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  1. Do the missions in the starter towns, they usually learn you the basics! Also, try region chat or whatever to find some people. Global 1/2 (like a whole server chat) becomes available after your first purchase. Which can be free if you do a few surveys, it's an easy way to get in contact with people.
  2. I think FE can get back up it's feet. It is an easy game to get into and it has a wider range of potentional players, because it feels like a "shooter". Graphic wise it looks okish, I don't think that it will bother a lot of people. Just needs some attractive content and some good marketing. And of course some stable servers and a bit more optimized gameplay.
  3. @MattScott I think you need to realize it's over a year with some actually feelable progress, the stories and screenshots are apperciated, tho. The only progress we notice is that the state of the game gets more unstable every day. And it is as it is. We'll need to wait. Even though we know what you're doing, the longer we have to wait, the more people lose hope. People will be more skeptical and critical, but to bash that away as negativity is a bit upsetting. I think that this shows some lack of communication and understanding. And to be fair.. The longer it takes the more you'll have to deal with "negativity". Yet you need to realize everybody apperciate what you're doing. But in the end you provide us a product, which we'll invest money in (or not). So of course we do have some expectations as a playerbase. Anyway glad to see you guys are making progress and again we, or at least I, do apperciate what you're doing.
  4. Nah they got a whole team of hamsters to keep the servers running and a fish doing the dev stuff
  5. No problem. It's all part of the offline fallen bug simulator.
  6. Or make clans matter. I mean.. fe community is rather small. People want to choose who to play with. With factions you'll always have the issue that people don't care about your fellow faction members or just don't care about factions at all. Factions could be for your personal story/rp. (don't get me wrong I'd love it to be as it was, but people their mind set has been changed. Maybe better to adapt)
  7. I don't think there should be changed much PvP wise. If healing outside your faction is forbidden you can't team up and even in the faction lores there are allied factions. The faction based equipment and weapons would be cool. Not sure if anyone mentioned already.. But a punishment and reward system might be useful. Like killing your own faction will reduce your faction points and gives you some type of status for a while. Which will prevent you from entering keeps or recieving buffs from keeps controlled. Improve the buffs from the PvP zones. So it becomes worthwhile going there. Maybe some faction ranks which are only obtainable by challenging each other/voting depending your faction? Like chota would totally fight over leadership. Another idea.. A citadel look-a-like area in a PvP zone (the area itself would be a non-fight zone) but owned by a faction. It could give some nice buffs and some high tier crafting materials. Also you can build it up yourself. Like the faction who holds the most keeps/flags over an x amount of hours will obtain the zone.
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