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  1. "Passionate" has become such an empty industry buzzword, you're frankly better off not using it.
  2. So knock off some of the range and drop the damage by a hair and its all good then?
  3. They could make it so that gifting an ARMAS purchase migrates the purchase record to the receiver, so whoever bought the gift can no longer charge-back for that purchase, or something like that
  4. Might be positing that the MMR distribution within the colors is lopsided. Personally kinda feel that the gold levels make up more total rating points than the silver and bronze levels do....
  5. Heh this is quite the late reply Nymphi, I actually forgot this thread was still going on. I'm not gonna hold to the idea that "LTL is OP" or anything like that, but I do hold that the stun-PGL is the one LTL that is every bit as effective as its lethal counterpart, if not more so. Also, to be saved from LTL you need to have been arrested first, but the enemy team doesn't have to arrest you, they can just kill you every time you get stunned by the AoE spam. Its not like the stun-PGL guy is the only guy on the OpFor after all.
  6. Problem with that though is that losing that much stamina prevents you sprinting, which is 99% as good as being dead anyway (you won't be able to avoid the next round without sprinting if the CD user is accurate enough)
  7. Turn up your particle effects so you can see the smoke trails the OPGL rounds leave behind as they fly. Makes them much easier to dodge.
  8. Indeed, but rank 15 is the only way to get the sweet 3-slot weapons without paying, which are all available for purchase in ARMAS otherwise. With how many kills you need to go from 13 to 15 you'd basically need to play only that role for every mission or FC round you do, and for a good while too, which is gonna be difficult with how dynamic APB's map design can be. Coincidence? I doubt it.
  9. One thing that doesn't get brought up often about APB progression is role progression, which is almost as important as rank progression. Things are way worse in that area though, the whole role progression setup is a painful grind requiring an ungodly number of kills to go from 1 rank to the next, probably done to push you towards buying the equipment if anything.
  10. Those civvie cars could be the difference between you dying out in the open to sustained fire and you having just enough cover to regen some hp back. Worth it IMO
  11. I used to use it a lot in Fight Club and it's decent as a pinpoint pistol, but not good for much else. at max effective range you have to really go slow to keep the accuracy, and if u go even 1m beyond the max effective range it adds a whole extra bullet to kill it has max bloom on equip, something no other weapon in the game has IIRC, so u often can't use it for the few times you'd want to potshot a target that pops up for the briefest moments It needs a lot of love IMO frankly. Really bummed that most other Rev Pack guns got a balance pass but this one didn't.
  12. Nite


    I can understand if the thinking here is that player submitted 'evidence' can't be trusted to not be doctored, but you do still take them into some level of consideration anyway right? EDIT: at least for videos if not screenshots, since, while not impossible, I doubt must would-be "cheater police" players would take the time to doctor a Shadowplay/ReLive video highlight to push a vendetta.
  13. Supposed to have a unique skin to go with it.
  14. Nite

    New SPCT team

    Guarantee people would be tripping over themselves to call MattScott "Tiggs 2.0" if we found out about this after the fact.
  15. Nite

    New SPCT team

    Kemp's character is the Master Chief of APB - everyone who plays knows who the look comes from.