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  1. Ya, they said they'd be likely to have a "Legacy" server which will have your old items. As for items through the marketplace, they will most likely transfer over, when the time comes then obviously people can request to transfer items earned through events (one time events). As for anything you traded or bought with chips from someone, well... they aren't "impossible" to dupe but not as likely. But you keep talking about $ spent, so I'd assume you bought them or subbed for said reward.
  2. I am looking over every question here to make sure it's covered in some way or another. Granted the 60% resists wouldn't actually be bad if GT wasn't basically level 60 armor (resist wise) we could wear at 55, but that's another story lol
  3. +1 already have a decent sized list, I will condense it of course if some are related to another. @Everyone Please, if you want any questions asked then let's get it done already.
  4. I have never been one to avoid a debate, opinions are always welcome. Simply the fact there was plenty of time for someone else to request it, and instead I said "fuck it, I'll d it" as otherwise there probably won't be a Q&A since too many snowflakes afraid to be bashed online xD And if I wanted to do harm, it would have been clear by now.
  5. G1 is no longer around, besides in name. How about give questions you're looking for. There weren't any rumors, but I'll be sure to ask anyways... YY and Nysek, perfect nerd couple! <3 Idk, is he thicc? @everyone I probably got picked because nobody else requested it Implying any PVE'ers will take a Q&A stream, maybe we can get Laniel since it's a PVE superstar ;D
  6. Eh people will still keep an eye on this and there's always room for new players as shity as the current game market is.
  7. I thought it was due to lack of streamers... people in FE are always afraid of showing their face for some reason
  8. 2-3 actually, compared to a shotgun at least. Once you hit 4-5 actively, it beats everything but dual wield melee in DPS.
  9. If Somni/Ms Black are back, just bring every cancerous clown back.
  10. Eh a me probably would be if I didn't see targets who "could" heal that simply don't anytime within a 5-10m fight, thus someone dies due to the people actually healing being off cooldown. One can only advise so much, especially if they aren't up for friendly fights to let them see where they could improve... And I don't blame them, I've seen situations where they might have 3, yet 6-10 flag thinking "They'll bring TNO", even if only 3-4 were flagged prior to them showing up. Why would they bring people who drag them down and refuse (Or rather not try to... one cannot expect to improve if they can't see an issue) to learn?... TNO might take this harshly, but nobody wants to try to carry someone that can neither do decent damage or heal. (Dealing high damage sometimes < consistent) "Half" our clan which is what? TNO who happen to have toon in LB, at best. Then again you guys claimed the same thing with Mashed, Kayleigh, and myself came to LA to fight 4 only to get jumped by 6? We came out three times, then gave us as Kayleigh claimed we needed to "heal" her more... even tho every heal was used (and on CD when she finally died after about 4 rotations) because she wouldn't LoS when we were already outnumbered. Now could we have won? Maybe, but in the open without cover is was higly unlikely. It has some downsides none the less, I do not disagree with the point made about trying to rally together against a common enemy. Most games actually handle this through an incentive boost. This could be HP/Damage/etc based on how it views a faction's numbers with said change. Now it does pose an issue that it could be abused, so rather than it simplying being "Enfos have 10, but 5 of two other faction show up... due to the nature of the beast the benefits would not simply double their effectiveness. Rather maybe a 25% boost at most, as their are "two" potential enemies within said PVP zone. Obviously this effect would not happen outside of PVP zones tho. /pvp however I can agree there probably should not be a ruleset, it's the wasteland, but in a PVP zone for some reason "factions" were considered owners and thus you fight for said faction. People forget, the current ruleset obviously hasn't provided enough population. But that can mostly be a result of poor choices of the last dev team which lead to lack of proper hotfixes or regular updates. Even then it's a questionable effort, even with regular updates the game "might" see 1k/2k population at most. On the PVP scene there will be snowflakes which will probably end up forcing this path anyways, as tickets "will" flow in because there are some individuals who will find humor in methods that are more hazardous to the game than otherwise.
  11. Implying anyone would suffer from it besides anyone PVPing or Bloodsports But yes, cancer.
  12. As long as it's not pre-LO testing... one week and maybe 1 adjustment = "live".
  13. I'm sure some hackers that were unbanned were due to poor notes, if they left notes you were scamming just re-open a ticket if it's been there for 4+ weeks.
  14. Already covered most of the other points, but last I checked your only fights that were recently won were bringing Nuba/DV. Prior to that you didn't have a consistent winning average, well maybe against TNO.. which you even went as far as claimed "1-2 more" when it would be only two from our clan and the rest TNO. Must be hard fighting outnumbered by peeps that can't do damage (or focus damage rather) or crossheal, thus why I've sat out of fights if they had "plenty". Can't teach ones that refuse to learn basic mechanics. And reporting someone for a clan name?... I simply let others know "if" they had an issue with it they can file it to support. Already covered the point of this thread within the clan as well, since many are not "just" Enfo, a solution should be met to bring in new blood. Obviously the current system has not been working entirely well for less consistent PVPers, which in the future I do hope PVP focuses around clans rather than factions as it's value there will always be null. That and the parties in question already knew how the more dedicated PVPers would react. The only other "Twist" would be allowing the ability to choose two allies, which also forces two enemies. Allys : Traveler and CHOTA while clan is Vista Enemies : Enforcer, Lightbearer, and Tech then become enemies by this ruleset. But I do agree no "one" thing will fix factions, let alone conflict towns when we all can easily flip to said faction to buy from said venders while griefing those that want to. Get the wheels turning rather than "Well this currently works", gotta remember not everyone can handle even a little shit talk sometimes. Edit : And I truthfully hope people are presenting actual feedback over just down-voting one another, if you have ideas than drop em in.
  15. Waiting for a video where I've pulled "more" and then left. The only times I've been on where we had more was the garage incident, numbers did not change until we attempted to even numbers. But yes, the council system can lead to some silly nonsense. But inner-faction conflict has never been an issue for me, you must be thinking of someone else. Even then, the only one I can think off-hand who has an Enforcer is Cenfozz who rarely is involved in PVP involving keeps. Lore actually covers use of specific mutations and certain skill lines, but I'm not pulling up NPC/mission dialog as well as general descriptions. Most of which are null after so many combat builds. But indeed lore also covers internal faction conflict, but "shockingly" is an odd way to put it. Even in games with complete faction restrictions there are parts of lore where individuals or parties go against the "agenda". Again, adding other trinkets which would relate while allowing passive ones which have some relation to one another. Which could mean a scav, nature, or geo boost to at least give an edge to each... rather than trinkets which give benefits give no value in the current system (More than 6 years in some cases). The logic behind ignoring additional trinkets, or more options, would be like accepting the current consume table... which is another story. Actually only 4 members are actually "full time" enforcers, the rest are scattered across factions. Kinda pointless to cover this as it's an agreement. Active and passive trinkets that could at least stray away from VFC/Muscular Regulator/Armor Trinkets/Bola (only to dismount) and maybe blightwolf for going "max HP". N/A N/A A passive system which we've both agreed in the past would never work properly or simply be used as a grief mechanic in some way/shape/form. You're reading far to much into this, fact is that FE is quite niche and streamlining a system actually creates a safety net that MMO players tend to accept. Which if factions had no relation to PVP zones, this would not be of concern. I would be more about PVP zones being clan based, rather than faction, but alas I doubt this would change. I know you've been itching for a salty debate, or rather slandering, but if any of the nonsense you have said was true I'd be in a lot more of this videos of you being "outnumbered" or "zerged". Even then, a few "TNO" shouldn't even be a threat if they can't field 2+ groups themselves.
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