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    Don't spam help, do the tutorial, try to have fun, and enjoy it regardless of the future.
  2. Auroch


    You know, as Sharkdog was talking about with the currency was interesting and the idea of factions not being as important anymore is another major issue. Maybe there is a way to help both issues. Make the currency system split, no more chips, instead there are three different currencies that tie to two factions each in their territory. You can use other factions currency in the wrong territory but at a severe mark up. Some RP elements and a helpful fix for the chip problem, split an old toons chips into the three types of currencies. The items that are special to players however is going to be a coding issue.
  3. Auroch


    For me, and this is my opinion I speak for no one else, the simple fact that you state the game needs more than a new coat of paint puts you leagues ahead of any game company that has tried to work on anything in the last three years. The endless list of failure would take forever at the games but the reason is simple every time; they REFUSE to listen to the fan base. If this actually goes further than talk is to be seen but I know I am hopeful, especially with you guys trying to not just make one group happy but as many as you can. Some will leave and that is a fact, it cant be helped. I will be sticking around and getting a sub to help support this.
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    So, I have been a play a long time now on and off since before gore was introduced and came back at the news of the new owners. After reading the forums a bit and talking with some players ingame it seems that players who have spent the most time and money on this see no good end for them. Multiple alts with so many chips and real money invested, hours of gameplay they see as wasted. Most seem content with just leaving and never coming back out of frustration. I mean, I get it, they are entitled to their opinion but its really sad to me. So I thought I'd share an idea I had; giving two options for transitioning to the new FE. The first would be as simple as starting over with maximum cosmetics and other bonuses, which is the going idea and what frustrates some. Another option would be to find a way to covert the old games currency to the new game, if it changes or not, based on how wealthy the old character was. I have no idea ow that would work but it simply came to me, let them retain some wealth and maybe even a boast by providing starting AP after transition. Another option would be one that alot of old MMOs have done, set up another server dedicated to the old FE and call it FE Classic. This is more based off the idea that it will be "Fallen Earth 2".
  5. Auroch

    Thank you.

    Been gone for a long time and finding out about the new owner and company actually improving the game, I returned a couple weeks ago. Seeing the the invite to all I came on the idea to do some crafting but ended up having even more fun than I first thought. Made a couple new friends and some encouragement to keep playing. It was really great and I thank you for the time.