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  1. seems i wasn't a reboot, thank god! toon in world, sent to a distant FT, but seems the farm is still on *phew^* ooff, farm is up, but the shiva seeds are gone XD
  2. toons are back right now... then off. reboot, rlly? this doesn't fix the problem, cause it will hapennd again. Doing so, besides, i'll lose the homesead, the shiva seeds planted, and of course, part of the farming kit used. Thanx. You had a guy tracking this issue for days and the only thing you did was a reboot. Really, time is near when you, LO, should come clear with this with us. Are those "new servers" gonna run ok someday?
  3. we can pass the login server, so we can see the empty room of the character select, but no toons. My wild guess is what happened to the database server on the move is still kicking, probably related to the 10-15 mins of server lag that Grelko has been tracking, when FT, mail, aution, mounts... login, are affected. It last 15 mins and then the server goes on and all works again. Kick he databases server plz, hard.
  4. is it, again, down? Im here posting, bu unable to connect... so...idk nvm.. just worked again... maybe some weid shit at my end (living in spain wouldn't surprise me at all)
  5. same here, i closed the game after a system msg appeared saying: game is offline. I can login, select a characer, but there it stops, loading the area.
  6. This is extracted from Wikipedia, haven't ever read it there b4...
  7. i love it and thank you. The old one were too bright and the contrast between them too high
  8. maybe idk if a forum is the place for the meaning of colors, I just think he does it because he likes it, it's fine thou, no rules against it eiher. But anyways, as we all use normal typing, sometimes simple is better, not trying too hard... I need to force myself in reading some of his posts just for the coloring. It's just my POV, each one is free to choose how to comunicate, he does that, others do memes, and so on. BTW, Alec is still initialyzing, soon...
  9. sorry in advance for this digression... In my natural languaje, spanish, Hoping and Waiting uses the same word "Esperando", means the same, basically... Sadly in English you have both ideas separated, but hose who wait are here because they have hope... btw @Murcuri my eyes started to bleed :_), remember, im sensitive to pink XD, actually would be much apreciated if you write like everybody else, please?
  10. Well, I must say that I feel sad for not been alone in this, even when I'm alone in the character screen. Done all checks too, and waited long for my crew to come back from the Oilville pub...
  11. as i said i haven' done much pvp, hell much at all (only been here for a month), in FE. It's just an idea. How will you improve it, if it were to apply some buff/debuffs to pvp/pve armor to make factions matter? Maybe if you only aply the faction friend/foe debuff to the pvp armor, taking out the monters dmg debuf? Annd how make faction armor be better for the players to be encouraged to farm all factionn reputation for crafting it... Well, as i said, just and idea. May like you, may don't, opinions are like arses, we all have one . But it is something moveable, adaptable, to others ideas... any? Best Regards...
  12. also update he EULA plz, is still with the Reloaded company as if they were behind anything anymore... yes, someone might even read it. 8D
  13. i agree that with PC in pvp this would be a no no, besides the fun seeing someone fly... i though on this collision check with vehicles and mounts more for PVE too, hitting a creature will damage the creature, but also the mount will be damaged... it's weird you can go across hundreds of creepers and not even been slowed down a bit, ann the ocasional damage taken is just a fortunate bite. Just think about it, we could make games with pray chickens pushing them with our horses even...
  14. Much apreciated yours and your team work, Matt. Let me guess and idea...maybe, even if not dinamically yet, you might need to backup the database, leaving online only the last year's characters data (enough to be handle by the diagnostics you are doing). If someone from far beyond that time need his/her character can use a ticket, at least untill you clean up the rest of the database and make it dinamically at last. Only keep in mind that you have to acces all records when naming a character, maybe leaving only names table and cleaning the rest would be enough... otherwise this will be repeating once and over again... such mass of data... i feel it is unbareable to make good maintenance of that. Anyway, you have my full support. Hope next time fixing is a charm. If not, Matt, slice it!
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