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  1. Not trying to disagree your reply or anything but i'm pretty sure we all know what a typical APB player is like, most are egotistical who get butthurt over anything. Telling them to show more sportsmanship is prolly the last thing they'll do lol
  2. - lower-cased usernames - usually active in district chat - settings set to psp graphics
  3. Your profile picture perfectly describes my reaction to this whole thread, thank you lmao. But holy shit, spiderman leaves the MCU and now this? I am a bit curious about Unit Game, "developing a new experience for mobile and PC.” will they make a completely new PC game or like basically get the APB:R assets and add their own twist on it?
  4. probably fragile + what @Solamente said, and they probably WASD dance like crazy
  5. how did this thread manage to reach 9 pages lmao
  6. that FAR Spearhead got me all intrigued when I first used it, so i'll probably buy that + juul pods
  7. dont know why people are clowning on OP lmao, it's always been a thing with any type of online social interactions, Like e-whoring or manipulation like @wHisHi said
  8. you and @Zian probably smoked a bowl before you started typing any of these, did y'all? lmao
  9. that nfas vid describes how my fight club sessions usually go in asylum
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