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  1. The "Learn More" buttons work now, or at least they weren't working for me before.
  2. People are just going to put weapons on the marketplace just to list them, then buyers will message the seller to trade them instead
  3. Imagine if you took damage proportional to the speed you were going when you exit a vehicle over a certain speed. It could interact with Valzipram tablets letting a player ignore the damage so then it would have something more to offer over other blue mods.
  4. Probably got removed at the same time as LO changing G1C pricing, maybe due to value parity with regular ARMAS stuff
  5. Cooling Jacket has the same downside as Improved Rifling in max bloom, but the side effect of having an increased firerate is that there's less time for bloom to recover, leading to effectively "more" bloom per shot. For example, on the N-TEC it blooms 0.65 with each shot and normally recovers 0.35 by the next shot, but with CJ3 it only has time to recover 0.3, leading to the next shot being 0.05 more inaccurate than standard despite no direct change to bloom per shot. It's logical that increased fire rate leads to less bloom recovery time, but are you saying that CJ has no effect on bloom magnitude itself? e.g. a full auto stock NTEC would have the same bloom characteristics as a CJ3 NTEC tap fired at the same fire rate. It seems you have different opinion to @Hexerin on this.
  6. Now that you mention it, I can remember seeing someone test CJ and that ended up being the case; I stand corrected.
  7. I don't think CJ and IR have the same downside, CJ has increased per shot bloom and IR has increased maximum possible bloom. That's why CJ and IR are both good on NTEC, it has comparitively fast bloom recovery and low bloom delay so IR's downside is not really encountered and CJ's downside at longer range is very small if you tap fire right. The only time IR's downside actually makes a difference is for corner jumping, and even then you only do that at close range so it's not that big of a deal.
  8. you replied to the automated response a day before it was sent to you? what sorcery is this
  9. Everyone that's had a ticket gone through recently have been waiting a month at this point due to how many tickets there have been, so hopefully in the next few days yours will get answered as long as you don't do anything to bump it to the end of the queue
  10. Hey, that's cool, I appreciate that you want to speak your concerns about the game in the language of this forum so everyone can have a discussion from it
  11. I have a feeling google translate is involved here
  12. Are we going to have a pile for these ticket threads?
  13. They did say in the sale anouncement thread that they'd be doing events this coming weekend, so maybe that could possibly be Independance Long Weekend?
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