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  1. Admin tracker on mobile is the page icon at the top, next to the home button
  2. I totally agree with this, additionally matchmaking would improve as a side effect of having a larger pool of players to choose from.
  3. Soylent Green is green threaters
  4. I'm sorry my friend, it's too late to buy G1 because Little Orbit already did
  5. I personally think 50 per side was the sweet spot in matchmaking for the size of the district maps, and if server performance wasn't an issue would be an easy solution and likely make matchmaking better in general for a full district over what we have now.
  6. Thank you @MattScott, hope everything goes well.
  7. Is anyone else bothered that the Uzi and Micro Uzi in APB (PMG, NFA-9) are by two different manufacturers?
  8. Karyon

    Unbanned cheaters

    After years of complacency G1 had with the previous anti-cheat methods, surely you can wait a couple of weeks more for the new company's setup?