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  1. who's already left/is leaving this game? sadly, it's the people that continued to invest money and efforts into helping support the game. they have had enough of the insanity that is this toxic, vile and unwelcoming online mmo. and with no changes to the social controls on this game, no engine upgrade is going to save it. you guys are smart. run the costs/return numbers. this can't go on and on, launch a new engine (taking the game to 2015 level tech) and still hemorrhage money. in the end, no one wants to play a game that doesn't feel fun/fair. with it's current course of daily operations and management, it's just a matter of time before a final curtain call "we regret to inform you..." post announcing this games closure. my question is and has always been... will LO take the actual steps needed to fix this? so far, it's hard to see an outcome providing salvation of this game.
  2. i think there could always be always be adjustments that can be made to better gameplay. you might be able to achieve a "feel" like you are mentioning without removing them. for example by altering car surfer... so the car can't go more than 15 mph when someone is on it and the surfer has reduced accuracy and reload specs. it doesn't kill anything the game offers, but does add a little more realism and strategy. small changes like that can have just enough change that the game is more enjoyable without a "hard" change.
  3. i think this might be the c++ crash error? i get it too. generally this is created when code called a virtual method from either a constructor or destructor method... which makes sense if it is an exit clean-up routine. feels pretty harmless in itself but it is annoying every time i quit the game to see it not exit cleanly. and it doesn't do it all the time. i do want to mention i run a memory cleaning process on windows 10 that helps keep paging under control. i'm not sure if this exit error could potentially leave users exposed to memory leaks or not. something to keep an eye on for sure...
  4. agree. if you are going to have them, the majority of their time should be in action districts. also, there is nothing wrong with them being in social to take a break from the gameplay. totally understandable.
  5. does the 25 days of premium "append" onto someone's account that already has premium? so existing premium folks get that added to their existing paid term?
  6. i'd make this post an announcement instead of a thread. sadly, there's plenty of other places to bash on all things APB within this forum. and, i'd venture 90%+ of the people here won't even buy the items anyway. btw, good catch. rather wait a week and get the correct items then get it wrong.
  7. nothing wrong with sharing some frustration with LO. they are a small company with BIG ideas. makes execution tough/slow. nothing wrong with supporting LO. they are a small company with BIG ideas. good to understand execution can be tough/slow. customer service does need love community needs a bit of a spanking and leadership as it's left to "self-moderate" most of the time
  8. awesome. can't wait to see how things improve, but honestly... rather impressed that things worked at all with that workload!
  9. why? where else would all the people who invest time and money in hacks and cheats be able to play? seriously though, i tried missions yesterday in citadel. it was absolutely horrible. bots everywhere. so many rerolled players who are just there to ruin it for everyone. constant griefing. people at car renders that just explode and shoot cars as you try to render and leave. harassment in the chat. toxic things that just shouldn't be going on that create a horrible community experience. it's not a matter of "shutting off chat". the issue is that this stuff makes a player base of people who are not conducive to the game existing. it would be nice to see something done about it. the fact you see all the rerolls is a good thing meaning players are indeed getting banned. but they are coming back and just making a mess of things.
  10. also called a livery and i think that is an awesome idea! this could be a steam workshop thing too.
  11. social sitting is a hobby of many high hour players but hey, happy to have them hanging out regardless!
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