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  1. So it's confirmed a BR? lmao is this the big plan they had in mind for APB? pretty funny we called it as soon as LO took over
  2. i enjoy shitposting once in a while, i uninstalled long ago don't worry. This game is the definition of trash, yes
  3. Reinstall the game? try updating the drivers? throw your pc out of the window?
  4. So another year without the engine probably, alright no problem, i'm enjoying shitposting here
  5. yea but, why not play a different game you know..why torture yourself with this trash lol
  6. lmao, imagine if they decide to rework everything, it's gonna take at least 10 years
  7. perhaps they should stop wasting "milions" in anticheats and get something interesting done..people complain about cheaters anyways
  8. why are you still doing this lol
  9. you're facing people with 10k hours, i wouldn't be surprised if they were just better than you This game is dead, don't compare it to cs:go
  10. I still don't get why they can't just copy from bigger games. Armas marketplaces is the only thing keeping this game alive but it's also killing it. People would rather grind for the weapon and spend money for the skins. Armas kills the grind and of course gives new players a bad look cause they come up with the p2w thing. Joker store and joker missions in action districts need to be reworked.
  11. Did you just wake up? Game has been in this state for the past 3 years
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