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  1. Nite

    3 Day Bans

    Clearly its time for Matt to pull out the IP Hammer on him.....
  2. Do they really? The only thing different between the screenies RP released and the current running game is the overall lighting and tone-mapping. Something that has already been change at least once before in APB:Rs lifetime without the game rendering being really "improved". And has been pointed out also, we don't know how legit those screenshots are (the videos that were released are more believable, but only asylum really looks like a drastic change).
  3. The console ports Reloaded did do one heck of a job defying that notion however.....
  4. That change has been reverted, Improved Rifling is back to working the way it always has under G1/RP
  5. I've used it a lot actually, and post-buff Misery can be really good as a 2 or 3 round burst rifle with the right mods. But when it comes to 50m showdowns there's still always the horizontal drift fighting I have to do and the long wait between bursts, things I just don't have to deal with when I use the ntec.
  6. It also has more pronounced horizontal recoil, slower bloom recovery and a notable bloom spike after the third shot, greatly restricting tap-fire consistency at the further ranges. Hence its not popular even among the people who bought the Rev Pack.
  7. huh, ok this sounds like a fun-ish excercise. here's one: Misery. EDIT: and come up with something other than it being a 5shot kill gun please.
  8. Didn't you make the claim that "other assault rifles have better characteristics than the ntec"? Why do I have to come up with the examples?
  9. I don't disagree, but given how the shotgun rework was a pretty big pill to swallow already (by a playerbase that is very touchy about meta landscape changes) I'm assuming Matt and team might be getting hesitant about adding further pills there for now. which other assault rifles?
  10. Given the polarised response to some of the other re-balance changes (mostly Improved Rifling), LO seems to have backed off of any further re-balancing for the time being. I guess they're waiting to get other stuff out of the way first (maybe to build up some positive impression) before coming back to it.
  11. I doubt they have much actual work anyway, they're basically like mall cops with only a D battery flashlight and their voice to enforce order with.
  12. Someone else asked in suggestions and Matt said they were investigating or so, but that was months ago:
  13. You all have some really big graphical dreams for this game don't ya....
  14. I guarantee once the new engine rolls around and people go back to relying on tracer effects as part of their gameplay decision making, silenced guns like the reaper will see more prominence.
  15. Nite

    You're not Excused

    Who would even care to start rumors like these anyway?