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[EVENT] A Call to Arms - 10 Years

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❱ ❱ A Call to Arms ❰ ❰ 

Dear Fallen Earth, LO and @MattScott,


Some of you may remember me from my leadership of the in-game clan Survivor's Refuge (still 63 members strong with a handful active), and particularly with my rally event stunt just after Christmas gone. Unfortunately, after Christmas, my laptop was unable to continue to run FE (I get literally 1 fps), so I handed effective leadership of the clan over to my Co-Director, Badger Mac, and resigned from the game.


Today, I decided to reinstall FE to take a last glimpse, and let my character draw their last breaths in FE's current state, to honor the years past and remember what I loved so much about Fallen Earth. Struggling through the strenuous frame rate, I took a single sprint up the main street of Embry, and it became apparent very quickly that the game has become nothing but a ghost in the months since. This truly saddens me on a level nobody could possibly understand, especially from a clan leader standpoint, as the last memory I have is of the masses of people that attended my rally event just a few months ago. So.

For honor and for glory, we're gonna do it again - but I need YOUR help.


Currently, I cannot play Fallen Earth (obviously), so I can't physically co-ordinate and run an event this large in-game myself. Therefore, this is my call to arms to you. Anyone capable can step forward to offer their leadership and commitment, to help me lead one last time, for now.


❱ ❱ What Is This ❰ ❰ 


This is intended to be a large-scale event, suitable for all players to take part in, and to link in with the 10 year anniversary event. This will be similar to the Survivor's Refuge Wasteland Rally (see link here) where we will cater to all player levels, and provide easy access, entertainment and a safe social space for everyone.


❱ ❱ What We Need ❰ ❰ 


Event Officials- honest people who can take orders, be punctual and meet tight deadlines (we have until the 14th to pull this off). These people will be my eyes and ears in-game, and co-ordinate the event from the inside.


Publicity- we need to let people know this is going on. SHARE this thread, TELL your friends, ARRIVE on the day.


Event Route & Activities- we need to craft a route to take, and incorporate the 10th anniversary events into it. Leave suggestions below please!

❱ ❱ Deadlines ❰ ❰ 


FRIDAY 4th of October- applications for event officials close and applicants are contacted (see below for more information).

SUNDAY 6th of October- event officials meet with me to discuss and refine our plan of action - the meeting will either be done through Discord or an online chatroom.

FRIDAY 11th of October- event officials meet with me again to solidify the plan - this is when all details will be confirmed with an update of this post- set a reminder on your phone!

SUNDAY 13th of October- the event will take place.


❱ ❱ Applications and Participation ❰ ❰ 


To apply for event official, please use this application: --------------------

To keep up to date with this event, please set a reminder to check this post here and there. Let us know down below if you'll be attending, and I look forward to seeing you all! More information will be entered here in a week's time, so keep an eye out!

❱ ❱  Survivor's Refuge, Fallen Earth, 2019 ❰ ❰

Ella Clinton, Founder of Survivor's Refuge


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