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  1. I am. It's not a silly question to ask. But my account is linked through my steam.
  2. Well thank you! This is incredibly helpful.
  3. I'm hoping. I just was trying to take the jump to see if they'd respond on here rather than me having to assume when I made my account in the first place. Also given that I have moved from where I originally lived when I first made the account, my IP address is different I am sure.
  4. Literally the last time I ever spoke to support, no questions of the sort were asked. Also I was addressing Little Orbit. So you volunteering your help is appreciated, but I didn't ask for your help. I'm not trying to come off as rude. I am just pointing out the obvious that you're focusing on the least important aspect of the thread being made in the first place.
  5. The last time I had to write to support it wasn't "When did you make this account?" BS Those are extra hoops I never had to worry about before. They just asked what the issue was, you filled out the report, and you got a reply. I've had my account for a decade, and I would have to say it was far more convenient to have a line to GMs without any extra questions. Either way. That's the minor detail to the greater problem, and actually disappointing that's what people are focusing on.
  6. About one.. Last activity was around April 2020..
  7. Just logged into APB after taking a long hiatus. All my Legendary weapons are missing. My cash is stripped down to only a couple of hundred of dollars. I can't contact support because now they've added extra hoops to jump through. I can't tell you how badly I want to go postal. I want fucking answers. That was $1K USD fucked with.
  8. Yes ban the entire steam account, for hacking a game that is offered on steam.
  9. Old conversation, new faces. I find it interesting that this is still a repetitive problem, despite having been known as an issue and downplayed many times by the previous ownership. Possible solutions: 1. Stop allowing VPNs, it is a tool used by many cheaters. 2. Find a way to ban their steam account, and get them removed from steam. 3. Ban their IP address. 4. Seek legal action for making adjustments to your programs without your companies permission.
  10. People are tired of versing the same cheaters who aren't getting banned. The communication wouldn't be as consequential, if they were proactive about other things.
  11. Oh yeah, I think a majority of players who are being told they're crazy on the forums do this search. It opens your eyes, and makes one wish there was more being done to actually preserve fair play in this game. But you know, those people might defend their precious scripts by saying "git gut".
  12. Technically those events could be good starting points at getting a census on how many cheaters are actually closeted in this game...
  13. ^ This is the logic they are using to justify doing nothing. And you're right, technically that could be faked evidence. But you know what wouldn't be faked? An active GM seeing it with their own eyes, and then issuing a temporary 24 hour ban until that player is sufficiently investigated.
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