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  1. It seems that nobody is interested in the event that I'm proposing to organize, unless it gets massive attention in the next few days. Currently, only two people have come forward to help. However, if I got LO's backing for this event, I'm sure we could pull of something similar to the scale of our (Survivor's Refuge's) rally event that I hosted after Christmas. I hope that LO sees this as an opportunity to assist the community one last time ( @MattScott ), until FE returns.
  2. DISCONTINUED DUE TO A LACK OF INTEREST! ❱ ❱ A Call to Arms ❰ ❰ Dear Fallen Earth, LO and @MattScott, Some of you may remember me from my leadership of the in-game clan Survivor's Refuge (still 63 members strong with a handful active), and particularly with my rally event stunt just after Christmas gone. Unfortunately, after Christmas, my laptop was unable to continue to run FE (I get literally 1 fps), so I handed effective leadership of the clan over to my Co-Director, Badger Mac, and resigned from the game. Today, I decided to reinstall FE to take a last glimpse, and let my character draw their last breaths in FE's current state, to honor the years past and remember what I loved so much about Fallen Earth. Struggling through the strenuous frame rate, I took a single sprint up the main street of Embry, and it became apparent very quickly that the game has become nothing but a ghost in the months since. This truly saddens me on a level nobody could possibly understand, especially from a clan leader standpoint, as the last memory I have is of the masses of people that attended my rally event just a few months ago. So. For honor and for glory, we're gonna do it again - but I need YOUR help. Currently, I cannot play Fallen Earth (obviously), so I can't physically co-ordinate and run an event this large in-game myself. Therefore, this is my call to arms to you. Anyone capable can step forward to offer their leadership and commitment, to help me lead one last time, for now. ❱ ❱ What Is This ❰ ❰ This is intended to be a large-scale event, suitable for all players to take part in, and to link in with the 10 year anniversary event. This will be similar to the Survivor's Refuge Wasteland Rally (see link here) where we will cater to all player levels, and provide easy access, entertainment and a safe social space for everyone. ❱ ❱ What We Need ❰ ❰ Event Officials- honest people who can take orders, be punctual and meet tight deadlines (we have until the 14th to pull this off). These people will be my eyes and ears in-game, and co-ordinate the event from the inside. Publicity- we need to let people know this is going on. SHARE this thread, TELL your friends, ARRIVE on the day. Event Route & Activities- we need to craft a route to take, and incorporate the 10th anniversary events into it. Leave suggestions below please! ❱ ❱ Deadlines ❰ ❰ FRIDAY 4th of October- applications for event officials close and applicants are contacted (see below for more information). SUNDAY 6th of October- event officials meet with me to discuss and refine our plan of action - the meeting will either be done through Discord or an online chatroom. FRIDAY 11th of October- event officials meet with me again to solidify the plan - this is when all details will be confirmed with an update of this post- set a reminder on your phone! SUNDAY 13th of October- the event will take place. ❱ ❱ Applications and Participation ❰ ❰ To apply for event official, please use this application: -------------------- To keep up to date with this event, please set a reminder to check this post here and there. Let us know down below if you'll be attending, and I look forward to seeing you all! More information will be entered here in a week's time, so keep an eye out! ❱ ❱ Survivor's Refuge, Fallen Earth, 2019 ❰ ❰ Ella Clinton, Founder of Survivor's Refuge
  3. Hey guys, I just got a new Windows 10 HP slimline laptop from Santa Claus himself, and I'm already having an awful lot of trouble. The laptop itself runs perfectly, the web browser is extremely snappy and buttery smooth. I've also watched two YouTube videos currently that told me to go through the settings and uncheck useless stuff, terminate and disable certain useless programs, and set some settings such as High Performance mode. However, when I boot up FE, it runs 10 times worse than the 2012 dinosaur that I've been using since my last personal system decided to die. I'm wondering if there's any tech-wizards or knowledgeable folk out there who can give me some insight into what I can do to fix this? Here's my system specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100U CPU @2.40GHz RAM: 4.00 GB System type: 64-bit, x64-based processor Hard-drive: 1TB (not solid-state, whatever that means) I really appreciate any help I can get. Feel free to comment, or contact me on Discord (Hella Ella#8763). Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  4. Let me start off by saying that I've been playing APB now for a year and 8 months, right down to the day of it's extremely turbulent release on PS4. I adore APB- the customization, the variety (apart from only having two mission districts, they got old fast) and the sense of community that you get with some groups. But with that also comes the rage, the piss poor matchmaking, the gang running around with Patrollers and rocket launchers, and the extreme abuse hurled at you if you're on the losing side. The problem isn't in the game itself, although the game has it's problems. The issue lies in those people who only try to make you miserable, crushing you under their boot like a little cockroach. I'm interested to see the kind of responses I'll get, because it seems that if you're not an avid PC APB player with atleast a few years under your belt, your opinion doesn't matter. This isn't me coming here to cry because my bog standard OCWA is nothing against the pitch-perfect Patroller, I'm here because people, like me, are being pushed away from the game because of this little toxic section of players, who seem to think they own the place. Don't believe me? Get yourself a PS4, go into Financial and ready up, and watch yourself be put with three Recruits, up against an entire squad with launchers and Patrollers. See how you feel. So, to Little Orbit. You're doing fantastic work, and I can see that. As part of the Fallen Earth community for many years, you're a gleaming star in my eye, to see you taking interest. But please, for the love of God, balance your game. Everyone wants to have fun, not get ganged 1v3 and feel a sudden urge to just delete the game. For now, I'll stick to running my clan in FE.
  5. Hey everyone, We at Survivor's Refuge are now looking to see how we can contribute to the general population of Fallen Earth. Therefore, I have created a survey that contains questions which will help us on our endeavours. I'd like to ask you to spare five to ten minutes of your time to fill out this survey, which will be a great help to us, and how we approach our goals in the future. All long answer questions are optional, but we encourage you to give some sort of a response, so that we can make the best of this survey. The link: Click here to do the survey. Please only submit ONE response! Thank you for your contribution. Ella Clinton Director of Survivor's Refuge.
  6. EXPIRED THREAD, NO LONGER APPLICABLE Hi everyone! Any of you that would be tuned in to the FE forums would know me as Ella Clinton. Little known fact however, I also play APB on the wonderful (sarcasm) PS4 servers. I've been playing now for a year and a half (since the PS4 release), and I've always been particularly fond of the designer. So therefore, I'm willing to create custom decals (to the best of my ability) for you if you play on PS4. My main character is on the EU server- I'm rank 120 so I have all of the less intricuit shapes unlocked giving me quite a broad palate of shapes to work with. I also have a character on the US server, but she's 100 levels less than my main, so I currently only have the basic geometric shapes on her. Here are some examples of my past work:
  7. Hey guys. I've encountered an issue and I'm actually getting something similar on APB on the PS4. When I launch FE, I click Login on the launcher and it states "Unable to connect. Please check your internet connection" I assure you my connection is fine, because well... I can make this post and all other online features / games work. Is there something going on with the G1 / LO games? I'm a bit confuzzled. Thanks! Ella Clinton.
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Ella Clinton, and I'm the Founder and Director of Survivor's Refuge [RP]! Some backstory... Shortly after Christmas of 2017, I founded Survivor's Refuge [RP] with the hopes of bringing RolePlay back to Fallen Earth. Our focus shifted quickly after I took on my Co-Director Logan Montana and a few new members, and we began looking at an even bigger horizon. With the clan growing steadily, we decided to deem ourselves an RP / PvE clan, and set ourselves a goal of helping anyone and everyone, and offering fun to our members in the form of RolePlay and in-game environmental interaction. We stand today with a steady playerbase, a dedicated staff team, and a positive public image that's small, but positive nonetheless. So what do we do? I'm glad you asked! Survivor's Refuge has two main focuses, as said before - RP and PvE. We want to put the excitement back into these two particular aspects of Fallen Earth, and so we work together to promote these two activities, and to get everyone involved with them as much as possible. What makes the clan so special? We're quite a small group, but we pride ourselves in our active involvement with the Fallen Earth community. Our clan is broken up into 3 player divisions and 2 staff ranks: -Citizen (base rank) Given to everyone that joins. These people are members of the clan, and can interact and take part in clan operations as they wish. -Refuge Agency The group of players within the clan dedicated to RP and promoting RP as an activity. -Relief Unit The group of players within the clan dedicated to assisting the players within the wasteland. Our involvement can particularly be seen within the Event Towns. -Officer Hand-picked members of the clan who work to maintain the clan and make it as incredible as it is. -Director The head honchos! We also offer our members many perks, such as: Events. Giveaways. Hangout / crafting sessions etc. Interaction with other clans. Designated vaults with an 'eye-for-an-eye' item trade system. Advice and ingame assistance. This sounds great! How do I join?! All you have to do to join is find one of us in-game and ask us for an invite. Alternatively, you can PM me (Ella) ingame, on Steam (Invicctus) or on Discord (Hella Ella#8763). We accept all factions, levels, races, religions, sexualities, etc. ------ Please feel free to leave any discussion or comments below, and to get in touch with us if you're interested! Thank you for your time. Ella Clinton, Founder and Director of Survivor's Refuge.
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