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  1. Good advice. For dome, can i queu up and solo that? I hear the first 3 levels aren't that bad.
  2. Back to my question though. I thought the commander buff was supposed to be an extra 120% to regular xp gain. Just curious if anyone notices a difference. I'm mainly just subb'd to support the dev's since they're breaking their backs soft rebooting the game.
  3. Yeah I noticed White Crow yesterday purely by luck. Great area for grinding. I'll give Dome a try. I wasn't aware I could queu for that solo.
  4. Great! I'll take a look at that tonight.
  5. The fact that the CEO of LO is rebooting the game with improved graphics and a new engine shows the dedication. My issue is that the economy is 100% player driven. If you don't level up your crafting, you're screwed due to the low low player made items currently for sale. Still FE has something that no other mmo's have and that is what has kept me playing off and on for 8 years. If you appreciate no loading screens and a HUGE open world, then you should get some enjoyment from this.
  6. With the dwindling player numbers I have a few concerns about player progression. To start off I'm 52. Still trying to finish to 55. I built a ranged crafter as my main but my crafting skills are still really low since I decided to level up first and foremost. I've been playing off and on since 2011. I'm noticing there aren't anymore gore gear for sale in the AH due to the low pop count. It's not just the lack of gear for sale, but basic items like repair kits that are no longer for sale or being publicly traded. I'm assuming the few players that are left are in clan's with thousands of items so they don't need to worry. So my question is what am I supposed to be doing after I finish leveling? World pvp? Dome? Queuing up for these things doesn't work because nobody is queuing for these events. The only thing people still do are public events in PT. If I'm a solo player, what should I be doing to get loot for end game? I would love to be in a clan but nobody is inviting so being a solo player is very tough as I need to craft all my own stuff. Is end game at this point just maxing my crafting skills and making my own stuff? Or is there something i'm missing.
  7. Server must be having issues this morning too. No characters to select.
  8. Picked up commander yesterday and noticed i'm still getting only 50 xp killing mobs my level (lvl 52). This was the same xp I was receiving before the buff. Does anyone notice an xp difference from just grinding mobs?
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