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  1. I am. It's not a silly question to ask. But my account is linked through my steam.
  2. Well thank you! This is incredibly helpful.
  3. I'm hoping. I just was trying to take the jump to see if they'd respond on here rather than me having to assume when I made my account in the first place. Also given that I have moved from where I originally lived when I first made the account, my IP address is different I am sure.
  4. Literally the last time I ever spoke to support, no questions of the sort were asked. Also I was addressing Little Orbit. So you volunteering your help is appreciated, but I didn't ask for your help. I'm not trying to come off as rude. I am just pointing out the obvious that you're focusing on the least important aspect of the thread being made in the first place.
  5. The last time I had to write to support it wasn't "When did you make this account?" BS Those are extra hoops I never had to worry about before. They just asked what the issue was, you filled out the report, and you got a reply. I've had my account for a decade, and I would have to say it was far more convenient to have a line to GMs without any extra questions. Either way. That's the minor detail to the greater problem, and actually disappointing that's what people are focusing on.
  6. About one.. Last activity was around April 2020..
  7. Just logged into APB after taking a long hiatus. All my Legendary weapons are missing. My cash is stripped down to only a couple of hundred of dollars. I can't contact support because now they've added extra hoops to jump through. I can't tell you how badly I want to go postal. I want fucking answers. That was $1K USD fucked with.
  8. Yes ban the entire steam account, for hacking a game that is offered on steam.
  9. Old conversation, new faces. I find it interesting that this is still a repetitive problem, despite having been known as an issue and downplayed many times by the previous ownership. Possible solutions: 1. Stop allowing VPNs, it is a tool used by many cheaters. 2. Find a way to ban their steam account, and get them removed from steam. 3. Ban their IP address. 4. Seek legal action for making adjustments to your programs without your companies permission.
  10. People are tired of versing the same cheaters who aren't getting banned. The communication wouldn't be as consequential, if they were proactive about other things.
  11. Oh yeah, I think a majority of players who are being told they're crazy on the forums do this search. It opens your eyes, and makes one wish there was more being done to actually preserve fair play in this game. But you know, those people might defend their precious scripts by saying "git gut".
  12. Technically those events could be good starting points at getting a census on how many cheaters are actually closeted in this game...
  13. ^ This is the logic they are using to justify doing nothing. And you're right, technically that could be faked evidence. But you know what wouldn't be faked? An active GM seeing it with their own eyes, and then issuing a temporary 24 hour ban until that player is sufficiently investigated.
  14. Not really. Most companies actually value their customers. But you on the other hand, just gave me the right idea. Goodbye instigator.
  15. Only thing I would've added to this is that while LO remind silent, they issued an apology to the players alienated by the silence. But that's just me.
  16. This assumption that crying cheater after every time I get beaten is a falsehood that you seem to want to perpetuate. That smells like desperation. If you did want the game fixed, you wouldn't be on this thread trying to belittle players who do want this game fixed. You'd use your "expertise" as you call it to actually assist, instead of creating shit propaganda. A victim doesn't speak up against things, they remain quiet in the background. I refuse to do so, and you implying otherwise is laughable. There are solutions that have been proposed by me, and again. The peanut gallery goes "OH BUT THAT JUST WON'T WORK". Just what solution are you looking for, besides the obvious ones that players have been asking about for years? Anti-cheats have been switched out and thrown at this problem repeatedly. With no positive result to produce so far, that says that a more active approach needs to be taken. Calling me a pest, for pointing out the fact that players have been resistant to anything else that could potentially be effective is fine. Because I'd rather pester for effective results, than act like a edge lord cause "I've coached a few people non-professionally". Let's not even get into the fact that you haven't logged in because you were busy moving. Meaning you have no current perception over the past week on how things have been for Jericho.
  17. First of all. I honestly skimmed through the part of this post where you were stroking yourself over your non-professional coaching skills, and "top tier" skills in this game. No one actually cares about someones video game resume when it comes to this problem, we care about solutions. So seriously pull your head from your patootie. You've played this game. So for you to need to have blatant cheating explained to you then you're seriously just playing dumb. A month is more than enough time to see if something is in fact a effective solution. Considering that it takes minutes to create an account, it's effectiveness has been tested. It's not working in the way that Little Orbit has hoped. The only person without substance, is you and that inflated ego that you have. What's the cult in this forums, is how the Troll culture does everything in their power to preserve how things are. Maintaining the downward spiral of this game, for what benefit? The only thing that becomes safe to assume at that point is that you're vile humans who prefer to see people ignored and frustrated. Or that you're people who cheat and don't want to lose the freedoms that you have. Yes it's that black and white. No there is no wiggle room. There should never be wiggle room when it comes to people cheating in a game. This game isn't something that actually has the longevity for experimental solutions like other older games on the market have. And some players want to see it thrive. If you don't do us all a favor and GTFO! If you try to act like you have false wisdom that contradicts the problem GTFO! You're spreading BS to diminish people, with an "All knowing" attitude that is nothing but extremely condescending and best left in the dumpster.
  18. Well I think you're excusing a companies poor initiative to handle a problem. So you're right. We can't have this conversation. Because in any other form of retail, there'd be compensation for the loss of service.
  19. According to that post. Your video is simply going to be filed and put into a "collection pile" against the person you're accusing is hacking. So a ban could take as long as they feel necessary. Which also means, it could never actually happen despite being shown evidence that contradicts their decision.
  20. It's not explicitly said so in the words that I gave you, but it's the message he is sending to players in the first post: 6) What is not considered evidence of cheating? This is the next tricky area. I am often sent videos, screenshots, or other forms of evidence that players feel "undeniably" shows that another player was cheating. And while I sympathize, please know that we cannot blindly accept this as a reason to ban someone. We *must* take the effort to monitor and collect evidence to properly prove they were cheating.
  21. In the official cheat thread, it's listed that videos and screenshots aren't credible evidence by MattScott.
  22. Posting here isn't pointless. But what you described is again a very good point. Sometimes people refuse to report these cheaters, because they're winning. When all cheating players should be reported.
  23. "If you even seen one suspicious person you'd claim it's an epidemic so you aren't too reliable" Is a bold lie. Yes I have a reputation for posting about people who cheat. Because I am sick of it, and I refuse to back down on my stance that something should be done. Even when under constant ridicule from less than savory characters, such as yourself. It's called having a pair of balls to think for myself, than join the peanut gallery who sits idle as this game dwindles to nothing like Fallen Earth has.
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