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  1. All the techie geeks I know love the update Matt. There is a huge lack of good MMO's out now, everyone is always excited to hear an update about Fallen earth from you and yours. Keep up the good work and stay safe.
  2. I am getting lots of feedback from players in our discord about how happy they are for an update. Thank you for posting the update,Be safe and keep up the good work. We are all very excited.
  3. Thank you for having a closing event. I want to thank everyone who has made my fallen earth Gaming time a great experience over the LAST 10.5 YEARS. TAO clan will be spending last death in ST Sebatian's at the tower.
  4. This issue from the last server Migration has not been dealt with yet. Alot of us still have lost data. I have filed more than one support ticket and spoken to Mr scott about the issue. It has not been resolved. The ticket was sent in months ago. When will this data loss issue be resolved? If at all. Now today we hear APB has been sold. DOes that mean Fallen Earth will go to another server and lose more data?
  5. I did send in a support ticket to Little orbit about the achievements being deleted. That was well over 2 weeks ago and no response. Has LO addressed this issue yet? I know I am not the only player this has happened to.
  6. Someone suggested we add Hide and seek as well to the events.
  7. Just logging in to set up stuff for events and I notice all my achievments are set to zero on every avatar I have. Has there been a fix for this data loss?
  8. The 10 year anniversary will be Sept 22nd. Events will start at noon. The Fallen Earth 10 year anniversary will be on Sunday Sep 22nd this year. I have a sign up in the FE discord and here. Usually we start events at Noon EST. They run through the day for all parts of the world to participate in. So far we will have a traders market, a Demolition derby, Fallen Earth Trivia, a fashion show/car show, Fight night melee event, horse and car racing. Anyone wishing to help or set up a player run event, send me a note or a PM in game or in discord.
  9. Lag in game is making the loading screens take almost 2 plus minutes. There are resource nodes ghosting and folks are just lag skipping over the map. Chat type lag is nearly 3 seconds long and vault lag is also at 3 seconds long in Los Alamos.
  10. Attend each weeks Monday night events. All are at 1900 EST. Locations vary and will be announced in game. Usually we meet in Embry and decide what event or mission to do or help players get done. As for joining. DO 3 weeks of events with and see if we are the clan for before asking to join.
  11. Faction always matters. The game was built around a faction based mutation and combat system. Changinging the game at 10 years is wrong. Keep faction relevant. Bring Faction based mutations back to the game.
  12. Where are the color palette of the in game Paint kits and which kit has what paint. On the Icarus server you could just type /680 and get a look at the paint kits. Could we have a link to the Llittle Orbit location of the current paint kits?
  13. It took about 28 minutes at character screen for my avatars to pop up. Once they did I was able to log in. The game seems to be running great from that point.
  14. When logging in I have no characters on the screen.
  15. Anyone gets in please send the discord a note.
  16. You are so much a kinder person than I am. I have a 25 dollar bet that the "extended Maintenance" would cause the old copy of the game to break. And that LO would use this to forcibly close FE down and apologize for it. Blah blah blah. I bet 25 dollars on this. SO lets see if I am right. But I rather hope not.
  17. Its never been a secret I liked the game better before the 1.6 patches. The whole point of the game in Beta and until that time was faction based PVP. Game Lore revolves around why we hate certain factions. Mutation skills were from survivors who grouped together after the Fall. SO those with specific abilities breed more of those. Thats why the mutations were tied to faction choices. Faction always matters. Changing the game and removing that choice makes game lore meaningless. Bring back faction only mutations. Faction always matters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gv1yuyZS5o&list=PLgCeLAiv4iRPfTdcZRUzFwgfNZNOGylPt&index=4&t=0s
  18. Food for thought. A Lot of new players are fussing and wanting old Serendipity items made and given out in game again. Why? They were not at the event and should not have the items. These event related items are special because the players who attended the event took the time and did the event. NO Serendipity item should be remade and given out as that's a slap in the face to those who have been in the game. That being said, new events and new items for those events would be welcome to the community.
  19. When I was in the Hazmat team, our "job" was to babysit help channel and answer basic questions. To free the GM to do support and other actions. Hazmats had no power to do anything. Over time the GM presence was gone and only the Hazmat staff was left in game babysitting for free. What are the jobs of these new "GMS" are they going to be glorified Hazmats with no power to do anything. Will their presence in game be stable? Is this a paid position or is this a volunteer position? I left Hazmat team in 2014 because there was no back up from any GM and I was not getting paid to babysit an entire game. SO I question what exactly is the program you are setting up , what are the parameters and guidelines you wish folks to work in? The only thing I saw was "teamwork" which is well and all, but usually a Hazmat or a GM is alone dealing with the issue in game, not with a team making a group decisions. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Mutare
  20. 22nov18 at 2000 EST the Annual Turduckan hunt starts in Fallen Earth. Players meet at Spiderhill city vaults and will travel to hunt the Elusive Bird. All are welcome to attend. Contact Mutare Nebula in game for questions.
  21. Monday October 8th at 1900EST is the next open mission raids. Might try the Roost missions in S3 above the Repository, been a while since I ran thru there. All are welcome to attend. Meet in Repository by the vaults.
  22. Funny thing is, I don't tell anyone how they should play the game. I stated what I would do. And for that, I'm being given shitee. @ Aroa..I am glad you think the game needs a reboot, but you do NOT speak for me or any of the thousands of other players. SO stop generalizing all players into your views. Allow folks to voice their thoughts. You have certainly made your thoughts vocal..I wonder if you think if you yell loud enough, they will listen to only you. But the truth is Little Orbit has their own views of what they will do with Fallen Earth, they are the ones who bought it, so whatever happens, it is Little Orbit who decides. A wipe and starting over as a Beta player who has been active in this game for nearly a decade, and never been banned, been a Hazmat, been a clan leader, runs events, I will not redo anything. I can say that. You do not need to chastise me for that.
  23. I didn't make a threat, sorry if you took it that way. I made a statement. Folks have been asking what I would do. I told LO I would wait until after the stream and anniversary events. ANd yes, sitting on my throne is exactly what I would do. I earned that right. I didn't say it was wrong or no one else should move to new server. I just answered what I was going to do. I wish LO and everyone many years and good luck. I just will not redo everything for a new engine. When I was a Hazmat there was talk about a new Fallen earth 2. The chosen who in game lore are a member of each faction were chosen to go West and look for a path through the Radiation belt to the West Coast. I could get behind a new FE2 100 percent. A new game, yes, new graphics on a new engine, but the same game, no. Not doing that.
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