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  1. Lag in game is making the loading screens take almost 2 plus minutes. There are resource nodes ghosting and folks are just lag skipping over the map. Chat type lag is nearly 3 seconds long and vault lag is also at 3 seconds long in Los Alamos.
  2. Attend each weeks Monday night events. All are at 1900 EST. Locations vary and will be announced in game. Usually we meet in Embry and decide what event or mission to do or help players get done. As for joining. DO 3 weeks of events with and see if we are the clan for before asking to join.
  3. Faction always matters. The game was built around a faction based mutation and combat system. Changinging the game at 10 years is wrong. Keep faction relevant. Bring Faction based mutations back to the game.
  4. Where are the color palette of the in game Paint kits and which kit has what paint. On the Icarus server you could just type /680 and get a look at the paint kits. Could we have a link to the Llittle Orbit location of the current paint kits?
  5. It took about 28 minutes at character screen for my avatars to pop up. Once they did I was able to log in. The game seems to be running great from that point.
  6. When logging in I have no characters on the screen.
  7. Anyone gets in please send the discord a note.
  8. You are so much a kinder person than I am. I have a 25 dollar bet that the "extended Maintenance" would cause the old copy of the game to break. And that LO would use this to forcibly close FE down and apologize for it. Blah blah blah. I bet 25 dollars on this. SO lets see if I am right. But I rather hope not.
  9. TAO (The Awakened Order) is a single-faction clan for Lightbearers of any level, and all play-styles. TAO is the oldest Lightbearer clan in Fallen Earth, with a history as long as the game itself. These have been difficult times and our numbers are few. But with dedication and perseverance we seek, once again, to offer a haven for all those sympathetic to the Lightbearer creed. The Order prides itself on a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for our members to enjoy gaming in, and recognises that clans exist to help their members have fun. As such, we are a 'casual' clan, respecting our members' needs to attend to real life matters first, whilst enjoying the occasional burst of 'hard-core' energy when we can! Contact Mutare Nebula for TAO membership. We are in game every Monday evening at 1900EST.
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