroy consumables like in a normal district
  3. Greetings, i am a 'baylan junkie' today i propose to you the concept of giving players the option to keep spending money when they already have "everything" As it stands as of this writing, the only way to get a consumable is via events, end of game rewards, normal people things yuck . However if you just add consumables to armas. Then the non-regular players still have a way to keep stock. Me personally am thinking $1 for 25 any consumable, i always require the large ammo box. (if you know me you know why) It would give you litterally passive income and give me passive happiness...which i haven't felt in 4 years... I dont expect anyone to read this OR see where im coming from But you gotta admit, its one heck of a (great) idea. English is not my first language so thanks for understanding.
  4. Hey all, here is my suggestion for more consumables that in my opinion could be added in APB. I like diversity and unique battles so I am suggesting more stuff to make the game more fun! I made a list under of what I would like to see in the future for when it comes to consumables so maybe more will be added. I made other threads about weapon mods and car mods. Please note that this thread is for consumables and not modifications. [Radar Beacon] Effects: Deploys a Radar Beacon Detects enemies within 10m Consumable appears on Radar of detected enemies This consumable is inspired by the modification for vehicles 'Mobile Radar Tower'. It would act the same way but instead it would be a deployable Radar Beacon that detects enemies for half of the range. Just like the satchel charge, it would take only one bullet to destroy it (and do no damage). Your location reveal could be crucial for the opposite team. [Poximity Mine] Effects: Deploys a Proximity Mine Detonates after 1.5s when enemies are within 5m Spots hostiles opponents caught in the blast radius for 3s. (inspired by flare ammo but I am not sure about adding this one...) Enemy players can see when they are tagged. Can be destroyed without causing explosive damage if the mine is shot at. Causes 30% health damage with very low hard damage* and a blast radius of 5m. *Satchel Charge already have a high amount of hard damage Since there is no mines in this game already I thought we could add them as consumable to make it easier. Carrying it like any medium item in game this consumable would be very good for flankers and to protect objectives in a mission. Having a delay on it before it detonate makes it more fair and balanced since this item doesn't fall in category of grenades. A small damage input would make it worthy for moments where it is crucial to have more defense than attack and lacking help of reinforcement. Perfect for narrow places packed with enemies! [Invisibility Mutagen Vial] Effects: +80% invisibility +300% footstep noises -20% health Appear on Radar of enemies within 10m Disables Player Name while active. Removes invisibility if damage is taken or the player fires a weapon. Invisibility duration could last up to 8 seconds. Inspired from the Epidemic Event for it's name, this vial will give the player a stealth advantage in fights at the cost of health and louder footstep noises. Removing the player name tag above their head makes it difficult for friendlies to notice if it is an ally or an enemy. Otherwise it is a great tool for stealth infiltration in missions but the enemies can detect you or hear you louder if you are too close to them making it more fair.
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