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  1. player base it's never been lower then now , and they doing nothing to promote the game ofc its dead
  2. pls dude, ahah , dont lie to ur self , u just got to set fire 1 in scroll weel up and fire 2 on scroll weel down , and u gonna start shothing whit oscar and fbw as automatics
  3. Cru

    COBR-A Adder and Venom

    Then is the same for the carabine
  4. so cuz it was broken in the past , it got to be umplayble now? For the others who says its an ok weapon , then why u aint gonna find it 1 on 1000 missions?
  5. humm no? out classed by evrything in mid\close range
  6. after being op, it became fuffa, buff it ty ( i think is the less played gun in game atm )
  7. g1 if not for some super op stuff on the market to get some easy cash in , was fine, way better than the things that little orbit showed us
  8. The changes they did were absolute random. They just had to fiz yukon ( as they did ) nerf the bloom or whatever from the n-tec , buff a little something and the game was almost fine , insted they broke it complitly whit random mod-shotgun changes .... + they rushed it and now they wanna chill before fix or revert
  9. Cru

    Diamond threat

    diamonds + all gold players that are trying hard to get it or just playing in gold district , meanwhile in silver district they can breath fresh air
  10. Cru

    Diamond threat

    why? populars games that worked trhought the years are all based on a ranked sistem that keeps the player playing the game , this is the basic for a game like apb, try to remove ranked sistem from overwatch or league legends and u will see how fast he dies. This game dyed cuz it hasnt any ranked sistem if it had one , maybe was popular P.s. I'll make u an example , i played league of legends for 6 years , the last 2\3 years i rly hated the game , but kept tryharding on it until i got the master rank , then finaly quit. If there wasnt a ranked sistem u can be sure i quitted the game years before , and maybe didnt even play it for more then 2 mounths , and like me thousand of players. Ranking sistem gives addiction , forcing u to play and improve , thats a fact.
  11. Cru

    Diamond threat

    Here an idea: Diamond Threat Make that obtainable only from playing in gold district , and make it worth something ( like some name tag , skin , outfit or something ) So good golds will go play in theyr own district ( now always empty ) , and maybe this will make players interested again on playing the game . The ranking factor is crucial for the longivity of the game and takes the player keep playing ur game!
  12. they should just revert , they want to build a house over a rambling ground. It doesnt work like that , since u admited ur mistakes u are still in time to recover from that . You should just try to focus on improving dead weapons and nerf op weapons , making a patch evry 2 weeks like league of legends does, thats the only way u can do the balance changes , u aint gonna fix all whit massive patches all at 1 time . SO , revert ( shotguns were fine ) , and start again whit little steps . G1 did not care about the game in the last years , but they werent that bad at balancing, they just made few op shit for the cash $$ but the other stuff was good , and in my opinion u shouldnt change wat they did but fix it instead
  13. Why do u need to be advantaged to the other players? To me that's cheating in the same way macro is , and unfortunately player just abuse this shit .
  14. In most cases its useless , and i agree whit u , but if u use it whit the ftw and oscar for exeple is absolute broken, u'll will never get that fire rate ( and for me even precision, cuz it becomes easyer to aim ) And trust me thers a Lot of player abusing it , even my slef today i played whit it and u could kill any1 whit the ftw -_- ( and when it comes to clicking, i cant even be costant whit it's rate of fire )
  15. Why is allowed the scrollweel fire? It just broke evry semy auto weap.... Oscar - ftw - etc etc... And its abused , a lot of ppl use it , or if they dont they just use macro ( that should be bannable too )
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