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  1. I still think they should add the coat the woman wears in the "looking for love" loading screen. Would buy it 10/10
  2. If you manage to handle the recoil with the first 10 shots (which shouldn't be too hard) it does kill fast and is basically a laser.
  3. You state that the right persons is a minority of so called 'elite' even, tho the game is bigger than those players. As there are players who have a lot of in-game knowledge but aren't part of the 'elite' because they are not active on the forum, casual players or not taken seriously because they happen to be silver. And 80% was just a matter of speaking. Also, this discussion is basically one group that doesn't have an issue with it and one group that has. So a good solution would be to tweak the bounty system with as example the suggestions i posted in a previous post.
  4. PraiseTheSun


    Nothing is as fun to wait in the advanced tab and training that clicking finger to get in a server. SO is it an option to add a queue to the game? It's annoying if one district is full and you have to click like a madman to get in the district. Like you could queue for let's say financial, wait it out in social, get a pop up, and have 30 seconds to accept or deny.
  5. Same as 'golds' state it's a punishment. Usually when you get a bounty it's because you do TOO well. But again as I mentioned earlier if the matchmaking was fair, you wouldn't get bounty every 5 min. And as stated earlier it should be tweaked a little like: better rewards and dying should reduce threat level further. This to prevent that you get a bounty if you are not doing TOO well.
  6. This whole discussion in short: fix the matchmaking.
  7. Also.. please us a different argument than saying it's unfair I get killed once after stomped the enemy team which gives the enemy a little chance of doing something besides respawning.
  8. As stated earlier in this discussion; it is an unique system. I do totally agree with that. If you get bounty once it doesn't mean your mission is lost. Your team is bigger than you, right? Saying that a bounty destroys the mission is the same as stating that if you die once your mission is fucked or is having 20 kills and 1 death that much of a shame? I believe the bounty system could be fine if the matchmaking is tweaked,because with more fair matches you won't get bounty every 5 min. And no I don't see it as an punishment. Usually when I get a bounty it is because the other team is getting stomped anyway. I do agree that it could be tweaked like: - better rewards; - dying lowers your threath level further, so that you don't get it with 9 kills and 8 death because your threat was high already.
  9. @MattScott can you please add the "looking for love? " jacket to armas. The jacket that the girl with the shotgun wears in the loading screen.
  10. A few suggestions which I think could work: -ursus needs 1 more shot to kill or needs a longer delay; more like the obeya ~0.8 sec. You got the mad accuracy in return. -yellow mods should be orange mods? Gives players more choice between orange mods. The only resupply box should be the orange supply box. This allows a more tactical play with your team, so that all car won't use mobile spawn and you actually need to check your team to see which mod you should use. -In general a change of some of the yellow mods (if they should bd converted to orange mods). What changes it should be I leave up for discussion. -Also is that jacket the woman wears in the "looking for love" on armas? It looks awesome.
  11. Don't hope for a comeback. Just look at how long any update takes for APB. They're waiting on the engine update for like 2 years. Maybe once APB is sort of running and prevented from dying and they'll work on FE it will take years for them to bring it out. I know it's sad, but it's the truth.
  12. I just feel like LO prioritize the wrong things and have no planning at all (just look at how terrible clumsy/unplanned previous action of LO are). Only things changed right now are things that aren't a real issue or what was okish before and got fucked up now. However we still have a bad tutorial, while a decent tutorial could help integrate new players better. A fucked up matchmaking, which will be looked at after the engine update (in 2 years?), and is making people quit faster than I can blink. Just two examples of some big issues with this game that should be fixed before messing up all kind of side projects. And LO PLEASE plan/handle things better to prevent fuck ups (even if it's not directly your fault).
  13. In the end you should look more at it as a balance mechanic and not as something that slows you down. However one could argue it should be reset after every mission, so you don't get it constantly or in general be harder to obtain. Or.. You shouldn't obtain it by kills, but doing stuff in the world like: ram raiding, arresting, hunting bounties, etc. In that case people who are looking for a challange can obtain it willingly while having a boost to their cash income.
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