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  1. Not sure what you mean by leak... an API will only expose what you tell it to, nothing more nothing less.
  2. Since LO is so busy working on background stuff and this game hasn't had any real NEW content in.... Ever? Can we get an APB API so the community can create our own content? If you dont want to spend the time doing that, could you drop more info into the log files so we can create content by scraping the log? Could we get an in depth view on the build process for APB assets? I'm sure there are creative individual who would be willing to come up with their own creations and share.
  3. Just to clear this up - in the context of the quote he was complimenting him, not accusing him of hacking. I said Au had God Hands, so when he said 'AU isn't the one you should be worried about its X' he was implying that Au isn't a legitimate threat compared to X. Context is important.
  4. Anyone use OBS? What's the best way to convert FLV to MP4? Lets get some footage in here to show what we're talking about.
  5. I don't think that was actual lag switching. He Who May Not Be Named was packet injecting so he could just hop all over the place. I've only seen 2 other players do that.
  6. So they've replaced the /report function with a 'complain to a GM if/when they are active and pray they take you seriously enough to report up the chain' ? Excellent.
  7. Going into guesses of percentages does not add value to this thread, just serve to derail. The point is we all KNOW there are togglers we see it so it is not my opinion and it is not 'feelings' this is an objective fact we are all witnesses to. If you really want to go down that rabbit hole, how about you consider all the variables we would have to take into consideration to get a good guess at a percentage. Let's not herp n derp on your math skills.
  8. I'd like to know if the community GM's have the power and allowance to ban at their own discretion? I asked a GM in game and he refused to answer. I also asked if they review submitted evidence and didn't get an answer, only to submit it to support (and they don't deal with support tickets) so what is their purpose?
  9. 5 games vs teams of 4 means 20 playes - of which 1 is suspicious. That means you 5% of players play suspiciously, so the percentage of certain cheaters (not just suspicious) is significantly lower than that. ugh. No. Just. No.
  10. I don't see any value in guessing at percentages. What I can tell you without a doubt you can go into any silver 40/40 district, play 5 games and end up matched against someone suspicious. not all of us have your freaky god hands
  11. I get the feeling there is a higher percentage of cheaters in APB than LO expected when they took over APB. Everyone knows APB has earned a horrible reputation due to the lack of effort G1 put into not only development but combating cheating. I suspect the majority of legit players have up and quit by this point, the rest of us have just become accustomed to the abuse and have accepted it as part of the APB experience. Everyone else can freely enjoy the game with their cheats because they're for the most part, playing other cheaters and are on a 'fair' playing field in that case. We all "know". We currently have community GM's who have experience playing the game and they "know", but as far as those of us still around can see, nothing is being done. That was the purpose of the FairFight announcements, that is what FFBANS gave to those who've continue to play legit, hope and a little satisfaction that the system, though broken - kinda works. I was hoping LO would be putting their foot down but I see the same max ranks God-Toggling when they get pinched. Too many matches being decided by who has the lowest TTK combinations. The weird "Locked" encounters. Same old, same old.
  12. Margravine

    Last Online

    Can we get a Last Online info for people on our friends lists? It makes no sense that this exists for clan members but not friends.
  13. I've never been too clear on how it works. Does it block out every enemies radar within range? It also says something about them being able to see you or something... the cooldown and duration are too short to be useful.
  14. As long as I've been playing APB, the Fresno has always been a jokerbox exclusive. As one of the few people who actually runs fresno as my main vehicle, it's frustrating not being able to get it without gambling when it's outclassed by the Pioneer, making it's exclusivity kind of pointless. Even if you don't care for the Fresno, I'd appreciate your support in getting it out from behind the paywall because seriously, it's been.... years and I'm tired of gambling. Seriously though, there are people who have gotten 10 of these things and I can't get one!! It's a conspiracy. Goodday
  15. I don't think BE is working. There are people obviously taunting the system with their symbols and clan names and there are still super pros tracking into walls and one man army-ing with HVR. Are we still in monitor mode or what because if this is the extent of BE capabilities, I'm going to check back out.
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