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  1. light to medium? seems like heavy lag to me. 10 minutes or more to FT or type in global, i am so close to uninstalling this game.
  2. APB players who cannot see they are on the wrong forum, lol glad i don't play APB.
  3. Yeah discord just got way out of hand, i left it as well. Sad thing is most of those that were being so abusive are ones who really do not even play the game anymore.
  4. Why, nothing out of line that have seen. Try closing your browser or not reading any posts maybe? That isn't an apology btw, i don't feel accused you did accuse me. Seen it in the video and in chat logs friends sent. SO once again please google the word accuse so you know what it means Basically if someone is a suspect it means someone is accusing them of something.
  5. Yeah, it's pretty obvious to me who you mean since you straight up accused me in game.
  6. Yeah and i DO WANT a public apology for accusing me when you find out how wrong you are.
  7. You are no one to tell me to stop, YOU accused me so i have every right to post on here and you claimed you were 100% sure you knew who it was and in your video you accuse me of it, so apparently you are 100% sure it was me. You want this to stop, then stop replying and quoting me.
  8. And you have known me long enough to know i would not do anything like that i hope.
  9. Lol thing is, i do not HATE you, you are not important enough of a person to waste my time with hate. And you might want to learn what the word accuse means because you apparently have no clue so here let me paste from the dictionary.... "claim that (someone) has done something wrong." ac·cuse /əˈkyo͞oz/ verb verb: accuse; 3rd person present: accuses; past tense: accused; past participle: accused; gerund or present participle: accusing charge (someone) with an offense or crime. "he was accused of murdering his wife's lover" synonyms:charge with, indict for, arraign for, take to court for, put on trial for, bring to trial for, prosecute for; More summons, cite, make accusations about, lay charges against, file charges against, prefer charges against; impeach for; archaicinculpate "four people were accused of assault" antonyms:absolve, clear, exonerate claim that (someone) has done something wrong. "he was accused of favoritism" synonyms:blame for, hold responsible for, lay the blame on someone for, hold accountable for, hold answerable for, condemn for, criticize for, denounce for; More impute blame to, assign guilt to, attribute liability to, declare guilty; informallay at the door of, point the finger at, stick on, pin on "the companies have been accused of causing job losses" antonyms:defend, hold blameless Origin
  10. I see and hear everything! Can you stop accusing me?
  11. Seen the video, think it is hilarious you are accusing me just cause i am standing in LA
  12. Lol idk what the hell happened but i logged in and started seeing chickens XD
  13. And i am laughing soooooooooooo hard at being the one she accused XD
  14. Sheesh you could just say "I don't want to show anyone else" Don't have to be a rude **** about it.
  15. yes for about 2 hours
  16. Kind of generalizing a large group based on a few aren't ya?
  17. Main thing to remember, it isn't all about you.
  18. Just.......................................... NO
  19. Would vote for the pizza party, but i need meat on my pizza!
  20. Lmao, you are the one throwing a tantrum over a damn game.
  21. G1 was actually the ones who disabled splitting before Little Orbit got the game. Maybe you should volunteer to fix all this mess G1 left for them since you seem to be an expert on it. XD
  22. Lost many of mine too, assuming most old players did. Anytime in the past when we had free commander for 10 days or a week or two it just added to the existing time so you will still gain an extra 2 weeks.
  23. seems server crashed or they had to shut it down, same thing i am seeing.
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