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  1. Thank you can you look into reimbursing the marketplace items from 2 weeks ago now? thanks. If you need tools still, just purchase the items and foreward them onto the people who lost them using pre existing mechanic of creating marketplace items through purchasing them. I should'nt have to beg for 2 weeks for this man.......
  2. So far anytime I get good amount of free time, using this as a scale of probability on whether the server will be up or down I will now begin sharing when I have upcoming free time so people know when the server is going down. FYI during the week outage I was on vacation so I would say thus far my free time vs server crashes are pretty accurate :D. Look on the bright side.....login server works so were 1/2 way there :P.
  3. Appreciate the hug, and I agree with what you say business follows the money trail. It may sound like im QQing but I paid for virtual items which were, and being fair will say no one's fault lost. Truth is no one wanted that to happen including LO, stuff happens. Two weeks to reimburse virtual items is not a man power thing, it's an IDGAS thing lol. From the perspective of a customer I ordered items from amazon after I put in this support ticket and recieved the items 2 days later, we take for granted the amount of coordination that takes. All im saying is 2 weeks and ticking, and I am still waiting for a copy + paste items into my account. Don't have the tools? Purchase items with functioning tools, and hand em to the customer. I don't want to point out the customer service is lacking because I want to support LO, but if escalating support tickets means 2 weeks later there still has been no response and no end in sight......
  4. Believe it or not i look at the color as a 3rd dimension of expression in text, an example would be when in conversation you may adjust your pitch of voice when saying certain words in a sentence, Merc might be onto something.
  5. Confirmed, it is not reacting like it ussually does where fast travel goes down for a 10-15 minute period and character screens are blank during the time period. It now seems it is going much longer than usual. I am still at a blank character screen which if I log in during that period, is normally only 5-10 minutes. I have come to learn if fast travel is not functioning, logging out will result in blank character screen.
  6. I know Matt has addressed it already but mine are still open @ 13 days. I get the whole small operations thing but for some reason the matter has taken a back seat, Even if the tools need to be developed a work around would be to just buy the marketplace items so the game creates them and just give it back to the players. It's essentially a bank transfer from one account to another through the game, and the customers are happy while the tools are developed. I feel like I ordered a pizza, the delivery guy eats my pizza on the way to my house handing me an empty box and an invoice, and then I have to wait for the next batch of dough to rise before I can get my new pizza, meanwhile i am still hungry.
  7. Thanks for the update. Merged. Just to give a work around to this so it does not leave us sitting for too long for custom tools. Review the support tickets, purchase the items through a private account, the funds will simply move from one of your accounts into another of your accounts and the system will create the items.
  8. Can we please have our marketplace items lost from roll back now? No seriously can we have them now? Support ticket is 10 days old, thanks.
  9. Come on guys, I know the server has been a pain lateley but were talking just the shop items between a certain time period with a very limited player base which does'nt constitute a massive slog of support tickets for this matter. I would bet that these tickets can probably be sorted in an afternoon or less, read the ticket, confirm the purchase, reimburse the items whether through credits or throwing the items in the mail. It's not fair to your players ...........
  10. I feel like this lag issue goes in a cycle, it works normally for 10-15 mins then slogs down for 10-15 mins. Eventually it goes away and you can switch toons normally untill the next cycle. Edit: Now its working again.....hence the cycle.
  11. Yeah, getting some lag too I used an ATV key and i dont see it in world or at garage manager yet
  12. Interesting i got in and switched without issues
  13. I must say you have a gift for story telling.
  14. Ya know for a buncha wastelanders ya guys don't have much appreciation for pre-fall tech.
  15. Thanks Matt, I really just want to express how much I and perhaps we appreciate the honesty with the player community in all of the work you guys are doing. It is a quality not found in very many places anymore and is refreshing to see.
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