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  1. I don't like doing charity, get a job
  2. It's not a problem that can be solved, vets are the only people that still play this garbage game 400 players average
  3. Game is dead, they shouldn't be scared of nerfing meta real hard
  4. You guys have anything new to say about it? Is it gonna take another year?
  5. Useless patch, you can't please everyone, stop changing weapons. Focus on more important things
  6. I understand where you are coming from, i would also love to have new content for this game, the problem is that you can't put a cheese cake on top of a trashcan..it's not appealing. They will make a small amount of money, this game seriously needs big changes. People will appreciate when something gets reworked or fixed. I've played a lot of small "pay2win" dead games like APB, all they do is add new level so they can keep the small community tight and the players base slowly decreases until they shut down the servers..it's just reality, content wont make any long term difference
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