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  1. Nite

    EU vs US

    Do you mean this in the general infrastructure sense or just the consumer availability sense? I would assume larger businesses and datacenters would have had fiber networking to the wider continent for years upon years now at least
  2. Nite

    EU vs US

    NA has gotten the server short end of the stick since all the way back to the server merge period. Remember how the Citadel Merge transition went over relatively painlessly, then Jericho Merge kicked off - and it was a raging disaster? Yeah, this is the long-term result of that. Also, as pure speculation, I'm fully willing to believe that NA region routing, even at the business level, is just worse than EU if you're not a large enterprise. Even NCsoft had severe issues last year with the NA servers for several of their titles.
  3. with more and more games switching to Azure, i wonder if that is considered given its supposed more stable server infrastructure Seconded re: Virtualized server infrastructure. OTW testing is arguably the perfect possible use case for Azure/AWS deployment on paper - the deployment can be lightning fast, the region coverage is great, and since OTW isn't something that remains always accesible, the high cost would be mitigated by the short duration of presence.
  4. It's less effort to just accept that the NTEC will always be what it is. No attempts to change it will be met with acceptance, clearly. I've long resolved to just work around it. I'd suggest you do the same at this point.
  5. This back and forth over the NTEC is getting kind of tiring to witness honestly.
  6. Someone mentioned this? Damn I got beat to it then
  7. Nite

    Sales please?

    That person is in for a bad time when 3 years from now APB:Reloaded gets a successor title and none of the premium carries over....
  8. Nite

    Sales please?

    Feel so bad that I can't beg you to gift me stuff with that much G1C lying around on your account Oh well
  9. People were gonna play that regardless though
  10. Thank you for saying this. Even with the new management I sometimes struggle to shake the feeling that this forum section gets less visibility from both sides of the game (leading to most "suggestions" being posted on the Social page). A friendly reminder goes a long way.
  11. The SBSRs still have that expontential recoil per shot don't they God I hate that feature so much
  12. If by this you mean the FPS jumps down from 120 to 60 or 30 at times, then: If you have an Nvidia GPU, there should be an option for "Adaptive Sync", use that instead. Should no longer get wild swings down to 60 or 30 when you miss the 120 mark. For AMD, try using "Enhanced Sync" and/or "Fast Sync" alongside a FRTC of 120hz. See if that helps.
  13. Did you try forcing Vsync in your graphics driver control panel?
  14. Maybe they should change the scaling to make it lean towards guaranteed 3-pump kills?
  15. Would also explain why server hiccups affect shotguns so badly - Regular guns get ghost shots, shotguns get ghost pellets