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  1. Why can't LO just copy from bigger games? Is it that difficult?
  2. poor baby probably can't win anything so decides to do that
  3. doesn't matter if the prices are still so high
  4. 5 seconds into the game and he said gta 10 times already, fucking normie
  5. eh, they are not that big of a deal
  6. will people still make posts about cheaters when the playerbase will go down to 100? i wonder when you'll start to realise there are players with 10k hours that know this game as well as they know where to find the bathroom inside their own house
  7. Why don't you take a deeper look and feedback into the suggestion section of the forum?
  8. Lato

    Joker Boxes

    still not worth wasting them in gambling
  9. Lato

    Joker Boxes

    Don't waste your money
  10. Lato

    A Thought Provoking Quote

    that's okay, you got the upvotes anyways
  11. Lato

    A Thought Provoking Quote

    I hope this post will get into these people head, the ones that constantly complain about their opposition..howhever..there is a big gap between new players and the veterans. Having to face way better players isn't always fun, especially in APB where you have no headshots and objectives to complete, newbies often finish the match with 0 points. I don't wanna say these matches are a waste of time but..they are not rewarding and so encourages people to quit the game/complain. ps: I love your posts!
  12. So, what do you suggest exactly?