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  1. 3 symbol limit on clothing items isn't even the worst part of it tbh 3 symbol limit on your characters bare skin is hilariously crippling
  2. Nite

    GNU/Linux support?

    SteamOS does need to convince gamers that Linux distros are a good daily driver OS though, they need to convince developer studios that Linux distros are worth porting to. The question is, what can SteamOS do to prove the merits of Linux, that noob-friendly distro Ubuntu couldn't/can't do?
  3. Nite

    Nvidia Ansel Support?

    They would still have to spend a sizable chunk of their time collabing with the Nvidia devs to make sure the integration goes smoothly, and we don't know if having Nvidia doing it vs. doing it in-house is really that much of a time saver in the first place. Side-question: how useful would a "high fideilty photo mode" feature really be in a multiplayer game? Not like you can pause any of the action....
  4. Nite

    Nvidia Ansel Support?

    From what little I could find NVIDIA Ansel seems to be a Geforce exclusive feature. I don't see any reason why LO (or any developer studio for that matter) should bother with some brand-exclusive "re-invent the wheel" feature when photo mode can just as well be done in-house and made GPU agnostic (Uncharted 4 and Infamous Second Son could do it after all)
  5. Nite

    Revisited Threat system

    If LO implements this and also resets threat for all players (because there's no way they wouldn't), why wouldn't everybody just choose the same threat level then? Also, would this proposed system still allow gain or loss of threat?
  6. I would imagine the only way to really gain the edge against the Armored Truck team is to remove their escort vehicle from the equation as fast as possible. I'd more so use a 4x4 Vegas, I find it better at ramming Pioneers compared to anything else I've used. With that said, having the chase team use 2 Carsurfers sounds like more of a hindrance than a help, I'd more suggest the OSMAW guy and his driver keep distance, while the second pair is one driver with a Vegas 4x4 and a leaning out passenger with an anti-personnel gun with plenty of ammo (maybe the Rabid or something even) and have those two stay close to either kill the defending team's Pioneer gunner, or just ram them off the path so the OSMAW vehicle can close in. Basically, you have to deal with the escorts first, and quickly, or you got no chance. IMO anyway.
  7. Nite

    Car Spawners should be removed

    I feel the game would become worse without them, because the built-in spawn system has some prominent shortcomings in the mission districts from what I've seen: Spawns often placed on one side of the objective area, especially for areas near the edges of the map, making it really difficult to flank larger enemy teams in a decent amount of time (and with mid-stages being often so short time is a precious resource in the game) Spawn points that get placed further away from the objective the more often you die to the defending team, making further attempts to attack more difficult (arbitrarily so IMO) Some regions of the map can occasionally run out of spawn options (for some strange reason) leaving you with nothing but a forced spawn at some random location (hardly ever a good situation to be in) For all the negatives of Mobile Spawn Point, it brings some semblance of control back into a system that is sorely lacking in such at times.
  8. I honestly don't get the issues others seem to have with the Growl/Jericho handling, they work well enough if you tap your steering input to make minor corrections and don't just hold the keys down all the time. Whatever handling merits the bishada has is far overshadowed by its lack of weight, making it useless as a weapon in car-to-car encounters which is a big part of my own driving style. Sure its the easiest car to chase down targets with, but that does me nothing when I can't run said target of course once I do catch up to them.
  9. Well, according to ApbdbV2, Pioneer has 12 m/s reverse speed while Espacio gets 9 m/s reverse speed If you ever need to back out of a sticky situation, pioneer does it faster
  10. All three enforcer faction exclusive cars are better than their criminal counterparts IMO: The Pioneer has a lower CoG than the Espacio and a notably higher reverse gear speed (and all passengers have full range of aim when leaning out of the vehicle) The Jericho has weight and ramming power as well as more hp, making it much better for vehicle combat and use as cover before death compared to the Bishada The Vaquero has more hp (ever so slightly), higher reverse gear speed and a taller hitbox than the mikro, the last point making it very viable as a tool to farm vehicle kills (as seen recently in FC Baylan on Jericho server) As for Vegas vs. Fresno, well, the Vegas has more kits. So yeah. EDIT: Grammar
  11. Nite

    GNU/Linux support?

    The Xbox One is anything but a Linux machine, I'm surprised you would even say this. The PS4 OS is called Orbis OS which is a FreeBSD derivative and not quite linux. Either way, supporting Linux would require the game to support Vulkan (since no developer studio would want to deal with OpenGL anymore) which is a massive undertaking.
  12. There are plenty of guns that are unique and can still perform. The Revelations Pack even has 2 of them. Those can be left alone. There are also other guns that are very poor performers while being unique. Those should be looked at. EDIT: changed 3 to 2 in the Rev pack mention since the Oblivion is mostly a slower (still capable) ISSR-B so it doesn't really count.
  13. There's a good chance that "overall weapon balance pass" isn't gonna do anything more than fix some of the most garbage guns in the game atm (Misery, Harbinger for example) So long as they don't end up turning a trash weapon into another Yukon, there's not much to fear. Besides didn't Matt himself say the game is mostly balanced at this point?