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  1. people have mental issues, take this one as example
  2. moving them from fightclub to action districts..hmmm, which one is more populated again? oh yeah..the districts where new players start playing.. why couldn't you give someone autority to log in once in a while and ban the cheater?
  3. Lato


    i can give one to you tho, you're welcome
  4. Support= Money Skins= Money Is APB the only free to play you've tried?
  5. I recommend you Warframe, you should check out a real free to play. It is very possible to make money even if everything is free, people GLADLY support a game like that
  6. eh, at least you are trying LO..
  7. do i need to tell you to check steam most played games? they are all cheap/free with most cool/good things obtainable in game. people really understimate variety..there is very little in apb(literally 1 assault rifle worth using, 1 sniper, 1 smg etc..) unless you pay
  8. Game has very little variety, and "Either you like APB and you play it or you don't" yes true and this is the problem..not many people like apb because there is so much wrong with it starting from the Armas
  9. The majority of the popular f2p games are completely free, some of them even have skins for free..saying "they need money somehow" is just stupid, leaving the prices so high is just a bad way to grow as a game. APB can't afford to be so expensive..also game desperately needs variety that is not inside the Armas or imo it's not to consider free to play (rework the joker store, yes, thank you)
  10. it was 15 or 20 fps? can you tell everyone?
  11. thanks to the Sucking Pen Crispy Technique
  12. can we talk about the fact that you have been playing this game for years with 20 fps? how can you know if someone is cheating? like..get your things straight or stop posting pls