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  1. This has been an on-going topic for many of those who aren't truthfully fully PVP where "faction doesn't matter. Since I already know it'll be a shit-show let me cover the basics now... Disable the ability to heal outside of your faction during "/pvp" or within PVP zones, regardless of team/raid status. This one is kinda sad as it also means you won't be able to make a mistake fighting an enemy and not selecting yourself (or an ally) for heals. Leave friendly fire available to promote risk during teamfights, also to avoid Heavy Weapon cancer.... Add trinkets to further provide boosts Obviously clone trinkets that benefit all, (Scav boost trav/vista can get is stronk) but definitely at least ones with special effects... currently only CHOTA and LB have activated trinkets worth using. Add "AP" weapons to each faction (CHOTA/LB : Melee, Tech/Trav : Pistol, and Vista/Enforcer : Rifle) Add "GT" tier faction armors, no change in stats but a new look for each faction would be nice. Attempt to make a "council" system to help control "griefers" within their faction which would be selected by the staff rather than vote... this is due to potential abuse via mass-voting on multiple accounts. Nothing would change when it comes to character build tho, simply restrictions to help police some of the trolling within factions. I don't expect this to be a thing, but would definitely be a solid step in the right direction to avoid further confusion for newer players... especially considering most games with 'factions' have far more limitations than this.
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