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  1. Pony up pardner, this thread done got high-jacked. An update would be nice though. @MattScott
  2. People's mind set has been changed because the game has changed. Not the other way around. People are not focused on factions because factions don't effect anything right now. And the game feels like a basic boss grind without them. What do you do? Dome and bloodsports? That's the entire game? Feels empty and pointless to me. Why should I get top tier gear? Just to farm more top tier gear? Snooze.
  3. Skippicaa

    420 Smoke Grenade

    Forgive me for I am noob. I've noticed a distinct ability to hold exposed objectives via kill box set ups. For instance, I'm not a great player but I got 13 kills in a few minutes and won a mission by sniper camping a spray objective that was exposed to a large open area. While you can, with team work, flank and eliminate enemy positions, I believe another option should be available. A game I AM good at is War Thunder, and the counter to sniping Tank Destroyer campers is, you guessed it, smoke shells/canisters. Either shot at their position to blind them or used for soft cover to conceal your movement. I think the addition of deployable, volumetric smoke screens would be an unexpectedly massive change to gameplay tactics. From grenades to rockets to even automatic rifle bullets... well maybe not the last one. That'd get outta hand.
  4. Always thought it was ten crafting kits... hmm. :c
  5. Technically only saves 9 slots... since it takes up 1.
  6. "Dome instance points" ... D.I.P? Yo, wanna farm some dip? Lets call them dip.
  7. Free wardrobe slots for everyone! Let loose the Fashion Earth!
  8. Game functions have stopped working for me.
  9. It's been mentioned multiple times. You have to wait. LO want to make sure the servers are stable.
  10. Artemi has always been and is now the most helpful and polite Green-name in the community. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  11. You didn't notice the suggestions comment. No need to get so mad, is only game.
  12. Hah, thanks. It's only inspiration from the wasteland withdrawal!
  13. Survivors Log: Day >ERROR-not-an-integer< It happened again. Or maybe the problems never went away to begin with. This time the world fell apart and it dragged all of us with it. While Paul Jacobsen of Southburb was tellin' me about how a rat named Stinky stole his wedding ring, he stopped mid sentence, went all glassy eyed like, looked empty inside. The ground stuttered and I moved back to where I was just moments before. The thought "Your connection has been lost, you will return to desktop." flirted through my mind, then everything went black. All I hear now are echos of people talkin' about servers and "QA testing" and "when the game will be up", ...and chicken soup? Must be the CoGs what are behind it. Always knew they was trouble.
  14. Only if it's sustainably harvested maaan.
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