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  1. Whelp , guess i have to get 255 now As surprising as this sounds i only got one person complaining for me not using a primary. Also, i actually got more people that encouraged me than anything, which i find very cool! only a coupe of people thought i was being a troll or something and ended up insulting me (only 2 to 3 people at max)
  2. r100 without using a primary once.
  3. For people that care, in the end , FBW and OCSP were my favorites secondaries to use, with ocasionally using yukon and showstopper . i had a commender and a bloody marry too but those are very meh overall. i'd like to say that i used all frog's trials, and i loved each one of them, too bad i don't have any of them permanentely . Also am i the only one thinking that yukon's secondary mode is exactly how RFP should be ? ... it feels very similar but needs more shots to be landed while keeping the range and the total damage, making it feel more punishing compared to RFP ...
  4. owh. uhhh. yes. That weapon has been discussed way to many points by now, do we really need to once more ? Well, this is kinda true that secondaries shouldn't be balanced for their standalone use, but why does weapons with a similar playstyle or range, have much more ammo than FBW does ? nano can carrry much more ammo and has 7 mags in total , and so does most other secondaries , why was FBW made so it can't stand as long as other secondaries do ?
  5. Hello im setog, on of @Ketog million alts and split personalities (maybe he has some problems, who knows, not my buisness...), the S in my name stands for Secondary, secondary etog. I've decided to play apb only using secondaries and grenades without even touching a primary weapon, i've deleted even the starter one. While doing this, i noticed something strange with the starter secondary weapon, yes, the FBW, while it's a great all rounder , why is it's range lower than a .45 , shouldn't it be surperior or equal ?, oh yeah another thing why does it holds so few reserve ammo ? most secondaries have 6 or more reserve mags ( or clips, whatever it is) meanwhile FBW and OCSP stand here only with 4~5 mags and forces me to find ammo all the time. yeah, maybe im a fool for playing secondary only, still won't prevent me to do it anyway i've got some more thoughts to share too the yukon, ahh yes , the yukon ,a weapon that used to be a monster, and is now considered bad by most of the playerbase, well, i like it! , i love it actually , as i only use a secondary , having a weapon that is both an SMG and a mid range weapon that feels like a weaker RFP is good , but i wonder , why is it less accurate than a standard mountie , players think that it being a burst secondary in aiming mode is already a nerf , so why also make the hip fire weaker ? was that really necessary ? at this point Yukon feels like playing casino every time you shoot someone in hip fire, you can win , but only with luck . RFP ? , oh well , let's not talk about this one shall we ... i tried UL3's , all of them are bad , except Bloody mary , it performs like a little submachine gun , like a yukon in hip fire , but that doesn't suck , more accurate , and tap fireable , it has quite a good range , but that's useful only in rare situations... Showstopper 'thunder", well i love it ! , it's honestly an awsome gun , good range ,good accuracy , very punishing when you miss , but it's ont of the rare guns that does exactly what you expect it to , nothing to say about this one. i haven't gone trought all secondaries , and im missing quite a bit of them , i want to try OCSP even tho i already know it's gonna be terrible , but for now , no funds .. rip. and before you ask , no , im not touching LTL secondaries , that thing levels up the wrong role , ew , maybe later . So yeah , im mainting secondaries , do any of you have recomendations or thoughts ? , i like FBW but the ammo economy kills me , or more like , gets me killed .
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