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  1. Well what you should know I guess.... The game is old and has some bugs sometimes, but still well worth playing and if you have issues most of us know how to get around them on some things. The community... well like most you will get good and bad. As with any online game you get some toxicity here and there. But as a whole the community has a lot of good people in it. Well as supporting the game getting a sub is nice especially if you are a crafter. And some market items do sell for quite a few chips. Anyways hope this helps.
  2. There are no longer surveys. Might try looking for a clan to join, Support Team Clan seems to be one of the more active clans with members who play often so might see if you can join them if you spot a member.
  3. Since the server move the game seems to experience lag spikes now and then where fast travel, garage cars and mounts, clan vaults, and character screen loading issues happen, usually after about 10-15 minutes (if we are lucky) it goes back to normal. It started after the server move.
  4. First aid is a little low for my tastes, either way there is no perfect build for everyone. Take advice here and there and maybe some builds and tweak them for your own style.
  5. the 96 bug is mainly you need to relog when respecing a toon. when you log back in the numbers fix themselves. (well for me at least)
  6. i would go with 129 empathic myself, for restoration 4. This would be the base i would use for any crafter build myself. You can get away with lower Rifle using Marksman +37, or Desperado for pistol +37, and Bloodlust for melee +37. Faction shirt can add another +3. The rest would depend on what i wanted out of it. https://aethaeran.github.io/Fallen-Earth-Build-Planner/#37013641414162625F4141AE010101BA0101010101010101C38281010101010101010101 This is basically like an old rifle build i had, i didn't run marksman so i could run dread on it for certain times. would run give em hell 5 for an aura to boost power higher. And is a crafter with decent heals. https://aethaeran.github.io/Fallen-Earth-Build-Planner/#37013641416262625F6241B4010101BAB40101015EC4C001C38281010101010101010101 Also end game armor makes a big difference on builds, for that i was using an offensive suit.
  7. Everything they wanted?? Cosmetics and certain cars maybe, but armor, weapons and things you need in game have to be crafted not bought on market. That isn't pay2win that is pay2lookpretty.
  8. What pay 2 win stuff? No armor or weapons are sold on the market so that makes no sense
  9. my advice, get some empathic and higher first aid if that is a 55 build ps: that little bit of social seems like a waste of AP too
  10. this was moved, original was posted on OUR FE forums
  11. light to medium? seems like heavy lag to me. 10 minutes or more to FT or type in global, i am so close to uninstalling this game.
  12. APB players who cannot see they are on the wrong forum, lol glad i don't play APB.
  13. Yeah discord just got way out of hand, i left it as well. Sad thing is most of those that were being so abusive are ones who really do not even play the game anymore.
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