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  1. So start over from scratch with nothing to less of a game? LMAO
  2. Guess my meaning went over your head, what i meant was.......... why bother posting you "do not care" about an event if you "do not play"? Just seems like you want to post to get attention to me. So ummmm ok (Btw we still play that is why someone asked if there was going to be one)
  3. Lol what event? Hopefully you will get your way of wanting things, so it can be you and just a few others sitting in a dead game. I am over this shit.
  4. Losing everything and starting over with nothing is of no interest to me, I WILL UNINSTALL LIKE MANY OTHERS. Events do work to bring people back, clearing the game out will be the death of FE. But you are too self absorbed to understand that. Wiping everything just punishes those of us who worked for years to get what we have, so basically you are saying punish every player for what dupers did, just so a few can be happy. Just watch and see if that happens, it will be the death of FE. Sure it may have hype with 50+ players a few months, but in the end it will be less populated.
  5. Bottom line a wipe and restart is a slap in the face to many old players, nothing to do with pride at all. If you think that well you know nothing. Want a perfect example of a failed reboot with a wipe, just look at Defiance 2050. Sorry but I like so many others have no desire to start over from scratch, if you don't understand that then you apparently have nothing anyways.
  6. Lol steam charts, NOT EVERYONE PLAYS THE GAME THROUGH STEAM! Sooooo steam charts are irrelevant.
  7. From all i have read anyways, it mainly sound like this new server could end up being more a of a pvp playground. Removing sectors, guns and anything else just seems like a very bad and very dumb idea. The game is stagnant and boring because nothing new has been added for many years. Starting over with less stuff isn't going to make this game any better, all it will be is mainly pvpers logging in to zerg each other and talk smack to one another. Pve players are already bored after getting to 55, and most have no desire to pvp. Removing sectors and shrinking the game down to sector 2 is just some of the dumbest crap i have heard of anything. REMOVING KILLS GAMES. I just don't see anything good becoming of this other than turning this into a lame pvp playground of sh!theads running around until they are bored. Back when i started playing this game one of the main factors for me enjoying it was the sheer size of the map. Reducing the map, making more pvp zones isn't going to make this game great again. Sure the pvp crowd will love it especially if they get a better running game without so much lag, but as far as pve players this does absolutely nothing to make them desire to run through from scratch again. But who cares anyways, the majority of the FE population is all pvp anyways right? (sarcasm intended) Would make more sense if the existing game could be fixed and NEW content added, not the same ole crap with fancy eye candy and less map. btw most pvp players from what i have seen over the years get bored pretty damn fast.
  8. It's sad to say but i feel all of this is just a waste of time. Some want a wipe so everyone starts new which will drive away players, maybe not all but enough it will hurt. Many seem to be looking forward to this revamp on a new engine which would require starting from scratch too i guess. Either way this game was NEVER all that popular even though some of you act like it was one of the top games in it's day. Well it wasn't and never will be, FE is one of those games that your average gamer would by chance try if someone recommended it, many would look it up and not waste their time. This game has never in it's life seen populations like many other games have over the years. So i don't see a revamped version of this bringing tons of players rushing to download it. Dream all you want about FE remastered but personally I think it is a waste of time that is going to kill off a somewhat mediocre game that only a certain group of gamers do enjoy. It was a good run while it lasted, but even if i had the desire to start from scratch on a new engine it is hard for me to believe it will be any better. Sorry but I have no faith in them making this game great again on a new engine if they can't even fix it how it is now. Either way I may or may not ride it out to the end on the original game, everyday it just gets more sensible to just uninstall for good and move on. I know some who have already.
  9. I personally do not feel like starting over from scratch for the SAME DAMN GAME with eye candy, why anyone would waste time a resources try to make a broken game look pretty makes no sense to me. Now if it was a Fallen Earth 2 and not just the same damn thing over again i would not mind starting from zero again. But as far as a polished turd of the same damn game hell no. Guess I will be done with FE when the time comes and will just uninstall.
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