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  1. I personally think the game itself has never been p2w (see. ntec) but this step is a legit smash to take down p2w apprehension. I think making JT's and bought permanent weapons via contacts account-bound would be a great feature afterall.
  2. This topic is what it literally kills the curiousity of why the community is that re-tarded and the big level of idiocy as it's being a big averment for all this bullshoot.
  3. You sound like a total egoist and your ego is under my feet.
  4. This. I don't know either mods are going to delete my post 10th time unreasoningly or let this stay here. But unbanning the real cheaters "constantly" isnt going to get you guys anywhere. Letting them stay around eventually will cost more than their few bucks since people barely accept play against those guys. As ive seen numerous times a whole team refuse to play against them and either leave or crash their game intentionally against the obviousness of their dirty gameplay.
  5. You're basicly unabashed. To talk here. watever
  6. well seeing as some blatant russians are posting superfluously here, it's supposedly not a "false" wave.
  7. How are you so sure it is "false" ?
  8. ATK-


    I mean some of them are blatant.
  9. Well, basicly we're telling the close things prettt much. Thing is , what you guys are doing might be not defined as hacking in the rules or whatever but most of the "known" good players are making something of disadvantage . For example afaik lo hasnt said anything about macros yet so it means its allowed so far. People will use them and say its not cheating which is correct. But its apperantly abusive. Then when ff banned some people of doing what its abusive people were saying ff was false banning etc. Well I am not here to argue all the dramas over and over again. Thats just my point of view. My point isnt here to accusate specific person in my previous post i pointed some ffbans names and one name of using mouse scripts(which might be not against the rules either) . But my point is here to show people want to use something to use their advantage after having +5k records on steam which is they should be ashamed. There are numbers of people that admitted in the past which is honestly atleast.( Some of them are veterans yes.) You re right people never can be EXACTLY sure when enemies are aimbotting wallhacking etc. One of the worst things in online fps games and seemingly cant be fixed in the near future. No i dont have proofs of your clanmate. peace out.
  10. Quoting this because you're one of the guilties of what I am pointing at here. Well, the most shameful thing here is that; the biggest cheaters (closets) here are the ones who are known as "good streamers, good players, some veterans whom been playin for quite a while"-10k hours of gameplay in records , shame still hacking- (here are a few examples you can check on ffbans : tobii, exoticzlol,spraytag) we can increase the numbers here obviously. Those just popped up my mind atm. Some of you will start the drama here ffbans were false.. Maybe. But i been around here in apb since 2012 with huge breaks, never been ever kicked by PB or nothing.Here we have to define whats cheat or not. I dunno how you do, but i'd define it as this simply: "something cant be done by a human without extraordinary powers" like a greatly designed macro/no recoil script. It may be not as counted as hacking but (sorry for naming but theres a point) exoticzlol was blatantly using some mouse scripts last day. Yet this dude has grown a great reputation by the community. I am not assaying what cheats are defined as on online games. I am not trying to assaying how ac should be. I am only trying to point out something what is one of the biggest problems in the ccommunity. This is however impossible to fix this one way or another because of some numbers of reasons. To OP, imo you (we - as community-) simply do not play against cheaters when you get them against you in this way they ll get very less players to play against and thats a real protest. Dont play with the cheaters when theyre in your team either. Ps: might be some grammer mistakes since this message sent by phone and i will fix them or add some others points else if i feel that way.
  11. Little orbit has changed the rates. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/2286-6-days-of-player-appreciation-free-premium-armas-sale/
  12. Tick the bloom in game settings
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