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  1. Seen the video, think it is hilarious you are accusing me just cause i am standing in LA
  2. Lol idk what the hell happened but i logged in and started seeing chickens XD
  3. And i am laughing soooooooooooo hard at being the one she accused XD
  4. Sheesh you could just say "I don't want to show anyone else" Don't have to be a rude **** about it.
  5. Kind of generalizing a large group based on a few aren't ya?
  6. Main thing to remember, it isn't all about you.
  7. Just.......................................... NO
  8. Would vote for the pizza party, but i need meat on my pizza!
  9. Lmao, you are the one throwing a tantrum over a damn game.
  10. G1 was actually the ones who disabled splitting before Little Orbit got the game. Maybe you should volunteer to fix all this mess G1 left for them since you seem to be an expert on it. XD
  11. Lost many of mine too, assuming most old players did. Anytime in the past when we had free commander for 10 days or a week or two it just added to the existing time so you will still gain an extra 2 weeks.
  12. seems server crashed or they had to shut it down, same thing i am seeing.
  13. it could be within the next hour, or could be in the next 6 months. (does that count as some idea when it will be up and running?)
  14. Loot boxes are far from pay 2 win, pay 2 look pretty maybe but not pay 2 win. You don't get end game GT suits or AP weapons from any loot boxes, THAT would be pay to win.
  15. Me personally, i just do not feel like starting over to work through the same game. An actual FE2 sure, but not the same game.
  16. Many of us do not want to lose months to years of work and collecting. Pretty sure Little Orbit knows that would be detrimental to the game in the long run and i am pretty sure they are trying to work on being able to transfer if they can. But for now all we can do is wait and see.
  17. Aroa just stop, you keep making yourself look even worse. You cry and throw a temper tantrum every time anyone does not agree with you. Plus you complain about people insulting and then turn around and throw lame insults like a child. JUST STOP ALREADY! btw it is hard to respect anyone that acts like you do. (btw take your own advice... Mi consejo, es que cierres la boca, cuando no sabes de que estas hablando.)
  18. To me it still would not give me the desire to play with everything being wiped, it's not about the chips, time i spent or whatever. I have no desire to grind levels, maxing all my crafting, or getting DT again to rebuild weapons. Plus i have many items that are special to me that were made by certain friends that are long gone and doubt i will ever see again. also have tons of crafting materials, serendipity items and other items that if gone will only make me want to uninstall and move on from FE. Sure if it was an actual new game it would not matter, but going through all the same stuff again after losing years of stuff just seems pointless. Cosmetics and chips are just pointless to me.
  19. one tip when you post things with waypoints, please leave out the comma. Much easier to copy/paste them without it.
  20. https://imgur.com/a/CLJGHgq Getting high in Shackleton
  21. I have drove off the edge of the map way way west, And yea not much to see out there. https://imgur.com/a/2qg8cfM Pretty much all you see in the death zones. https://imgur.com/a/79pT07A (Could not get the images to work and show in the post for some reason)
  22. YOU are not everyone either, and i swear this is an alt account of Aroa. Regardless of what you think the majority of people i see don't want to play the same game from scratch, just for some eye candy and less sectors like Aroa keeps stating. Yes you can have your opinion but stop acting like anyone who does not agree is childish. Honestly you are being childish when you do that. No i don't like lag, cheaters or dupes. Stop being a self centered short sighted child about someone not agreeing with you that the game needs a wipe. It is possible they may be able to transfer stuff, YOU don't know for sure and YOU are just getting childish and immature because people do not agree with the way you think. GET OVER YOURSELF. All we are saying if it is done how you propose, we do not feel the game is going to take off and get a huge amount of players. I for one will not waste my time for eye candy and less sectors.
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