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  1. game is free and also there is no perfect anti-cheat..that's all
  2. insignificant changes, also removing the grind out of this game will only make it more dead
  3. Nothing new. We all know this game needs to be fixed first before content..YET, there is riot
  4. Good, more free stuff will keep the cheap monkeys in the game and gain a decent reputation for this game. Next thing would be leading new players towards the joker store so the first thing they say about this game wont be "p2w"...it doesn't matter if it's not, that's what people see. The first question they will ask themself should be "Do i buy this now or do i keep playing the game until i get it?"
  5. There is too many players in the asylum and there is too many asylum districts, it's so impossible to find the cheaters..you can't just log in and check you know, you just can't..LO needs an entire team to notice a speedhacker, it's not an easy task. Also remember they are busy with the engine? Like come on..have a little common sense and go eat a calippo!
  6. or you can simply play a different game and uninstall this until it gets better
  7. if you wanna keep players on, put more free stuff in the joker store
  8. games dead, get golds or 20 minutes in queue ready for a mission
  9. why do people still think the mass unban changed anything? you have the same population of before the unban now, you are fighting the same players over and over..they reroll out of boredom
  10. they are asking us to trust them guys, just like g1..remember how reliable they were? yeah! EU out by the end of this weekend! Sucks how Sony was keeping their hands tied, they couldn't say ANYTHING about the engine! no but seriously..wake the fk up and uninstall lol
  11. First of all: if you wanna win every single game, you don't play solo. Second: unless they are wallhacking (which rarely happen to me when it comes to high ranks), mind games can trick even the most skilled/reactive players with 5k + hours..you have to understand your opponent Third: Fucking low-yields brainless spam can win any fight without you having to aim at the enemy, which is one of the many reasons i stopped playing this non-competitive trash game
  12. You guys still think engine upgrade is going to happen this year? that's funny
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