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  1. That is your basis of validity? So what you're saying is the amount of times I posted on forums is what validates my criticism for the game? That's some sound logic right there buddy. No, I am not a troll- I've played the game for over 5000 hours and I'm annoyed with where this game is going and decided to make a forum account to voice it. https://imgur.com/a/5cCcrZy Apparently accounts that joined 6 years ago are troll accounts, everydays a school day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I meant that as in listen to the community.
  3. Yup. LO overbuffed a gun. Must be a trash game now. Yeah, it's LO driving this game into the ground. You do realize that shotguns were buffed in the past, after realizing it was a moronic idea to buff a shotgun G1 nerfed it. Why would LO even think it was a good idea when in the past there was pushback from the community? Also, I very clearly said LO is following the same route, not that they've already drove it to the ground- try reading before typing next time.
  4. You claim you want the best for the game? Nice title. I don't think you really care. You sound like another pouty doomsayer. MattScott has already acknowledged his mistake. LO is not in the easiest of positions, and threads like this don't help in any way. Well lets see, Gamerfirst ran this game into ground a long time ago, LO is very clearly following that same route if they continue to make updates as the last one. I don't care whether MattScott acknowledged his mistake, words mean nothing without action and if it isn't clear enough the numbers are dropping- more and more people are done waiting. Maybe I am being pouty or maybe I just dislike seeing a game with so much potential turning to a trash game.
  5. Perhaps it was a bit of a stretch but my point was the shredder is REALLY overpowered.
  6. So I'm sure the vast majority have been playing this game for quite a while, I've personally started when RTW was running things. As people who've invested hours and maybe even dollars into the game we obviously love the game and want the best for it, that is exactly what Gamersfirst failed to do and what LO seems to be falling into. Perhaps listening to the casual player base isn't exactly the best idea, maybe try listening to the players who've stuck with the game while G1 was pretty much milking it whatever dollar they could. What I see all too often is game companies catering to players who try the game for a couple months, maybe even less and inevitably end up playing something else. The fact that LO thought that buffing a gun that typically 2-3 shots was necessary is a joke, the fact that I can get completely mopped by a shredder at rifle range is pathetic. I'd say the only change that wasn't utter garbage was the nerf on improved rifling. This last update was disappointing to say the least, why not fix your broken spawn system or the server lag which is pretty ridiculous at this point? Why not LISTEN to the community instead of pushing updates out before actually testing them and making them go live? The population is only dropping month by month and its very clear by the last update that LO really needs to change their approach.
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