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  1. This is a follow-up post from this post here. ---------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone. I'd like to start off by saying thank you for all of the support towards me and my clan. We've recently surpassed 60 members, with a dedicated Officer team, and our more recent event was a massive hit, although I wish there would've been more lower-leveled players present. That's something to work out for next year! I'd like to take this opportunity just to say that I'm absolutely shocked. This time a year ago, I was a nobody in the community- I had a reputation among RPers and ex-RPers alike, but nobody else really knew who I was. Since I've founded this clan, our name has been seen everywhere in the game, and over time the clan itself became my reason for playing FE when I was struggling to find any other reason. It's interesting talking to my Officers and them saying "Damn Ella, you do a hell of a good job!", or logging on to see a new member joined, and they're amazed because I - the founder - want to interact with them and offer them anything they need. I don't feel like a superior power, I feel like anyone else. However it's this leadership status that I've imposed on myself that's finally allowing me to achieve my goal of being a guide for others. With that being said, all good things must come to an end. Recent circumstances have resulted in the fact that I can no longer continue playing Fallen Earth, for the time being. I'm very lucky enough to have a second-in-command within the clan (Mac, that's you) who has very kindly accepted my offer to keep the clan running. Thus, Badger Mac is now officially the Director of Survivor's Refuge, and a new Co-Director is being decided. However, this does not mean that Survivor's Refuge is over. In fact, this is only just the beginning. You can expect much much more from us in the future, and I'll continue to work with the clan through Discord and on these forums to ensure that everything stays in working order. You just won't be seeing me around in-game for a while. The recent Rally saw the attendance of about 30-40 people per day, coming and going, and the appearance of three GMs. This - considering the state of the game and it's population - is huge for me. Huge for us. I was half expecting the event to be a bust, but I let out a sigh of relief in Embry on Saturday when players started pooling in well before the event was due to start. If you attended the Rally, thank you. I'd like to just remind you that there's a survey on the first post linked at the very top related to the Rally, and we'd appreciate it if you could fill it out, as it'll help us to improve it for next time in a few months, a year, whenever we decide to do it again. It was an exciting thing to be the lead for such a massive gathering, especially the first to see GM attendants in well over a few years. The Rally also proved one thing to me - if the right people come together, truly anything can happen. I'm just lucky enough I had the right people. Speaking of people, I believe some thanks are in order: Thank you to OP Hooligan for offering to co-host his Crafter's Market in association with the Rally. He helped a bunch with leading when I was struggling, and with giveaways too. Thank you to Hazmat Lukasocz for offering to host his Scav and GORE bosses event with the Rally, which unfortunately never happened due to a bug in the game. Thank you to Skrzyp and the Support Team Clan for providing us with help on the day. Your presence and help was especially noticed on day two when I couldn't be present. Thank you to those GMs that kindly tagged along and hung out with us over the two days - it was truly a pleasurable experience to get to chill with you guys. Thank you. Whether you're a Survivor's Refuge member or not, you're what makes this clan possible. Your support and encouragement keeps us going, and reaches massive lengths, giving us a reason to continue driving on with the little things that we do. I'd like to also thank all of our donators: Rangers Clan TAO Clan Vinnie Santorelli Anonymous donator (requested to remain anonymous). Badger Mac Kayleigh Stanway Ninja Princess Pikey Bruthacuzin Alice Shimada Hakeleh Hypnotiic Gorkleknabyen Hoffstadlerfeil (wow) Appollinaria Nonversation I wanted to copy our records of every donated item and chips, but forums isn't letting me insert the images which is odd. Anyway, thank you to everyone for your support, it's extremely appreciated and I love every single one of you. If any of you have screenshots from the day, please feel free to post them in the comments, and expect to see more from Survivor's Refuge in the very near future. Much love, Ella Clinton, Founder of Survivor's Refuge.
  2. ❱ ❱ SRWR Feedback Form ❰ ❰ https://goo.gl/forms/qWJzdWH0DoEAp0Xu1 Thanks to everyone that attended today, make sure to come back tomorrow for more fun and games!
  3. ❱ ❱ Changelog ❰ ❰ Updated the course for the Redstone Bunker mission on Day Two with the appropriate mission waypoint. @Sharkdog @Rattlehead Updated the donation information.
  4. The Survivor's Refuge Wasteland Rally ❱ ❱ January 2019 ❰ ❰ The event has now expired, please join us again in the future for another round! ❱ ❱ SRWR Feedback Form ❰ ❰ https://goo.gl/forms/qWJzdWH0DoEAp0Xu1 ❱ ❱ Introduction ❰ ❰ The Survivor's Refuge Wasteland Rally is a new idea for a large-scale serverwide event. Abbreviated to SRWR, the event is being designed carefully to consider every member of the Fallen Earth community from a PvE standpoint. The Rally will travel through Sectors 1 to 4- Plateau, Northfields, Kaibab Forest and Deadfall, visiting a variety of areas to fight bosses and partake in group activities. The event is being run by Survivor's Refuge, Support Team Clan and The Crafter's Market, along with FE Hazmat Lukasocz. The event is completely open to the public, and you are free to join us on the day. ❱ ❱ About The Event ❰ ❰ The event will be hosted over two days, in which we will be covering a lot of distance to ensure that everyone has a full experience. During the event, many facilities will be provided to every player willing to participate: A convoy will be running from place-to-place during the event, to ensure that lower-levels can keep up. All levels are welcome to attend both days of the event, or you can come and go - it's up to you! A roaming merchant will be following the event, stocked up with ammo and basic consumables in case you don't have time to find a merchant; look out for a blue beret and blue buggy. The Crafter's Market will be running at two points during the event, in which you can expect all of your usual Market crafting and activities. There will be a lot of giveaways- we have received numerous kind donations over the last few months. Tents and such will be set up along the way for buffs and basic access-abilities (mail, vault etc). The event will begin at Embry on day one, and finish South of Foothills at Luka's boss fighting party on day two. Roaming Merchant (blue armor and car): Support Team Clan escort unit (red beret with white skull): ❱ ❱ Day One; Saturday the 5th ❰ ❰ ❱ ❱ Countdown: Click me! ❱ ❱ Event Map, Sectors 1 and 2: ❱ ❱ Time Schedule: All timestamps shown are relative to the UTC time zone (that's London time). To use the waypoints below, just copy the text without the brackets, paste it into your chat and press enter, then press ALT and P to open your Waypoints menu, and double-click your new waypoint. The timestamps coloured green are all escort departure times. Start and finish times are coloured red. NOTE: Ignore the missile silo as we will not have enough time to go there. 3:30pm: Setup for the event begins at Embry Crossroads. 4:00pm: A team is created, players are welcomed to join and use the tents and buffs provided. 4:10pm: The opening ceremony is performed by the Directors. 4:20pm: The convoy escort departs from Embry, and makes it's way to Junk Fortress (/waypoint 4293421 3291360). 4:30pm: The assault on Junk Fortress begins. 5:00pm: The convoy escort departs for Old Kingman Prison (/waypoint 4207237 3637261). 5:20pm: The assault on Old Kingman Prison begins - make sure to grab the missions on the way! 5:50pm: The convoy escort departs for the Chupacabra boss West (left) of Pass Chris (/waypoint 4399301 3769497). 6:00pm: The attack on the Chupacabra begins. 6:20pm: The convoy escort departs for New Flagstaff, Sector 2, for the Crafter's Market (/waypoint 4482942 5510308). 7:00pm: The convoy escort arrives at New Flagstaff for the Crafter's Market. 8:00pm: The convoy escort departs for Aesterly to fight the town's bosses (/waypoint 4559159 5616772). 8:10pm: The convoy escort arrives at Aesterly, with the intention of killing bosses Devereaux (/waypoint 4547357 5621528) and McGark (/waypoint 4552928 5621613). 8:30pm: The convoy departs for the day one finish line, and to fight the Blockade Commander (/waypoint 5262593 5726188). FINISH: The event will end for Day One after the Blockade Commander is defeated, and everyone leaves. There will be camps available for people to hang out, ❱ ❱ Day Two; Sunday the 6th ❰ ❰ ❱ ❱ Countdown: Click me! ❱ ❱ Event Map, Sectors 3 and Deadfall: ❱ ❱ Time Schedule: All timestamps shown are relative to the UTC time zone (that's London time). To use the waypoints below, just copy the text without the brackets, paste it into your chat and press enter, then press ALT and P to open your Waypoints menu, and double-click your new waypoint. The timestamps coloured green are all escort departure times. Start and finish times are coloured red. 3:30pm: Setup for the event begins at Docuer's Court. 4:00pm: A team is created, players are welcomed to join and use the tents and buffs provided. 4:10pm: The opening ceremony is performed by the Directors. 4:20pm: The convoy escort departs from Docuer's, and makes it's way to the Redstone Bunker (/waypoint 6344969 5903540), be sure to grab the mission Beginning of Things Ending (/waypoint 6205800 6081850), this is the most difficult mission instance for the bunker, and also the most fun. 4:30pm: The assault on the bunker begins after everyone receives the mission instance. 5:00pm: The convoy escort departs for Dieseltown Rats (/waypoint 6118546 5624562). 5:15pm: XP farming at Dieseltown Rats for players in and around level 30. 5:45pm: The convoy escorts departs for Briggs Point Facility (/waypoint 7069935 4753014) to fight the El Cadejo boss- you can get the mission Destroy the Beast for it here: (/waypoint 7059462 4720090). 6:00pm: The assault on the Briggs Point Facility begins, and the team advances on the El Cadejo boss. 6:30pm: The event departs for Deadfall, and heads to the Global(FARM) Ruins (/waypoint 5696711 5264575). Be sure to have the mission from Graham 925 in Los Alamos beforehand: it is the third of the chain titled An End to Consider (/waypoint 5521185 5101308). Everyone is expected to fast travel by now. 6:50pm: The event arrives at the Global(FARM) Ruins facility to defeat Administrator Heinrick. 7:00pm: The Crafter's Market starts in LA. The event heads to the Lilith spawn area to challenge Lilith (/waypoint 5605742 5177570)- you may skip this and head for the Market. 8:00pm: Lucasocz's GORE and Scavenger Bosses event starts south of Foothills. This is the end of the event. FINISH: The event will end after Luka's event finishes- it usually persists for about 2 hours. ❱ ❱ More Details ❰ ❰ ❱ ❱ Event Lottery To enter the event lottery, simply compose a mail to Ella Clinton via a mailbox ingame, with the message titled 'SRWR Lottery', and include a number between 1 and 10,000. At the end of the event on Day Two, a random number will be generated online and the person closest to the number will win a surprise. You must title the mail correctly and not exceed 10,000, or your entry will be disregarded. YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ONCE- IF YOU ENTER MORE THAN ONCE, ALL ENTRIES WILL BE DISREGARDED! ❱ ❱ Giveaways Numerous giveaways will be occuring throughout the event, namely at the Crafter's Market locations, where various items such as cosmetics will be given out. Thanks to all of our donators, and in particular to TAO, Alice Shimada, Nonversation and an Anonymous donator for donating a total of 46y 50r to the event! FREE Muscular Regulators will also be given out to anyone who wants one in Embry on day one, and in Docuer's on day two (if there's any left). There's only a very short supply, so be sure to get one first! ❱ ❱ Escort Convoy The escort convoy will be run by Support Team Clan members wearing a red and white skull beret, along with members of Survivor's Refuge. We ask that you listen to every direction given by STC members, as well as our own officers, to ensure that the event goes as smoothly as possible. TIMES GIVEN ARE SET IN STONE, IF YOU MISS US, TOUGH LUCK! ❱ ❱ Roaming Merchant Vinnie Santorelli, a Survivor's Refuge Officer, will be the roaming merchant for the event. He will be carrying the basics such as all ammunition types, basic consumables and repair kits, fuel and feed. If you find yourself stuck along the way for any basic resources, seek to find Vinnie either via PM, or look out for a blue-armored man in a blue Tonneau car. ❱ ❱ Thank You To all of our donators and supporters - to OP Hooligan, Lucasocz and Skrzyp for helping me to run the event - and to you for coming along and showing us love and support. Survivor's Refuge was only a dream a year ago, and now we're very proud to be standing strong as one of the most prominent ingame clans of current times. Thank you. ❱ ❱ Survivor's Refuge, Fallen Earth, 2019 ❰ ❰ Ella Clinton, Founder of Survivor's Refuge Badger Mac, Acting Director of Survivor's Refuge and the Survivor's Refuge Crisis Team / Officer Team.
  5. Hey everyone, We're still finishing up some things here regarding hosting the event and such, so the official post will be going out tomorrow night before midnight UTC. N.B. The event is being hosted over Saturday for levels 1-39, and Sunday for levels 40-55. Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone. Fallen Earth clan Survivor's Refuge is under new leadership. Due to recent complications, Survivor's Refuge is now being handed over to Director Badger Mac. Badger, along with the recently established clan crisis team (SRCT), will be running the in-game aspect of the clan for the foreseeable future. What does this mean? It will take some time for the new lead team to adjust to their roles, but things should continue as normal. There will still be: Clan hosted gatherings / events including the Rally. Advertisement and active recruitment. Officer recruitment. All regular aspects related to being a clan member, such as using vaults and communicating via Discord. Will this change anything? Nothing is going to change about the clan, however there may be some hitches and bumps at the start due to the transfer of leadership. You can still expect to see me here on the forums and in Discord, actively taking part in the clan's affairs and maintenance, but you will not see me in-game. Thank you all for your continued support and kindness. A year ago tomorrow was when I founded the clan, and I'm glad to be handing it on to someone else almost a year after. Ella Clinton Founder of Survivor's Refuge and the Survivor's Refuge Officer Crisis Team.
  7. I applied via PM- am I not 'correct'? Define correct. Aroa, you make all of these daring claims and statements, and then wonder why you get backlash. Maybe think about what you say before you say it.
  8. Heya Guiny, The notebook's graphics are integrated and only designed for displaying text and video, therefore it's impossible to replace/ upgrade anything there. I have two friends who are techs that are both taking a look at it today, so I'll know then whether it was a waste. Thanks.
  9. Hey everyone, Thank you for your help. The issue has been discovered and is un-fixable. Regards.
  10. Hey guys, I just got a new Windows 10 HP slimline laptop from Santa Claus himself, and I'm already having an awful lot of trouble. The laptop itself runs perfectly, the web browser is extremely snappy and buttery smooth. I've also watched two YouTube videos currently that told me to go through the settings and uncheck useless stuff, terminate and disable certain useless programs, and set some settings such as High Performance mode. However, when I boot up FE, it runs 10 times worse than the 2012 dinosaur that I've been using since my last personal system decided to die. I'm wondering if there's any tech-wizards or knowledgeable folk out there who can give me some insight into what I can do to fix this? Here's my system specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100U CPU @2.40GHz RAM: 4.00 GB System type: 64-bit, x64-based processor Hard-drive: 1TB (not solid-state, whatever that means) I really appreciate any help I can get. Feel free to comment, or contact me on Discord (Hella Ella#8763). Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  11. A massive, massive thank you to everyone that showed up for the event tonight! The turnout was amazing! Here's some screens I managed to grab: Congradulations to Alice, our Christmas party lottery winner, who won an Xmas Battle Tanker key! Her guess was 1995, which was the closest to the actual number - 2052! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for showing up and supporting the clan tonight. We set this up, but you made it happen, and I'll never forget it. See you all at the next one! Happy Holidays! Ella Clinton and Badger Mac, Director and Co-Director of Survivor's Refuge.
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    Hey Nueve, Try replacing your username with the email your account is using. If this doesn't work, let me know. Ella.
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