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  1. Lato

    Light machine guns in apb.

    I find the Shaw better of the Medusa
  2. Lato

    Real Talk LO!

    5k players at it's best!
  3. So another year without our lovely Engine Upgrade, nice...btw, why don't you just drop the consoles?
  4. Lato


    I just had a margarita :)
  5. Lato


    I'm eating a good pizza
  6. Lato

    Ticket not answered..

    Hello sheep
  7. Lato


    smh, when will you guys learn
  8. Lato

    Voice chat issue

    nobody cares about vivox..do something big for this game or it's gonna go back to 400 players on at its best..
  9. you can always uninstall the game and move to something more fun