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  1. Um yea, just a quick question. Did the Urban Survival Pack got removed on Steam? On the Website, you can select it. But in the Steamstore in the app you dont.
  2. Auna

    simples resolution

    Ok, mas agora novamente em inglês, obrigado! Saudações, Auna
  3. A very important thing to be implemented : Delete Items in Clothes-Customizing per "DELETE" Comone, everybody would appreciate it.
  4. Can't take you seriously you sound like BXNNXD just on another account. It won't break the game go read above i already answered everything that you just said. You dont need to take me seriously, its my opinion.
  5. I mean. I now have to Awenser to some of the ideas. Adding Headshots would destroy the game completly. Its not a normal Third-Person-Shooter. It is still a MMO and it has to stay as a MMO. Adding Scopes would destroy the game also. Its just not needed in the Community. Nades should be 1 kill? Destroys the game too. Everybody would spam more grenades as they now do. OSMAW is already like 1 rocket 1 kill. Also it would destroy the game also. Things like Flak-Jacket would loose their ability for like 50%.
  6. Cat ears are the first thing that has to go. No, just no. Not the Catears. + Donald Trump Mask has to stay.
  7. Atleast the Arma Section stays a bit clear, even if battleeye has to get help from like infistar or something.
  8. After Installing DirectX i still couldnt verify the game files. But now the game starts up. Thanks!
  9. Yes. Since Today i cant even check my files anymore. Its greyed out. As soon as i move out the "Xinput1_3.dll" file, i cant start any game.
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