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  1. Thanks for the update, hope things can be sorted and we can all get back to the wasteland soon ^.^
  2. How 'The Kitty' fixes servers. ^.^ One big bowl of kitty food and i will help you ^.^
  3. Thanks to you and all your team working so very hard on the problems that have been found. Thanks for not just putting a 'bandaid' on it and go above and beyond to get the best fix possible. Many thanks from The Kitty ^.^
  4. OMG the Kitty is back in the wasteland , A massive Thank you to everyone that has worked so very hard to make this happen. ^.^
  5. Come on little hamsters run, run, run get that server up to full speed ^.^ Kitty smiles ^.^
  6. The Kitty finds your comments more than a little offensive. The team have worked so very hard for days now, trying to get FE back up and running. And you a 10 day old 'PuP' to the game speak this way about all the effort this team has put into get this family back playing in the waste land. An old UK saying " If you can not say anything nice, keep your mouth SHUT"
  7. Thanks for the update, and all the hard work ^.^
  8. Hope every thing is OK. See you all back in the waste land soon. ^.^
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