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  1. @MattScott Are you able to hint at what in particular could be causing this (and what kind of hardware is seeing the performance regression) or is that a cards-close-to-chest thing for now?
  2. Is it any at all possible that the supposed advantage is an illusion being bought into?
  3. Only to the ones who seriously expect it to actually double their framerate, in which case, oh well.
  4. We don't? EDIT: I mean, there's always this: https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=65&subcatID=204&productId=2118 The rest of the look is just symbols and color choice so...
  5. cries in lackluster female hair options
  6. That single-letter thing is more about new users being more likely to not know where we are with weapon balance and/or what's going on with the RFPs in general. Not that I think they can fix the issue once and for all or whatever.
  7. Imma be honest, I'm more so peeved how its Pair of Socks (who reads this forum religiously I'm sure) bringing up this topic instead of some random months old tag with a single-letter profile pic. Every forum vet here (is that even a term) knows we're going in circles about weapon balance till the engine upgrade happens.
  8. You think LO doesn't know it is given the myriad past discussions about it?
  9. Why did this topic need to come up again for the umpteenth time? That's the real question here.
  10. Would be nice if we got a 5 second sprint feature when carrying medium/heavy items, would make item transport way less of a crawlfest...
  11. (Slightly technical) Curious question - is that the Multithreaded Rendering that DX11 does (immediate context/deferred context) Or is it some other method? There's the mention of consolidating between console and PC but from what I've read, PS4/XB1 use a whole different style of multithreaded rendering (which DX11 doesn't support afaik) Gonna be interesting to see that play out since DX11 multithreaded rendering doesn't get mentioned much as being the popular solution...
  12. COBR-A, ISSR-A, AR-97, S-247 already got buffed though, I don't think you can really buff those any further without making them the new top performers. Same for the S1-FA unless you want them to just make it another NTEC reskin and be done with it....
  13. The forum labels do lend more weight to the credibility of any info the members are given freedom to share, which, could be useful down the line if the secrecy level ever loosens up for things like future content. At the very least it saves the actual QA personnel from having to open themselves up to the forum-goers directly to share tidbits of upcoming content...
  14. If your parents are giving you an allowance, have them get you a VISA debit card. Works for online payments just as well but doesn't involve the whole "spending money now that doesn't fully belong to you until you pay it back later" thing that credit cards do.
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