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  1. that is how you would do it for sure. you don't think trolls would cause an issue do you
  2. this seems like a logical challenge how many cars can we cram into a parking garage... or a point of interest in the world of APB. we need someone... like a @WitchQueento step in here and organize such a record setting event!
  3. like so many others things that go on when a social game is not actively policed... players get fed up and start taking actions into their own hands. be that through starting to use cheats or doing things that "side step" game play. it's just going to happen. doing the AFK thing is wrong and it is fairly spelled out as being so. BUT.... how in the universe does this get actively punished when so many clowns are literally destroying the game with cheating and other forms of unfair game play? you see it every single day and it's the same folks over and over. sometimes for a year at a time. zero punishment. i hate to see this sort of thing... but man do i understand it. i'd say @MattScott, for those truly and openly cheating the game... banning is not a failure. however, failing to ban is. and that is exactly how things progress into this mess.
  4. conceptually it's a good idea and makes business sense. it's likely a tad tricky to pull off something like an 'office tour' vibe as i would imagine many of the developers are off-shore. however, it's a fairly common practice now a days with twitch dev broadcasts and the like. just a few in-the-trenches people able to communicate what is going on and a little bit of the "why" it is happening. just good communication. builds confidence. etc... personally, i'd be very concerned with people getting a new and fresh perception of G1 and LO as i invested tens of thousands MORE in the APB platform. and i'd highly consider sun setting this forum. 9 years ago it was useful. now there are so many other channels for communication. this forum is mostly a digest and standing archive of disgruntled folks. it paints a pretty negative image of the game and it's community (be it true or not true). i'd take any and all resources being used for this forum and apply them to support tickets, managing in-game issues and social media. at any rate, i would certainly make it a part of the re-launching process.
  5. i'm sorry if this upset the apple cart so to speak... i wish there was a way to add more value/resolution to the issue and as such, i'm inclined to put my faith in the new anti-cheat team and LO. give them some more time to bag-n-tag. and, i stand behind my fellow players now more than ever. crims and enforcers alike. what else can you really do? certainly not stir up a "beat a cheat with a cheat" approach. i support the game and i will continue to play. and honestly, i feel a bit better about things knowing what is truly going on. you just can't get upset at this junction with gameplay. you "hit the ball where it lies", give it a "that was interesting..." moment and just go on. maybe we'll see some healing come our way in the coming weeks? and in the meantime, just think how good we are all getting playing against some cyborgs :^0
  6. i agree 110% with @CookiePuss about veteran players. and you know it when you engage one. i am generally left with a grin because the gun fight or engagement was just so good! it makes you love the game, even getting beat you know it's just one awesome, genuine beating can be tough to experience but in the end, you know it is fair game play. what i was exposed to was not that... it was pretty hard to watch as some people i personally know... that are good players, were hunted and killed over and over to help make montage videos by elusive/shady salesmen who are hocking their magic software (which appears to be bit of c++ using memory isolation). and yes... i have never seen nor heard of any of these people or sites. they are not search-engine indexed. but when you see it unfolding on your screen, the overly accurate shots, those run-n-gun oscar players in fight club... it's sobering to say the least.
  7. i did @Glaciers... but i made that cool rockin' video and wanted to share it it's you and me @Acornie. you take the snub nose and i'll take the RSA. but... you have to stand still. can't get too far away. and you only get to shoot AFTER i take my first 2 shots. actually, i just equip the gun... flash the zebra skin and people drop to the floor dead. you're not wrong for saying he's not wrong...
  8. man... that's tough. but i hear exactly what you are saying. /report is supposed to provide what you are talking about. it allows anyone who experiences unfair or griefing during the game to report the issue for investigation. but frankly, most folks have lost all hope and faith in using it. which prompts people to post topics like this... trying to find some resolution to the issue. my experience is that there are so many drawbacks to "self-policing". that is why GM's are observers and nothing more. it's an "absolute power corrupts absolutely" issue. LO is great with the principle of "if we ban, let's be 110% sure it is founded". it's just that there appears to be little movement around banning or... that the ban cycles are not frequent enough to suppress the issue. on a very positive note... the new anti-cheat "Easy Anti-Cheat" has only been active for a few weeks. it takes some time for it to profile and learn. it can make a massive difference in short order if LO decides to unleash the beast. maybe we will all feel different in a few weeks time?
  9. before i start... please read this as informational. take it in. it's not meant to be negative. it's not meant to deflate spirits. it's just an experience i have had that i wanted to share. you can be your own judge. but for me, the journey was stark and revealing. in the past 8 hours i've been taken on a tour of the "dark side" of APB. a brief peek to see some things i kinda wish i hadn't even seen. i literally feel like someone took me down into the sewers and i saw a sub-culture. i saw code and videos i simply couldn't find using conventional searching. and frankly, it makes me sick... but, it explains SO much. the oddball, exaggerated "left-to-right" character movement. the "insta-kill" i am always experiencing. how some people (an alarmingly high count of people) simply can't be beat. and their shooting ability defies all logic. all these people exhibit the same exact profile. the only thing i can say to this community is the cheating... when the veil is lifted... you can see that it is so very real. and very prominent. it is a practiced art. it extends far beyond using macro's to control weapon shots. triggerbots are now inclusive of other hacks. rolled nicely into an "memory space" executable that runs wild below the detection of anti-cheat software. and this sub-culture of people who are using it? many of them are spiteful. suppressed. angry people. they even stalk specific players in the game and share their video clips like taxidermy mounts on their wall. i saw cultural rifts that are being addressed through the means of cheating. while i feel vindicated for seeing this, i also feel so depressed. i love APB. it means a lot to me. much more than a simple video game. it's a unique experience. a unique culture. i hate seeing things degrade like this. i only pray EAC can address some of this stuff. those folks there are sharp and aggressive at solving issues. they have a proven track record of being able to isolate unique, quirky violations and convert them to ban material. the catch... it seems to me... will LO take action on the data and ban? banning is not a failure, but failing to ban is...
  10. i think that is a really good question @Glaciers. and one i have thought a lot about and discussed over the past few years. in this context (specifically shooting), i would say a macro is.... "activating a series of actions that provide an unfair advantage to conventional game play" i know this is basic, but... for example, instead of a tap-to-fire you would hold down a button and the macro would initiate a sequence of left mouse clicks at pre-defined intervals, predictably achieving maximum fire rate for the weapon. the next step of macro would be to provide mouse movement to predictably remove recoil from the shot. you would end up with a weapon firing 'click' that achieves predictable, repeatable max fire rate, with little to no recoil. something that conventional human initiated "click-to-fire" would not provide. thus an unfair advantage because it is not a stock part of the game. there isn't a place to setup something like that internally to APB. i would consider this a huge issue for APB because shot cadence is such an important aspect of each weapon. they are all crafted around speed of shot, mouse drag, mods, etc. when a player circumvents those elements of the game... removing the need for skill... they are entering into the realm of cheating. however, i would say clicking a button on a mouse that throws a grenade... or reloads a weapon is re-purposing an existing action. they are just moved from a key on the keyboard to be more convenient. and those conventions exist within APB. and there is no 'script magic' happening. it's just a more convenient click. that is a long discussion for sure sorry if i went on too long, but i wanted to try to address that question. but mostly.... i intend for my contribution here to be as constructive as possible. not demeaning or confrontational. and hopefully helpful in some way...
  11. i credit some of the oddities of gameplay to the game itself. but mostly, i credit it to players using macro assists. if using those fits into your definition of 'fair', then i suppose the scope of cheaters is indeed much smaller. and i know this might fall on deaf ears... but although the initial post has some "fire" in it, it would be so much better if people didn't always attack in response. the forum ends up with a thread of hatred and nasty that's left for everyone to see. not so good for the game and no one really feels better in the end.
  12. it gets me killed a lot peakin' down the site. but man... the zebra skin :0
  13. last round i played in citadel in missions was this past weekend... solo... it took a few minutes to get into a match because someone pinned my car into a wall griefing me for a few minutes while t-baggin' my hood. good start... the mission itself was a 3 vs 1. i was on the 3 player team. the opposing force never called for backup. playing with some level of strategy, i went 1 and 8 against the other player. my teammates went 1 and 8+. together, we were able to kill this player a total combined times of 3x between us and they killed us 24+ times. all 3 of us would group, then simultaneously be on various attack points and literally could not take this guy down. they were running through grenades. running straight at you while you shot em' full of lead till they point blank killed you with their stock ntec. it was an "awesome display of skill" (as i was told in chat) on their part. especially seeing they were a lvl 24 gold named something like ")(*&#)#*&$#)(*$". there are some great APB players with skill. this was not one of them.
  14. i totally understand the nature of what is being said here. it is highly frustrating to see cheating go on for months at a time from the same people and nothing done. after a while "looking into it" means little to nothing. what i am hoping is the EAC group is building up the profiles to do a solid ban. those guys are pretty sharp and will be able to take the cheat count down considerably IF LO lets that happen. i honestly don't think LO "wants" cheaters. but at the same time... i honestly don't think they are nearly as aggressive towards handling them as they need to be. remember, this type of game is not the normal title they have dealt with in their past. it takes a different mindset to deal with this game specifically.
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