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  1. Any word on Halloween or Xmas events going live?
  2. OMG Matt. I love you. I want to have your babies. Err, well not really, cause I'm a guy, but damn buddy thanks for this.
  3. Thanks Matt, Hope all is well and hope you can get the game back online. Peace, Mike
  4. I am all for this idea. New account, old account either is fine with me. I pass my waning days on MMO's, so grinding gives me something to do.
  5. Excited to see the progress, I can't wait to return. Thanks Matt and tell your team thanks also plz.
  6. Woot, thanks Matt. I have a feeling you will hear the results.
  7. Sounds awesome Hooli.
  8. Matt, thank you. So good to hear from you. You guys are busting butt on that and I appreciate it.
  9. Sorry we got sidetracked. The original purpose was to tell us to keep an eye on Twitter for info regarding FE. Well, the last thing posted about FE was May 14th. Communication is the key to any endeavor, so please communicate with us.
  10. Well if the devs are going to devote their limited time to the topic of butt floss they also need to add in other female options. Hairy armpits, hairy legs and unkempt bushes. Done to please the feminist gamers and get rid of the perverts. Sadly you say "pervert" like it's a bad thing. Yes, clothing options both male and female are limited. I would rather they work on game performance, duping, etc than taking time to satisfy the wants of a few individuals.
  11. Down for about 20mins now. Lagging for some, but not for me, then kicked to select screen and boom. Not doing the Alec Winters initializing screen.
  12. I just received this in my email. Seems we have a Prairie Chicken Terrorist Organization. This is Day 3 of their attacks.
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