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  1. PraiseTheSun

    IR Changes

    The use of IR could give the weapon a little kickback. It's controllable, but requires a little more skill. This will make it slightly less usable in every situation/gives it a downside.
  2. Please just focus on the optimization of the game performance and the engine update before doing all sorts of projects, which nobody is really waiting for. This prevents any delay as things tend to go wrong if something is touched.
  3. A decent working tutorial system could work for newbies to not.. be.. THAT noob. But they re working on that right? Maybe in 4 years we'll see it happen.
  4. Maybe if we get some players there could be some ranked . In the end apb does have some tactical game play. Like switching to weapons which suits the environment better, push or not, how you defend/complete the objective, etc. Or one guy with a sniper and the other with the fwb secondary ftw. Think only real issue with ranked atm is.. You'll face the same over and over again. Maybe if you turn off crim v enfo in ranked it would give a higher variation. (and some more ranked friendly missions?)
  5. Even with a low population the matchmaking could be a lot better if it takes more things in account and prioritize different groups above other groups. Like if you call for back-up it doesn't spawn a team of 2 gold players, but instead prioritize other groups first during a certain duration before inviting that group. Search from narrow to wide instead of just adding whatever pressed 'K'. Average % of k/d and w/l which gives you a number would also filter out low gold and high gold. "you'll fight the same players" you'll do that anyway. I prefer to fight the same around my skill level over unfair matches.
  6. Guess it could be done if you count k/d and w/l together and this gives you a certain rank point. Now if it matches you up against people who are around your rank level. If it would searches from narrow to wide (in case of few people online) and it would matches you against someone with a high rank it should prioritize a high rank once you call for back-up. Visa-versa of course. And maybe prioritize other players before selectings a premade team.
  7. Hm.. you could check if you can change the route which your data is send to the server. With a little google I think you'll find a guide. Otherwise no clue what the issue could be besides shitty internet.
  8. It's not just the weapon,true. But the 'meta weapons' do certainly help in killing faster.. if in the right hands of course.
  9. Can be a combination of 5k hours playtime and the use of a dot, certain shaders which allow you to see more, lije thru smoke. Mastered the time to shoot (or use the mouse wheel to shoot) and the use of meta weapons. And team play, advanced launcher and blabla. You can go on.
  10. As the title says. It's easier to find and keep track of updates notes and (important) news. Also, it makes the announcement tab not as useless as it's at the moment. (and looks more professional I guess?)
  11. Somehow I got the feeling people want 12 deaths of xmas back. It's just a feeling, tho.
  12. I wonder how they keep up messing things like this. One should think that especially in the current state of the game they at least try to do the events right. The old engine can't be the excuse for everything.. or blaming other things.
  13. Issue with more threat levels is the low player base. Now you'll have often 2 full districts and maybe one half full.. If you make more threat levels you'll have a bigger spread between servers and thus less people to play against. BUT I do have a suggestion myself: -Keep the no threat segregation. "why?" servers are more full and often you'll have more variation in fights. HOWEVER.. In order to make this work; fix that matchmaking. Then no threat segregation should be fine. -"but what about that good ol' gold on green?" make a proper working tutorial district. Where you keep the new people untill a certain level/skill level. Unless they go to the advanced tab of course. -ranked? I mean in most games ranked matches attract people. Like in many games max a group of 2 can join, so you wont get full pre-made teams. Get some different threat tiers.. To sort the so called "pro gold" and the "lucky silver player whom got gold by chance." (and visa versa for the other threats.) and get some rewards depending where you ranked at the end of the season. Also, if you don't play matches you should lose your rank.
  14. The thing about aces rifle is.. It's not close nor mid range. It's not a sub machine gun, so it's logical the sub machine guns out perform this weapon. Still it's a very strong rifle with some decent accuracy. Played right it can be very strong. But..it can use some tweaking. Like a faster reload time, 40 bullets in a mag or something like this.
  15. Don't you worry guys. It will be back up in 2 weeks. So, you can get your yearly shower
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