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  1. Not trying to disagree your reply or anything but i'm pretty sure we all know what a typical APB player is like, most are egotistical who get butthurt over anything. Telling them to show more sportsmanship is prolly the last thing they'll do lol
  2. - lower-cased usernames - usually active in district chat - settings set to psp graphics
  3. Your profile picture perfectly describes my reaction to this whole thread, thank you lmao. But holy shit, spiderman leaves the MCU and now this? I am a bit curious about Unit Game, "developing a new experience for mobile and PC.” will they make a completely new PC game or like basically get the APB:R assets and add their own twist on it?
  4. probably fragile + what @Solamente said, and they probably WASD dance like crazy
  5. how did this thread manage to reach 9 pages lmao
  6. that FAR Spearhead got me all intrigued when I first used it, so i'll probably buy that + juul pods
  7. dont know why people are clowning on OP lmao, it's always been a thing with any type of online social interactions, Like e-whoring or manipulation like @wHisHi said
  8. you and @Zian probably smoked a bowl before you started typing any of these, did y'all? lmao
  9. this also made me wonder, especially about the packages lol
  10. that nfas vid describes how my fight club sessions usually go in asylum
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