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  1. When you're the guy who believes the Joker Carbine is some OP laser that needs to be nerfed I don't think you get to judge.....
  2. Why would they? As is clearly demonstrated, the less concrete info we have about cheaters getting grabbed by BE the more the active players tend to speculate baselessly about BE not working. Which of course, only helps said cheaters.
  3. Just the mere fact that you guys have the resources to make actual changes is fresh air already tbh all the best
  4. Nite

    Dear Little Orbit

    That part I highlighted in bold, when did all this go down? The only aspect of Wildstar's "difficulty" (and it wasn't really) I know of being a community-agreed issue was the raid attunement, which was in fact changed for the F2P relaunch. I know your overall point is how the Wildstar devs were ignoring the cries of playerbase, and yeah I agree, but this example aint it chief.....
  5. What is this? A BRAND NEW GAMEPLAY MODE? Hide yo wife, Hide yo kids...
  6. inb4 he veers off on some "its not that straightforward a comparison" tangent
  7. The gist of things the last time ARMAS gifting was requested to be returned. They're working on it.
  8. Nite

    APB:R ... R?

    IMO the current entry in the IP, the game we all have today, can't last much longer, engine upgrade or not. Its design mantra is well solidified and making major changes to that can only go so far before you get a "Ship of Theseus", effectively. A fresh new IP entry would be a better use of that Unreal 4 project - they can define a new design document that does better at mixing in successful current day design with the existing APB concept and identity.
  9. I just checked Steamcharts and it seems the period of May 2017 to March 2018 was about the same in playercount, which is to say, hovering around the 700 players mark. So essentially it looks like we're back to the last days of G1 numbers where everyone resigned the game to being on maintenance mode for the foreseeable future (or foreseeable at the time anyway) and "are there even any devs left in the office besides Tiggs" was the running joke. With that said the 24 hour peak of 994 (at the time of this writing) isn't looking too bad in a way.
  10. sorry to burst your bubble but if those weapons could be sent to other chars he'd shunt some to an alt and we all wouldn't be in this thread....
  11. This is something that should be reserved for a new entry in the IP. Possibly a sequel title based on Unreal 4. Taking the current game that is APB:Reloaded, tearing it down, and putting it back up but with everyone's accumulated spending would drive people away as @BXNNXD rightly points out. Maybe they could call the next title something like APB: Wasteland or whatever...
  12. Nite

    APB's P2W image

    i gotta say the more I stare at this gif the more I love it. Where'd you find it anyway?
  13. Secondary question, what units are these values in, and what's the formula to factor them against the 10m radius value? addition, multiply, what? I've tried figuring it out and come out of it confused on half the stats honestly.
  14. Nite

    APB's P2W image

    Easy for us veterans to think that but we also spent a ton of time to really learn what is what in this game. Not all new players will be so willing. APB isn't P2W but it does a poor job of expressing that with the unclear weapon stats, altered coloring of weapons and whatever else. We need that to be changed.
  15. Re: Account-wide Joker Tickets, I did mention it before as part of a larger suggestion, feel free to have a look (shameless plug yes):