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  1. So those events will happen from 2-3 or 2-4 a.m. CEST?? DARN! I will sleep at that time because i work in morning. I wakeup at 5:30 a.m. CEST I can just be there between Suterday and Sunday at this time but at this time i want to sleep longer, until 7-8 a.m. Why so early u make events?
  2. If/when this new version of the game come will be able to log in with our accounts and will you save all of our characters and our achievements and if we are premium users will be premium also in this new version of the game?
  3. I have problem with character screen, its empty, i was try 3 times to log in and i see same. Now i do filecheck, i hope this wil fix this issue.
  4. This is so good news! Tnx Matt! I hope that all will ends good and that we will play this great game in new suit. I cross my fingers and i hope for the best!
  5. I have logged in in game before 4 hours, i have been crafting something in ballistic workshop in Flagstaff i have seen that some of item is crafted and when i click to put in bag (i have enough space in bag) it nothing happens. Few times i have been returned to character selection screen and before that i have try to exit but nothing. With other toon i was try to take item from mail but i got error "there was an error processing your request" my friend also try to use life net facility but nothing happened and after some time while he was been outside of life net center (after around 5 min) they was teleported to another life net center while he have been on motorcycle so he appears in life net center with motorcycle. and when he ride off their motorcycle in life net center they suddenly appears here Also with my toon i try to send message on G1 chat but they late for about 20-30 second sometimes even minute.
  6. Wait, it have over 5000 tickets, they are not some superhuman just normal guys and girls like you and me
  7. Hi. For me it works perfectly fine and for some other players. My clanmate had this problem but how they say he restart pc and problem is gone.
  8. Matt. I have wrote and in another thread but i will also say here. You do what you need to do, i will wait as much need to wait, i have patience of one tibetan monk but i just BEG you, please, pretty please, just don't ROLLBACK again. Im almost reach, just 1 lvl more, to reach my old lvl which i have before rollback, I also make another toon and reach lvl 5 (this will be my gunner) My main toon is Melee Enforcer, some older player say that they never see Melee enf but i say, why not? I give a lot of effort to build this toon, so pretty please, i say again, don't rollback again. Tnx in advance.
  9. If they rollback again i will flip out. All what i done, all what i collect and gain will disappear. I can wait as much as i need, but Matt, i beg you, PLEASE don't rollback anymore. Just don't do this. You don't even need to give us commandeer status for 2 weeks, just don't rollback anymore.
  10. Hi 2 all! I am FE player, u can call me a noob even i have start to play be4 1 month or so but i know players which play this game from the start. I was be4 i was start to play FE, test (be4 few years) APB because my friend have give me some card with redeem code for APB so driven by curiosity i have test this game but because i was in this time have very limited internet connection i have stopped to play and my friend who was start to play FE was told me about this game and i notice that i already have account on G1 and i have install FE. at first time it was been so hard to play and confusing controls but then i was become attached to this game since then. Game have unique story. Yes they have some similarity to Fallout which i have play but still it have they have uniqueness. It is not true that it have just on average about 30 players or so but much more plus a lot of old gamers which was stopped to play FE was comeback. I have one player in my clan who was recently, after server issue and rollback to 2 weeks. Yes, game need a lot of polishing both in engine and technical things but still beside their issues it is great game. IDK why all who say so much bad things about FE and APB and LO and G1? I think that G1/Lo need just some huge financial injection and to hire some developers which was work in companies like Bethesda, UBIsoft or similar. This games and especially FE can have good future and their new life. Be4 FE i was play LoL and Skyforge, skyrim and many other games but FE is become my no1 game, all other games installed on my pc i dont play except when FE server was been down for a 5 days or so because of issue and rollback. So be happy that games like FE and APB exist and try to draw as much new players to this games then you will see how this games and LO will invest more money and improve themself. Have a nice day and thanks for reading all my post.
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