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  1. awesome. can't wait to see how things improve, but honestly... rather impressed that things worked at all with that workload!
  2. why? where else would all the people who invest time and money in hacks and cheats be able to play? seriously though, i tried missions yesterday in citadel. it was absolutely horrible. bots everywhere. so many rerolled players who are just there to ruin it for everyone. constant griefing. people at car renders that just explode and shoot cars as you try to render and leave. harassment in the chat. toxic things that just shouldn't be going on that create a horrible community experience. it's not a matter of "shutting off chat". the issue is that this stuff makes a player base of people who are not conducive to the game existing. it would be nice to see something done about it. the fact you see all the rerolls is a good thing meaning players are indeed getting banned. but they are coming back and just making a mess of things.
  3. also called a livery and i think that is an awesome idea! this could be a steam workshop thing too.
  4. social sitting is a hobby of many high hour players but hey, happy to have them hanging out regardless!
  5. i think i am almost always moving when i shoot. or... stop-shoot-move as synchronous as possible. and as cookie says, the center of your screen is the center of your screen. know that area well because no matter what, that is the general area of your shot. even with a snubnos. well, sorta i love the mobility sling and use it on most weapons. some people find it useless but for my play style it works well. and lastly, some people are good and some people... well they cheat. just the way it is. in the halloween event for example there was a player with 30+ kills using an LMG that shot like a laser. everyone else (full server) was around 4-6 kills. he didn't need to crouch to shoot, etc. i am pointing this out so you don't get too discouraged when you are experiencing it. just gut it out and play through it to get onto the next round/match.
  6. interesting topic. this is pretty tricky stuff. there are so many laws surrounding "freedom of speech"... which i think this would fall into. it feels LO is likely "safe" as this is not an item you can get without monetary consent. it's not a stock property of the game. but hey, who knows... i mean... you can buy hot coffee at mcdonalds, dump it on yourself "accidentally" and then get a case into the court system. i will say if they were shooting for edgy, this armas lineup certainly stands out
  7. you might want to go in-game and to the clothing mod kiosk. you can then try to 'buy' it again and see if it might show up in your list of possible items to purchase. just a little concerned as any of those purchases in ARMAS are NON-REFUNDABLE so it would be worthwhile to be 100% certain.
  8. it's a tough thing. trying to balance between the sniper grip situation and players chronically getting owned by a lvl 10 gold (red sweat pants and tank top) with an ntek,. yeah, it's probably the sniper rifle grip
  9. 10-4 on that! experiencing it as well.
  10. AWESOME work @Yeedman gonna use them right now
  11. WOW! i'll have to check this out. thank you for sharing this!
  12. interesting. i'll give it a shot. from all the tweaks i have and the new updates from LO, i can hold over 100 fps pretty much everywhere in the game using 1920x1080 with high rez graphics. curious if this helps a little more. thx for sharing this!
  13. well, possibly THAT is the issue? i didn't see any expiration on the promo.
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