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  1. You really need to think about your comments more before rage typing. Re'read the comment you just replied to and think a little bit further than "What's the easiest insult I can get away with." Since I know you won't because people hate thinking laterally, by all means let me explain. In the battle to profit off the game, even having 100% of the current and even recently returned players, you do not have anywhere close to the majority of players. "GASP! BUT MUH DEFINITION!" I know, calm down. You need to apply a definition of a word to the actual situation. If you don't understand the situation fully, you get your last comment. The biggest potential target audience is new players. Biggest is synonymous with majority? Like... whoah. Current. Players. Do. Not. Matter. (As much as you want them to.) Remember that? Ah, good times. ... Eric is interacting with players and playing the game in order to get a good feel for its world and its problems. Great, that's some good due diligence.
  2. Me finally calling out all the "I'll QUIT, I swear I will!" posts as childish and unproductive is not just attacking people with differing opinions. That's either a straw man or you're not paying attention. The majority you see is not the majority that is. The only reason you see a "majority" is because the most vocal players panicked and ran to the forums to cry bloody murder. Still, I honestly don't think the game will last, especially not if they do a new and old option just to appease like 50 people. It will already take some serious marketing, elbow grease and skill to make this game palpable in the current market. It doesn't need the extra "population split" coffin nail. It's success almost hinges on Fallout 76 either failing to scratch the post apocalyptic itch or igniting a tidal wave of post apoc market demand. ...or just really stellar marketing and actual content updating. I want to believe, LO.
  3. I wonder how long it'll take before you develop an understanding. Let me set you on the right path. ... 1) You are not everyone. Hopefully this isn't hard to understand. ... 2) Not everyone that posts is being oh so gracious and mature as your regal self. ... 3) The very act of complaining about losing everything is a futile and infantile response. It doesn't matter how you gussy it up. I threw no insults until you chimed in trying to look smart by mimicking something I said as an insult back to me without understanding it, or at least using it in such a way that made it look as though you didn't. Please, continue digging, your high horse is still visible.
  4. No, Skippicaa do not matter. Glad something got through that armor plated skull. "NO NO NO..." <-- Not childish. I understand your sunk cost feelings are off the charts. So much so that you would rather be right and see the game you spent so long on crash and burn than lose your greedy dragon hoard. If you know so much about what makes or breaks a game release, share your knowledge with the devs or in a well structured forum topic and help out. But no, instead you'll just barf up another salty comment about not days, weeks, months but the years you wasted. My word! Years! I do declare that is an awful predicament. Enough to make one simply faint! Faint I say!
  5. "You seem to only be here to argue against everyones opinions." This mentality is what I have a problem with. You and a few others are not everyone... BUT THAT ASIDE, more importantly: Subs. Do. Not. Matter. You. Do. Not. Matter. I can not be any clearer than that. The company already has funds to develop the changes they want. They are not relying on you or other subs from the old game. Stop being so entitled and enjoy the fact that this game isn't already gone with G1. That's my opinion.
  6. "Events cause players to <temporarily> come back..."* Fixed. The game does not balance on premium trading... you just want premium easily available to you. Bias is the worst blinder.
  7. Just saying "bottom line" in the beginning of your post doesn't make the following text more correct. Old players that are currently sitting on clan vaults worth of items and materials. With max chips and all the cosmetics they can handle. Simply by coming back first, they now control what was once owned by a few hundred dedicated players. This is the problem. You can not stabilise a game economy if someone like that can just decide to dump 10 or 20 thousand of any material (including what should otherwise be rare) for cheap personal gain, crashing the market when ever. Or vice versa, sucking up all materials placed on the market, driving prices sky high. That would suck for new players. Defiance was a badly controlled game, it had issues that drove players away and that were not fixed with the "relaunch." If LO fixes the problems and markets correctly it will succeed. You and I don't matter as much as you wish, get over it.
  8. -Nothing happening on the old game is not an issue. It is better they focus on fixing and updating for the new, than redecorating the map with a few pumpkins for halloween. --The marketplace is broken because there are not enough players to support it. What would you expect they do. -You don't know how they plan to attract new players, so speculation on if it's possible is useless at best. -You not seeing it going anywhere is not relevant to if it is or not. The salt and childish demands of all the die hards is despicable. If you actually love this game, waiting and getting wiped for new life and longevity should be exciting. I came back after years, played a couple weeks and have just been monitoring since. I'd assume that is what most are doing.
  9. You are misunderstanding why a "new server" is needed. It has nothing to do with more player space, it has everything to do with the updated game technically being a completely different game. You see the plan is to build the current game in a new, modern game engine to make it look and run better. This can not happen without starting a new server to host it on. 1: A new "server" will happen. That's a fact. 2: The new game's economy will simply not work if there is not a wipe of items and char levels. 3: It has been confirmed by Matt (the CEO) that a wipe, while keeping special event items, is the most likely course of action. This isn't rumors and heresy, it's how game development works.
  10. Transfer of code and assests to the new engine* There will be a wipe of characters.
  11. Nah man. We had a sale and the CEO joined us for a player organized ingame event. There are some screen shots of shiny new engine and reports of slow but steady work on code restructuring for the transfer to that engine. Other than that we're just waiting. Oh, also premium is half what it used to be... so that's something, maybe?
  12. My silly sudo jazzy friend, we've all been just quite grand. The game you name is rather dead, but we forge ever on ahead. Dragging on this steady march, some would call a toilsome lurch. Until the promised fated day, ever so very far away. When this virtual world is said to be reborn. Finally, the wasteland-crown we seek to adorn.
  13. @Mutarenebula I like the idea of starting over because it will give us something to do. As a maxed out super grinded been there done that player, what do you do while logged in other than help noobs and wait for events? Putting everyone back on a level playing field is about more than just being the first somewhere. (Rebalance eco, attracting more players, etc.) You lord over those who want to speed run, but come off as just wanting to sit on your throne at the top. Either way, it's your personal choice. Threats of abandonment rarely effect policy in these situations.
  14. Your entitlement is showing, rood dood. I'd rather the devs work on actually important stuff, not taking a day off to mass spawn creatures and bosses for no reason. Matt (the CEO mind you) did join us in game for the convoy to Northfields from Plateau. Maybe you missed it.
  15. This isn't feasible but... New map, new map shape. Instead of square sectors the entire world could circular. pvp in the center, getting harder the clothr to 0,0 you get. pve around it with some sort of barrier seperating the lowest and highest sectors. This would give the high risk choice of cutting time by traveling through pvp or longer time around edge while giving pvp access to everyone at any point. Just rambling at this point.
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